1. VHS

    If megafauna thrive in the Americas and Australia

    Some may consider the relative "backwardness" of the Americas and Australia before contacts was due to lack of megafauna. Then, uses of cacao and maple syrups demonstrated that Native Americans might have their unique technologies. I enjoy drinking mixes of ashwagandha and cacao powder...
  2. A

    Australian Megafauna: Impacts on Soils

    I am hoping someone here has a particular interest in the Australian megafauna. I have next to no knowledge of the subject (far closer to ‘no’ than ‘next’, lol). I am keen to know especially if the Australian continent ever had migratory herds and what impact they had on...
  3. S

    Pleistocene north American Megafauna did not go extinct

    What if most of the north American megafauna did not go extinct? How would it have helped in the development of native Indian societies? Horses went extinct in North America until the spansh reintroduced it in 1492. So what if horses had not gone extinct? it stands to reason that north American...
  4. Naima

    What if USSR landed on moon first?

    What would have happened if Ussr landed first on moon?
  5. Rasta

    Humans blamed for megafauna extinction

    Just saw this recently, looks interesting. Global late Quaternary megafauna extinctions linked to humans, not climate change