1. M

    The longest lasting middle eastern and African dynasties.

    What were the longest lasting dynasties in the Middle East and Africa? If part of a dynasty's length was legendary, when was the division between the legendary and the historical periods of the dynasty? If answering, be sure to distinguish between the length of time a dynasty lasted as a...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    How Were German Army Camps in the Middle Ages Defended

    Before Wagenburg tactics were copied, how did German armies in the middle ages defend their camps when not in battle?
  3. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Middle Byzantium as an 'Early Modern State'

    Could middle Byzantine Rome be considered, outside of being temporally confined to the middle ages, an early modern state? Oftentimes I've seen figures such as Frederick II Hohenstaufen be called the "first [early] modern ruler" (as in the Wiki article), and remarks be made such as "England at...
  4. J

    When did Herodotus and Thucydides become available in Middle Ages?

    Does anyone know when Herodotus and Thucydides become available in the Middle Ages?
  5. ThePharaoh

    Is Anatolia in middle east? (geographically)

    How much percentage of Anatolia is considered in middle east? There is a huge varying opininons and statements about this situation. For example, anatolian antuqity is many times considered as a sub category of "middle eastern antuqity" even though only the easternmost kingdoms were really midde...
  6. Le Hoang

    Middle Kingdom of Egypt and Shang: state or union tribes?

    Some people said that First Dynasty of Egyptians is first nation of human and they created first soldier,too.Like Egyptians,some researchers believed that SHang is first nation in Far East but is it right? Firstly,we must give some different between a nation(like Sparta) and a tribe(as Indian...
  7. Princess Of Manchester

    when did we start using middle names?

    when did we start using middle names?
  8. Visigoth Panzer

    Muslim Mercenaries in Europe during Middle Ages

    How often were Muslim mercenaries used in non-muslim European states during the later middle ages (1000-1600 A.D.)? Did they have their own mercenary groups or were they individually recruited by their employers?
  9. H

    Western (middle east) and eastern (indian) religions

    thing which fascinates me is that how two lands of india and middle east gave birth to all the major religious philosophies in the world and how they being so different yet they spread to vast areas of different cultures, societies and geography. islam and christianity spread to europe, africa...
  10. Kirialax

    Crossing the Alps in the Middle Ages

    In ancient history, Hannibal's crossing of the Alps with his elephants is regarded as a great feat. Yet during the middle ages, armies regularly traversed the Alps, particularly from the German lands. The Brenner Pass seems like an obvious choke-point for keeping the German emperors out,but it...
  11. Visigoth Panzer

    Best Way to Redraw the Middle East After WW1

    A lot of people complain that the British and French are responsible for some of the conflict in the middle east due to their poor division of the region after WW1 (which they are). Then what would be a better way to divide the region short of war? This means you have to deal with territories...
  12. K

    How“Free Trade” is killing the American Middle Class

    How Global “Free Trade” killed the Middle Class A capsule summary of why so-called 'free - trade isn't free, and why apparent price reductions of goods are in many cases an illusion. This brief article focuses on NAFTA, but incidentally offers some insight on the supposedly looming...
  13. E

    Favorite Children's Books Set in the Middle Ages

    What are your favorite books for Children set in the middle ages (fiction, non-fiction, whatever...picture books and chapter books).
  14. Ardiaei

    "Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe deliberately

    "Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe deliberately left them Aside." Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe Deliberately left them Aside - Oculus News Dr. Alexandre Lambert, historian, academic director of the "School of...
  15. JaddHaidar

    What's with the middle east?

    11 years ago today, Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad at the age of 69 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity. His capture and subsequent execution was to many relieving the middle east of a thorn in its side and an obstacle to its peace, stability and prosperity. Yet over a...
  16. G

    What impact did St. Augustine of Hippo have on the Middle Ages?

    Why was St. Augustine such an important figure in the Middle Ages? Would highly appreciate some good sources and your opinions. Thank you.
  17. Linschoten

    Did people walk differently in the Middle Ages?

    An interesting video which explains why that seems to have been the case: EszwYNvvCjQ
  18. Jake10

    How did women in the Middle Ages deal with their menstrual cycles?

    What did they do about the blood? Did they even wear underwear? Did they wash more when they had their cycles?
  19. C

    Brothers-Sister relathionships in Middle Ages

    This may be a strange and utterly useless topic but i wonder, nowadays relathionships between siblings with different gender if often healthy and loving, but back then in the Middle Ages things were different. Men had almost all the power to dispose and were often considered better than women...
  20. G

    How would Middle Eastern History change if Kurdistan was formed after WW1

    How would history of middle east changed thereafter through WW2, Cold War until now? How would the other powers have had relations with such a state including (US, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebenon, Saudi,Egypt, Palestine)