1. Visigoth Panzer

    Mediterranean Germans

    When Austria ruled territory on the Mediterranean did ethnic germans play a significant role in their navy, merchants or ports? Did they ever have a major presence in any coastal cities?
  2. Z

    Ancient mediterranean culture

    Hello everybody, we are some friends fond in ancient history and culture of mediterranean area. Bye, Silvy.Bye
  3. Tulius

    Sea Pirates and Corsairs in Europe and the Mediterranean 14th and 15th centuries

    Due to the influence of important works, both historical and fictional, and due to the media, today, in the West, when we think of Pirates and Corsairs, we tend to think about the “golden age” of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea, with English pirates attacking Spanish Galleons full of gold in their...
  4. P

    The Axis embark on a Mediterranean strategy in 1940

    As we all know, Italy entered the war after France had been struck a mortal blow by Germany. Benito Mussolini made this decision in a moment of opportunism, sensing that the war was almost over, and territorial gains could be made on the cheap. He came in at the last minute and sent his army...
  5. Valens

    The Uniqueness of Ancient Mediterranean

    Classical civilization, or Classical Antiquity, developed in the Mediterranean basin, and its start is often put in the VII century BC. Perhaps the most defining characteristic of the civilization which developed around the Mediterranean Sea is the extensive network of city states spanning from...
  6. P

    opportunities missed by the Axis in the Mediterranean in 1940-41

    from June 40 until the spring of 1941, except for the "Battle of Britain", the German armies were struck with immobility, abandoning an initiative of which they were the sole depositories. However, in this year 40, after the armistice, Malta has almost no defense, Egypt is poorly defended, and...
  7. L

    The Romans is lower race, Mediterranean race.

    The highest race are White germanic. The highest race are White germanic.
  8. H

    Western Europe and the Med 1492-1512 (or so)

    I'm opening this thread because I'm hoping to learn a bit about what was happening in western Europe and the Mediterranean region within about the first 20 years after Columbus's discovery of the "New World". As far as European history this isn't a period I'm well read on so it'd be great if...
  9. sailorsam

    Please recommend; book on PT boats Mediterranean

    looking for info on PT / MTB / E-boats in the Mediterranean in WWII. can anyone recommend any book on the subject? I saw 'Little Ships' by Holman mentioned, as 'Flag 4' by Pope. hoping for feedback
  10. Fernando Perla

    Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean Sea

    Could Spain have held off Ottoman advance in the Mediterranean, had they not have conquered Mexico and Peru? Thank you.
  11. Space Shark

    Russian colony on Mediterranean

    How could Russia obtain itself land in the Mediterranean by the late 1800s? Obviously this requires the breakup of the Ottoman Empire/Russian control of Constantinople and the Hellespont, so those are givens.
  12. redcoat

    First US Naval Base In The Mediterranean

    Went on my hols to Menorca and saw the site of the first US naval base in the Med 1820-40, in the harbour of Mahon in Manorca :smile1:
  13. EmperorTigerstar

    Did any Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Have Access to Sub-Saharan African Trade?

    Did any ancient civilizations have trade routes as far south as sub-sahran Africa? Perhaps some tribes in the Congo or Nigeria regions?
  14. EmperorTigerstar

    Any Greek colonies outside the Mediterranean and Black Sea?

    Were there any Greek city-states outside the Mediterranean and Black seas?
  15. HusKatten

    Looking for books: Mediterranean maritime history

    I'm on a personal quest on covering the history of interaction in the indo-mediterranean maritime trade from the beginning of time right up until the 19th century, basically the pre-industrialized Afro-Eurasian maritime world. My interest lies in the goods traded, their origins, the ports that...
  16. I

    When did Ancient Egypt transition into a Mediterranean Civilization

    What does such a transition entail.
  17. Solidaire

    Mediterranean, watery graveyard of souls

    For years the EU Mediterranean countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus) have been the destination of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. These people are either economic migrants, or people fleeing from areas ravaged by wars. Their goal is to...
  18. Kirialax

    Bjorn Ironside in the Mediterranean

    I was hoping that someone here could point me in the direction of any Latin materials that refer to Bjorn Ironside's raid into the Mediterranean? I'm particularly interested in the attack on the Luna/Lucca and his feigned death as a means of getting inside the walls. A similar tactic is used by...
  19. F

    Could the Axis Powers have won in the Mediterranean and North Africa?

    The perception I recieve of the Mediterranean and North African theatres is that they were for the Axis Powers seemingly impossible to win in or bring successfully to a conclution. This is particularly evident from the launching of Operation Barbarossa onwards. Geographically the...
  20. 1991sudarshan

    African Elephants in the Ancient Mediterranean Armies

    I was reading the Carthage page in Wikipedia. I came across an interesting fact. The Carthage used North African Elephants in its war against Rome. Did any other Mediterranean army recruited the African Elephants in their army. Were ancient Egyptian aware about the African elephants presence in...