1. dlnewhouse

    United Nations founding members

    The original members of the United Nations were: France, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Byelorussia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, the Dominican Republic...
  2. Jake10

    Royalty members who ended up living like common people

    What are some examples of this in history? I'm especially interested in examples where they were forced to do so, as in a princess who was forced to live like a peasant, so to say. Thanks in advance.
  3. Naima

    Whats the different color of members?

    What does it means?
  4. JeanDukeofAlecon

    A request to greek speaking forum members: A rough translation of a Greek text

    This is an image from the Madrid skylitzes said to be a depiction of the varangian guard. I have searched for a translation, but I have yet to find anything. The text itself dates back to the late 11th century, but this illustration is from a 12th century copy. Bonus image for if the first...
  5. El Cid

    Why were the members of the Vienna Circle persecuted/killed by the Nazis?

    I have heard this claim sporadically but never came across an explanation WHY the Nazis persecuted them. The members were mainly scientists rather than philosophers, and they started a trend called “logic positivism” which is a direction that suggests only hypothesis that can be verified are...
  6. Tulun

    members of totalitarian parties?

    Hey, i was just wondering about this subject, what do you think about the average members of totalitarian parties? Note, i'm not talking about the core leadership, the elite, but the "footsoldiers", the mass membership of these parties. Should they be viewed as collabolators, maintainers of the...
  7. VHS

    Why is Islam so harsh on former members or believers?

    While there are violent Buddhists in Myanmar, Buddhism is generally quite tolerant about former members or believers. "The time is not ripe". Christianity is quite harsh on former members or believers as well, but these are mostly pressures to return. Islam is known to be extremely harsh on...
  8. F

    Treatments of family members of individuals commiting high treason

    Once A convicted of high treason, A's family members facing punishment collectively irrespective of complicity, such practice existed in many cultures. The severities of punishment varied from culture to culture, regime to regime. Could you help give a rundown on the spectrum of the severities...
  9. Y

    Why Brazil, China, Russia, Australia are not NATO members?

    Why Brazil, China, Russia, Australia are not NATO members? Brazil, China, Russia, Australia Australia: because both WWI and WWII didn't influence them Brazil: because they are so far...
  10. Y

    Why are Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland not members of the NATO?

    Why are Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland not members of the NATO?
  11. Chanakya

    UNSC Reforms for new Permanent members

    UNSC reforms are long overdue & I am raising the specific issue of new permanent members to UNSC for discussion. Which country would you support for UNSC permanent membership?
  12. OccamsRazor

    Spanish members of Organization Todt

    Just got back from a short break in Jersey, where I was able to visit the interesting Jersey War Tunnels. Home - Jersey War TunnelsJersey War Tunnels | Jersey War Tunnels is no ordinary attraction; it is a spine-chilling reminder of a dark time in Jersey?s history. I was surprised to...
  13. TheRomanApollo

    Libations to fellow members

    Hey to all, I've been craving to find a site such gallant as this one is, - lo and behold- It appears that I've been accomplished in tracking down the one. I wish all a nice time, see you all ^^
  14. Salah

    To our non-American members - who was America's greatest military mind?

    I'm an American, and I'm deeply interested in my country's history. I'm always intrigued to see how people from outside the USA perceive its history - hence this thread. The "Old World" has produced some figures - Napoleon, Caesar, Genghis Khan - who loom like gods in the pages of military...
  15. C

    How indoctrinated were the members of the Hitler Youth?

    How heavily brainwashed were the boys of the Hitler Youth? How willing were they to die in battle against the Allies during the last months of the year from D Day onward?
  16. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Picture survey: how you view Chinese history?

    Hello Historumites, let's play a game! 1) Look at the words below 2) What is the first image that comes to mind? 3) Describe your mental image in text 4) Find the image on Google image that matches your mental image the most EX: if for Weapon the first image that comes up in your mind is a...
  17. D

    Hi, fellow members of Historium

    I'm Dr Wrangler from Siberia. I like history much, especially XX century, WWII, Cold War, also I like international relations and politics. So, I think we will find common topics to discuss with you.
  18. B

    When did members of the British Parliament start voting along party lines?

    In the US Congress and legislatures, the only party line votes are on organization. I assume this reflects the system at the time the US was founded. However, in most countries, legislators vote as their party leaders tell them to.
  19. diddyriddick

    A relic for our Australian members.
  20. Apachewarlord

    Cabinet of the United States

    Who accomplished the most, who was the most talented, who was the least talented, who was the most interesting, what are some books on these guys. Simply a thread to discuss one of the most important functions in our government, yet one of the least talked about, the cabinet.