1. S

    French military resurgence in the 21st century:

    Although its nowhere close to the height of its power when it was Europe's top dog between 1643 to 1871, in recent years France has become the most engaged NATO ally willing to display any backbone when it comes to engaging terrorists around the world with a total of 36,000 troops deployed in...
  2. D

    Homosexual military leaders

    From what I know, historical military figures reported or rumored to have homosexual/bisexual inclinations include King David, Epaminondas, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Mahmud Ghaznavi, Richard the Lionheart, Mehmed II, Babur, Eugene of Savoy, Frederick the Great and Friedrich Wilhelm von...
  3. VHS

    Military decision making of Imperial Japan (1868-1945).

    A Chinese books is named 《军国幕僚:有一类战犯叫参谋》(The title can be translated into The Aide under Militarism: A Type of War Criminals Named Staff Officer. While it might not be a book by professional...
  4. R

    Top 10 Military Commanders of the 16th Century

    Owing to some of the discussion emanating from a related thread I began concerning military commanders of the 15th Century, and in particular where was the famed Spanish general Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, I have decided to establish a new thread centered on the commanders of the century to...
  5. A

    Stratocracy and Military Junta: Whats the difference?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Stratocracy, Kakistocracy, and a Military Junta/Military Dictatorship. All are basically military control of the government. Yet! They are different...why?
  6. VHS

    Peacetime military forces discussions

    Some may ask: since the world is mostly at peace, what is the point of maintaining military forces? I may like to quote this from Liu Ji's A Hundred Surprise Strategies...
  7. Balian

    How powerful was the US military in 1917?

    How powerful was the US military actually when it entered the first world war in 1917 ?
  8. JoanOfArc007

    Female military leaders during the Middle ages

    From page 132 of the following source, The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem provided the stage of action for many noble women of the twelfth century, and at least one lady may have owned her warlike genes to her crusader connections. Matilda of Boulogne not only claimed descent from Charlemagne...
  9. G

    Military museums and interesting locations in Italy

    Hi, I'd like to share with you a map of military museums, war cemeteries and fortifications regarding italian military history during the 20th century. I hope it could be useful (maybe for the next vacation in Italy :D)
  10. Ascendant

    Irish War of Independence in Athlone/Westmeath, 1920-1921

    Two articles on the Irish War of Independence in Co. Westmeath, from mid-1920 to early 1921, with the focus on the activities of the Athlone IRA Brigade. A Clenched Fist Open: The Flying Column of the Athlone Brigade, 1920-1 The Athlone Brigade formed its own flying column in October 1920...
  11. VHS

    The swelling of the Northern Song military

    The size of the Northern Song standing army was well-documented and official. In the beginning, the standing army was about 200,000; later, I read that some accounts stated the size of the standing army was about 1,250,000, but the capacity of the military didn't improve much. How did this...
  12. R

    who are some of the best military theorists today

    based on their work?
  13. VHS

    Military development of the two Koreas after the Korean War

    After the Korean War, the Korean peninsula was divided into the Democratic Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea. Today, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea features a large, underfunded military force with obsolete or out-of-maintenance equipments. On the other hand, the Republic...
  14. notgivenaway

    which European country has the best military record?

    Over the past 300 years? It seems arbitrary as a limit, but i'm just curious. I tend to lean towards England/UK, France, Prussia/Germany. Whilst Germany lost both World Wars, it had defeated France as Prussia, and played a part in winnign the Seven Years War. The UK had won most wars its...