1. J

    The first ever mention of Holocaust as GENOCIDE in a newspaper article was in 1895

    The first ever mention of Holocaust as genocide in newspaper (The New York Times) article was in 1895, and it depicted the Armenian situation. Read about it here...
  2. G

    Why did no New Testament books mention AD70?

    My full question is; which of the New Testament books were written after AD70? Assuming there are several, why did none of them mention the 'earth-shattering' events of AD70? The destruction of the temple by Rome fulfilled one of Jesus' own prophecies (Matt. 24:1-3) and its theological...
  3. Jax

    Does Josephus Mention The Teacher of Righteousness?

    In his book The First Messiah Michael O. Wise makes the case that a person that he calls Judah was the first Messiah and that this became the model for others after him to also adopt the title for themselves. According to Wise the concept of a Messiah didn't exist before Judah but became common...
  4. Kapyong

    List of Early Writers Who Could Have Mentioned Jesus

    Gday all, I have been looking into the evidence of the early writers around the time of Jesus who could have mentioned him, but did not. Here is my essay on the subject. (Sorry about the colours - I wrote this in a light-coloured editor and forgot it was dark background here. Because on this...
  5. civfanatic

    When is the first clear mention of Tamils in Indo-Aryan literature?

    As the title says, when is the first clear mention of Tamils in Indo-Aryan literature? It is well-known that the inscriptions of Ashoka mention the Cholas, Pandyas, and Keralaputras as polities lying beyond the borders of his empire, which shows that these three great Tamil houses were already...
  6. L

    Hitler and the Final Solution

    When doing an assignment on WW2, I recall looking for clips or speeches about this, but there was hard to find anything on Hitler speaking about it. So was the 'Final Solution' and death camps of other races and undesirables, his idea or was it Himmler's or other Nazi fanatics? Was it a closely...
  7. Znertu

    First mention of the Lors

    Hi all, I was wondering what the first recorded instances are of the term Lor and of Lorestan. Ibn al-Athir already mentioned them as 'Lor Kurds', and Sharafkhan Bidlisi also includes them among the Kurds. I was wondering then, when the distinct Lor identity would have formed. From the 19th...
  8. G

    Any sources which mention about the Yadava migration from Mathura to Dwarka

    Are there any books or writings that have covered the migration or journey of the Yaduvanshis under Krishna under attack from Jarasandha moving towards Dwarka. In terms of this movement took place and what were the problem encountered and what was the exact nature of the traversed trail?
  9. G

    Any mention of Ramjanmabhoomi in written sources from Nawab of Awadh era

    Are there any written historical sources during the Awadh Nawabs dynastic rule on the Ramjanmabhoomi temple/Babri Masjid
  10. G

    Is there mention of Aryan-Dravidian theory in Sangham Literature

    Is there any mention of this theory in any part of Sangam literature
  11. Jax

    First mention of Christians in ancient literature?

    Does anyone here know when the Christians were first depicted or even mentioned in early ancient literature?
  12. D

    The earliest mention of the word dun, dunum

    Hi all. Does anyone know what is the earliest mention of the word dun, dunum meaning fortress and can you point me to the source? Also what is the earliest mention of the same words in Ireland. Does ptolemy map really contain word dunum in ulster? Is there any teritorial distribution split...
  13. Kookaburra Jack

    Does Cassius Dio mention Christians ?

    What is your opinion? This website has the Loeb translation. Books 72 and 73 ... Cassius Dio ? Epitome of Book 73 However these books are 11th century Christian epitomes of Cassius Dio's missing "Roman History" books. Here's where I have checked for Cassius Dio on Christians so far...
  14. Sargon of Akkad

    So, bin Laden, then. I know you've been waiting for me to mention this!

    Okay, hey all, how's it going? Lovely weather we're having, unusual for this time of year, eh? Been away for a few days working, yeah, pretty boring stuff - what about you? The family and kids okay? Great. Right, pleasantries aside, this is what I gleaned from The Times newspaper yesterday...
  15. Jake10

    Why was there little mention of the Sumerians by other cultures?

    Based on another thread, Sankari noted that the Sumerians were not mentioned in the bible, and I believe archeology didn't even know much about them until about 110 years ago. This seems strange considering that they contributed to Egyptian, Persian and other cultures. Why was there so little...