1. blattinum

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello, my name is blattinum and I have a fairly eclectic interest in history but at the moment I am mostly interested in local Michigan history. The main reason for my strong interest in local history (specifically the "Thumb" region of Michigan) is because my home township, "Flynn" is...
  2. PoochieMoo

    Info on the 1st Michigan Lancers

    Hello! I have been researching some of my ancestors, and found that one of them was part of the 1st Michigan Lancers regiment, Company H. His name was Herbert Willett. This regiment was disbanded a few months after being created, so I was wondering how I could tack where he went to after the...
  3. H

    Pax et bonum, my friends!

    Hello! I am so happy to have found this forum. I have been a history teacher in Michigan for about eleven years, both in online and brick and mortar establishments, typically in high school but sometimes foraging into the dark domains of middle school. :D A few years ago I got into the business...
  4. Banastre

    Bronze Age Copper Mining in Michigan by Norsemen

    What are the latest findings on proof of early Norse copper mining in Michigan ? From : “Rocks & Rows – Sailing Routes Across the Atlantic and the Copper trade. Jay Stuart Wakefield, co author, with Reinoud M. De Jonge, The Shipping of Michigan Copper across the Atlantic in the...
  5. P

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello everyone. I am Phil Herman - originally from Chicago, Illinois. Now living in rural Michigan, retired, and loving it. I have worked as a police officer, in corrections, as a social worker and a college instructor. My background includes time in the US Army where I was "invited" to join...
  6. Z

    Why is the U.P. part of Michigan and not Wisconsin?

    Howdy! I guess I could read why online somewhere (and might!) but my question of the day is...why is the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan a part of Michigan instead of Wisconsin? The U.P. is geographically north of Wisconsin and is not really connected to Michigan at all except for the...
  7. Virgil

    University of Michigan

    Should colleges discriminate based on skin color, so that certain races are given the benefit of low expectations?
  8. Kraken

    Shooting rampage in Grand rapids, Michigan

    Associated Press
  9. K

    Hello, from Ann Arbor, Michigan

    I'm looking forward to learning much in this forum. I've been passionate about history, particularly military history all my life. I'm currently seeking to advance my education in that field by putting together a Ph.D. program somewhere, mostly online. It will probably be in the UK. At any...
  10. VM1138

    Need Help Finding Sources for Michigan History

    Sort of inspired by the Homework Help thread, I realized that while I'm fretting over a research paper due in about a month, I have a plethora of experts that might help me narrow down my topic. As of right now, this 15 page paper is probably going to be about: A) Pontiac's Rebellion B)...
  11. Wolverine

    Hello from Michigan

    Hi folks,:D I'm totally into history and this looked like a good site to share that interest. I'm looking forward to learning a few things and having a place to ask those questions I always seem to have that no one I know can answer. Of course, I can't think of one at the moment. :rolleyes:
  12. M

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello - I am a 49 year old mother of three and grandmother of two. I am researching my family tree for the kids - and this place is so wonderful and full of the information that I can use tp personalize my undertaking. Thank you for being here! Marti