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  1. G

    12th Armored Division Memorabilia

    Recently, my friend found some stuff he acquired from someone else a long time ago. Now, my friend is wanting to sell these items somewhere, but has no knowledge of said items. I'm looking for anyone who might have some information that can help uncover more about these items. Apparently...
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  3. Kirialax

    Trajan's conquest of Parthia

    My second-century AD Roman history is pretty poor, but do we know what Trajan's intention was when he set on his Parthian campaign? Did he make a coherent effort to occupy Parthian territory and install Roman or friendly administration? I ask this because from a rather "zoomed-out" perspective...
  4. Ascendant

    Rebel Herald: Liam Mellows and the Opposition to the Treaty, 1922 (Part VI)

    Article on Liam Mellows and his role in the lead-up to the Civil War (sixth in a series), as the Four Courts were seized by the anti-Treaty IRA in April 1922, causing a desperate scramble for a peaceful solution - efforts that Mellows was vocal in opposing. Rebel Herald: Liam Mellows and the...
  5. I

    Weirdest Aviation Battles

    I made a short video on the weirdest aviation battles I thought you guys might enjoy: Weirdest Aviation Battles
  6. Ascendant

    A Debatable Ambush: The Newtowncunningham Incident in Co. Donegal, May 1922

    Article on a clash in Co. Donegal in May 1922 during the lead-up to the Civil War. A Debatable Ambush: The Newtowncunningham Incident in Co. Donegal, May 1922 On the 4th May 1922, a convoy of pro-Treaty IRA men drove through the town of Newtowncunningham, Co. Donegal, and came under fire from...
  7. Ascendant

    The Weakness of Conviction: The End of Liam Lynch in the Civil War, 1923 (Part VII)

    Article on Liam Lynch and his death on the 10th April 1923 (last in a seven-part series). The Weakness of Conviction: The End of Liam Lynch in the Civil War, 1923 (Part VII) As the Civil War escalated, Liam Lynch ordered in December for "three enemy officers to be arrested and imprisoned in...
  8. A

    love to study history, great to be here

    Greetings all, I've been into history all my life, mostly military, but other stuff as well. Looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm a special education teacher. I get to teach World History and am always looking for new documents and areas of study to work into my class.
  9. Junius

    Captain's Log Entry 4: Crisis

    As I mentioned in my last post, by 1761, Britain was easily the foremost European power in India. While the Treaty of Paris returned France's Indian possessions to her, she was not allowed to rebuild the fortifications in Pondicherry and Chandranagar destroyed by the British. The French were...
  10. Junius

    Captain's Log Entry 3: The Carnatic Wars

    The Anglo-French struggle for mastery in India during the Seven Year’s War differed vastly from those in other theaters in one crucial respect- the British and French governments were not the primary belligerents. Those roles fell on their respective East India Companies, which were allied and...
  11. Mik

    New user-query on a coat of arms

    Hi , I'm mik. I'm new to forums and thought this site would be productive in regards to my hunt for an identification on something I found when I was a young boy. It's an oval buckle with a coat of arms. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be quite happy.
  12. Kitchener

    A big "Hi, there!" from the Late Bronze Age

    Dear All, I just thought I should introduce myself, as asked when joining the forum. I am interested in the military and political history of the Near East during the Late Bronze Age, stretching from the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt to the Egyptian defeat of the Sea Peoples during the...
  13. K

    Hello everyone

    Glad to join the site, i am currently doing a dissertation on the decline of British tanks in the interwar period. If anyone has any advice, suggestions of reading material or general information i would be very grateful. Many thanks. Ben Knight
  14. Z

    What are wars that everybody knows about?

    Don't say: World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War American Revolutionary War American Civil War Because that's kind of obvious. I would probably say...Napoleonic Wars. Crusades.
  15. T

    Anglo-Swedish War??

    I found this article that is based on a recently released book a few days ago.. British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg - Telegraph The gist of the article is that Britain has been involved in conflict in all bar 22 countries in the world. Most of the countries...
  16. N

    Was any British Citizen Ever Prosecuted for Involvement in the American Civil War?

    The British Government declared a Proclamation of Neutrality on May 13th, which prohibited Englishmen to enlist on either the side of the Union or the CSA, equip ships of war etc. A subject violating the proclamation was both punishable in British Courts and forfeit any claim to British...
  17. S

    Civil War Buff Here

    Hi everyone. My name is Brett Schulte and I'm a lifelong Civil War buff and fan of American and other military history. I am the editor and author of one of the oldest Civil War blogs on the web, TOCWOC - A Civil War Blog as well as the owner of The Siege of Petersburg Online, a site dedicated...