1. Druzhina

    Negro Soldiers in Mediterranean Armies, 12th-13th centuries

    Negro Soldiers in Mediterranean Armies, 12th-13th centuries Ian Heath based his Negro Soldiers, 12th-13th centuries on: the Mosaic from the church of S. Maria Maggiore, Vercelli Negro Swordsmen in the Capitals of Monreale Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily, 1174 to 1182 AD Cantiga 46 - A Moor made war...
  2. G

    At least 27 killed in new Mediterranean migrants' boat tragedy

    At least 27 killed in new Mediterranean migrants' boat tragedy - YouTube Dozens of people, including women and children, died Friday when a boat carrying an estimated 200 migrants capsized off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa. About 150 survivors have already been picked up by a Maltese ship...
  3. Zannanza

    Famous ports f Mediterranean in Antiquity

    I have drawn this diagram to scale It seems to be that the port of Rome and Alexandria is unambiguously the largest in antiquity
  4. S

    Do you know any scientific evidence on the use of Saxe Czech tin in the Mediterranean

    It was ever investigated such as using the isotope composition of tin bronzes in the Mediterranean? Tin was transported to the Mediterranean from England and Spain by sea. This has been demonstrated. Terrestrial transport from central Europe has been very problematic. Is there any evidence of...
  5. P

    The Mediterranean and the influence of obsidian.

    In the Neolithic period islands of Milos Crete, Phylakopi and Lipari. Became destination points to find obsidian. Obsidian use as a tool reached its peak of popularity at the early Bronze age. Obsidian, is an igneous rock made from rapidly cooling lava. Obsidian is easy to quarry , flakes in a...
  6. Widdekind

    4th century AD Mediterranean earthquakes

    From the late 4th century AD, a "storm" of earthquakes repeatedly rocked the region for decades, perhaps reflecting an "unzipping" of some fault: Crete, 365 AD Greece, 375 AD
  7. Kirialax

    Byzantium and the Islamic Conquests at Sea

    The rapidity of the Muslim conquests must rank high in the annals of military history. In the span of only a century, a people previously on the margins of two vast empires, the Sassanid Persian and the Roman, or Byzantine, were fighting in France in the west and against the Chinese in the east...
  8. Solidaire

    Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest 2

    ΡÎ*να Κουμιώτη ~ ΚαινοÏ�Ï�γιο μου φεγγάÏ�ι - YouTube Rena Koumiwti - Stamatise tou rologiou tous deiktes - YouTube
  9. AlpinLuke

    No Mediterranean Sea

    If you observe well a world map, you can note that the existence of the Mediterranean Sea is a matter of several kilometers [the "mouth" of Gibraltar] and geologists tell us that this internal sea has been closed for real for a long time. Let's imagine that after the end of the last glacial age...
  10. P

    WWII Western, Eastern & Mediterranean Fronts In Google Earth

    If you open all four of my WWII KLM files in Google Earth at once, you can see the entire European conflict at once as show above. Obtain the KML files here. Please note that on the Eastern front, a lot of locations overlap in regard to the German offensive and the Soviet offensive. So many of...
  11. Alcibiades

    Deaths by Decades in Mediterranean World 300-100 BC

    Per request,I am posting a sequal to my "Deaths by decades in Classical Greece" thread.I am here including basically all Europe,Asia and North Africa,except Far East,India,North Europe and Parthia.It was a real challenge to make,and I hope I did a good job.If it makes anyone curious to...
  12. Gaius

    If you were a Mediterranean tourist in 75 AD, where would you go?

    I'm about to write a travel journal, much like Marco Polo's, from the perspective of a young Roman noble around this time period. Because I have a morbid sense of humor, he will be from Pompeii and will return home after five years, in 80 AD. So where would you visit, if you were an invincible...
  13. davu

    decline of the Roman and Byzantine Empires in the Eastern Mediterranean - Drought

    Cave's climate clues show ancient empires declined during dry spell UW-Madison: University Communications: News Photos UW-Madison Department of Geoscience - People Cave Did Drought Help End Roman Rule? : Discovery News BOY - does this add up to some answered questions ---
  14. J

    What if Hitler had focused his strength on the Mediterranean after France

    Could Hitler have won if he focused his resources on the Mediterranean after France instead of Russia?
  15. Thessalonian

    Ancient Mediterranean secrets

    Secrets of the aegean apocalypse - YouTube
  16. A

    Arab contributions to Mediterranean Seafaring

    Can't think of any. The Arabs followed firmly in the footsteps of the age-old Mediterranean shipbuilding tradition, but unlike Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans earlier they did not seem to have added any major innovation to it (the lateen was of late Roman origin and had replaced the square sail...
  17. M

    History of the Mediterranean

    Hi all, basically I'm revising for my uni exam- Ancient History in which we're doing the history of Mediterranean communities. I was just wondering if anyone could point my in the direction of some good online sources for the subject, particualrly these main themes which I'm focussing on: -...
  18. Guaporense

    City size and the volume of trade in the Classical Mediterranean

    A little article that I wrote: (note that all numbers in this article are to a certain extend estimates based on very imperfect sources, so all numbers here shouldn’t be taken as precise estimates, the margin of error is great, perhaps 40-50%) City size and the volume of trade in...
  19. Anna James

    Pre-Hellenic Civilizations in the Mediterranean

    I want to post a chronology first, and in this way to provide structure for whatever discussion develops here. My information on the chronology is based on this site and the book "People of the Earth - An Introduction to World...
  20. Gmann101

    Medieval Maps added to the Online Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean

    I have added some medieval maps to the online historical atlas of the Mediterranean: Enjoy!