1. M

    WW2 MWD Military Work Dogs

    Hello from Wisconsin ! Thank you for having me . My main interest in this forum is to learn more information on Military Work Dogs and their stories . I have read several books about MWD's from WW2 to the present . I have 4 years worth of letters from a Glenn Ormsom from Wisconsin about his...
  2. Polynikes

    The Byzantine/Roman army and Sicilian military recruitment

    Hi, can someone outline the history of Sicilian contribution to the Byzantine/Roman army and their overall military story within the confines of said history? Additionally, to what extent did Sicilians serve in the elite tagmata units? Thanks.
  3. Robert165

    What is the longest military conflict in very broad terms

    What is the longest 2 countries or 2 armies or 2 groups fought on again and off again battles or conflicts? My definition would be any type of violent conflict as long as it is ongoing with up to a 25 year break in hostilities. I'd say it would need to be armies, even small armies, fighting each...
  4. A

    What was the longest continuous military campaign, ever?

    What was the longest military campaign ever? To allow ancient and medieval history to qualify, when modern military organization didn't exist but campaigns certainly still happened, We will use one of two definitions for military campaign here: A series of military operations intended to...
  5. Old Reb

    Personalized nose art on military aircraft

    WWI aircraft had squadron markings (like the U.S. hat in the ring insignia used by Eddie Rickenbacker) but I'm not sure if personalized artwork appeared that early. However,in WWII nose art was widely used by the USAAF and RAF and I assume that the Luftwaffe and Red Air Force used them too...
  6. F

    What if Republican party & Democratic party each controls half of US military?

    Could the armed forces of the Republican Party defeat the armed forces of the Democratic Party or the other way round to usher in one-party system?
  7. F

    Why didn't steppe military tradition produce best-known classics like The Art of War?

    Steppe militaries' tactics and strategies were (allegedly) superior to their sedentary adversaries' for centuries; among so many generations of steppe military geniuses there must be some theoreticians, and they must have penned something, and some must have been preserved or discovered - then...
  8. Old Reb

    History's best looking military uniforms

    In the 21st Century, there is still one standout - the USMC dress blues. Previously, I would go with the uniforms all sides wore during the Napoleonic wars, especially the hussars, lancers and Napoleon's elite guardsmen. WWII German SS and Wermacht uniforms were very impressive. Any other...
  9. jameen

    Is Israel or China better in military tactics

    Which of the 2 countries is better in winning wars by its military tactics if you will base your history as I will mention below: China - Wars it participated since the Han Dynasty Era until today Israel - Wars it participated since it was ruled by the Judges until today (you may read the...
  10. Frank81

    Syrian Civil War: military operations (the show must go on)

    I open this thread to discuss "normal" military operations in Syria, away of the great powers clashes in the area. The SAA conquered 1,200 km2 south of Hama and north of Homs, a long standing pocket finally subjected, that Rebels used to block easy transit between Latakia and Damascus. The...
  11. E

    Recommend for military book on Isreal-Arab war?

    Recently, I am interesting about Isreal-Arab war. Any one can recommend books to this issue. Hope the book focus on military operaton or military strategy.
  12. S

    Top 700 Military Commanders of All Time

    This has been a project that I've been working on for a few years. At first I simply wanted to rank the top 200 commanders in history. Then, as I read more and more, I saw that my scope was terribly narrow and that I missed out quite a few names which could rank among the greats. As I kept...
  13. Polynikes

    Where were the hotbeds for Military recruitment for the Byzantine Empire?

    Where were the hotbeds of recruitment throughout its history for both soldiers and officers alike? And why were they hotbeds to begin with? Additionally, how often do we see ethnic Macedonians serving in their ranks? Same goes for all sorts/types of Greek cultures? Thanks.
  14. R

    Is the JSDF soft in comparison to the Imperial Japanese military

    Despite have modern weapons, is the JSDF softer and less mentally tough than the Imperial Japanese military that was willing to die rather than surrender? Is the present JSDF inferior in terms of martial spirit and elan compared to the old Japanese military in Peleleui, Iwo Jima, and Tarawa, if...
  15. H

    Academic Guidance American History vs. Military History

    I am still a ways off from needing to decide this, but I'd like to get your guy's opinions. American History: I am a proud American and love the history of my country very much, from the early signs of trouble between the Colonies and British Empire all the way up to the modern day. But there...
  16. analysis17456

    How powerful do you think the U.S. military is during the Cold War?

    During the Cold War particularly in comparison to the USSR. For example, do you subscribe to the idea that the U.S. would win the vast majority of engagements against the USSR, let alone achieve complete dominance? Let's not pretend, the idea of superior quality Americans in all aspects of the...
  17. R

    How good is the US military outside of its technology?

    I mean if you put them in WW2 kit, and then also put a NATO army like the Dutch or the French or the Norweigians in WW2 kit, and then have both of them try to take a village in Northern France, how well will the US army with WW2 kit do versus its WW2 kit equipped NATO opponent?
  18. R

    How good was the Iraqi military locally in the 70s and 80s

    We all know what happened in the Gulf War, it how good was the Iraqi military compared to its peers like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, or Jordan during the Iran Iraq War? How much of the Gulf War was due to technology, if the Americans had to fight the Gulf War with equipment from 1975, would they...
  19. R

    Was the Soviet military overrated during the Cold War

    I recall a discussion about Soviet submarines, and how the people crewing them were not really happy to be there at all, and as a result Soviet submarines bno matter advanced were basically falling apart after a few years, in contrast to American crews being the cream of the crop, and then you...
  20. Man of Sin

    Does the military naturally produce rapists?

    There has been an epidemic of sexual assault within the ranks of the US military, that is often covered up by the higher ups. 32% of women have been sexually assaulted and 80% sexually harassed. And it’s been recently talked about that there is also a massive rape culture in the North...