1. Man of Sin

    Does the military naturally produce rapists?

    There has been an epidemic of sexual assault within the ranks of the US military, that is often covered up by the higher ups. 32% of women have been sexually assaulted and 80% sexually harassed. And it’s been recently talked about that there is also a massive rape culture in the North...
  2. SirOrmondeWinter

    Which President has the most impressive military record?

    Doesn't seem to matter so much these days but used to matter a lot. George H Bush served as a US Navy bomber pilot in WW2 and was shot down whilst attacking Wake Island. Ronald Reagan was an Army reserve officer in WW2 but had a non-combat role due to 'poor eyesight' and stayed in the US...
  3. Redbad

    Joint EU military force

    German army problems 'dramatically bad', report says - BBC News I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  4. J

    Which was the strongest military power of late medieval Europe?

    Which was the strongest military power of late medieval Europe (XVI-XV century)? My firm candidate is Hungary, but can you name a single other European challenger for that title? As we know, medieval French society was not a very militaristic society, H.R.Empire was not a real politically...
  5. T

    Most underrated ancient Military?

    What ancient city state/kingdom/empire/republic/whatever had the most underrated military?
  6. F

    Alliances, numbers, ressources vs. bright strategy and military excellence.

    The headline may appear more enigmatic than the rest here. What I want to discuss is wether the "military quality" especially during the most decissive conflicts of the last centuries mattered less than numbers and ressources of the participants. Or if one like this better, the tichest(total)...
  7. Old Reb

    Two classic military matchups

    Let's have a a couple of "what-if" Army and Navy playoff games just for fun. ARMY: U.S. Grant (USA) vs. Erwin Rommel (Germany). NAVY: Adm.Horatio Nelson (Great Britain) vs. Adm.Isoroku Yamamato (Japan). Assume that the size of the forces available to each are roughly the same and that the...
  8. larkin

    Lethal Robotics, A wide open field for the Military

    A number of years ago in this forum, speculative history, I wrote a piece about future warfare separate from nuclear weapons. Many armchair generals and war aficionados on this site and elsewhere have talked about the sheer power of our carrier strike force and the brave and courageous Top Gun...
  9. A

    Help in identifying a uniform please?

    I recently came across this photograph of a family member, whose original nationality is a hotly disputed case amidst us. I believe that - by identifying where he served through figuring out what uniform this is - we'd be able to more accurately pinpoint where he was truly from. Thanks in...
  10. Karl XII

    Ottoman defeats of the 17th & 18th centuries, military decline or poor leadership?

    Ottoman defeats of the 17th & 18th centuries, military decline or poor leadership? While theres no question that the Ottoman's suffered many humiliating defeats in the 1600's and 1700's, was bad military leadership more to blame than decline in their armed forces? From 1600 to 1800 the...
  11. Sertorius1066

    Amenemhat II, furthest Egyptian military campaigner?

    I have been reading Toby Wilkinson’s rise and fall of ancient Egypt, a good overview of the history of Egypt. My knowledge of the Middle Kingdom was not the greatest and I was surprised to read that Amenemhat II conducted a military expedition to Asia to the currently unknown cities of Iuai and...
  12. AlpinLuke

    The "Military" Mafia ...

    The Military Mafia … This year, in Catania, Sicily, there will be an important trial against a Mafia family of the “Military Wing” who is doing the “financial jump”. That is to say that this family has been able to infiltrate the sector of banking and financing leaving the war activities...
  13. W

    Have you notice people criticizing military blunders repeat same mistakes in life?

    Since this is alternate history forum, I'd thought I'd post this. This is an observation I notice within the field of History and the History community. We all know the Saying "History Repeats itself" and other similar historical maxims and often I see people (especially in Military History)...
  14. T

    New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Military History

    Hello Everyone, I've made a new channel centered around military history. For example the video I posted earlier today was about Atilla the Hun a successful Hunic general who led many campaigns against the Romans. I find military history fascinating as it is a great way to study human behavior...
  15. Naima

    Italy military mission in Niger

    Italy has just decided to send a military mission in Niger with peacekeping purpouse. Italy's defence minister hails Niger peacekeeping mission What I do not understand is that despite Italian government publicize it as a way tomfight human traficants and help reduce the migrants flux to...
  16. R

    What if the German military takes control of the war effort in summer of 1943

    What if the German military deposed Hitler in a coup in 1943 before Citadel, leaving Hitler as a powerless figurehead? And say von Rundstedt gets appointed as chief of the OKW and Keitel gets a mega estate somewhere in Poland as a retirement gift? What if the Wehrmacht decides to suspend the...
  17. TheBlackRose

    Ottoman military uniforms (headwear) 18th century

    Hello everyone. I've been studying more 18th century and Napoleonic history recently. Normally when I begin studying a certain period I like to go over what the military uniforms/styles of all the various notable countries looked like. For the Ottomans though, I'm having an extremely...
  18. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    The Military Subordinates

    This is a list I am working on of the often forgotten subordinates of the so called "Great Captains". While it does not need to be limited in its scope at all as I hope that the readers will contribute to it in any way that they see fit. Here I organized a few of them based on their commanding...
  19. Maoistic

    Who had the most powerful military in WW1? France or the US?

    Just like the title says. Who had the most powerful military at the start of WW1 in 1914, France or the US?
  20. T

    Military tidbits

    Before I retired I started stockpiling books and magazines for that glorious day I would retire. I'm in the process now of going through all those magazines: Blue & Gray, North & South, WW II, WW II Quarterly, America at War, and many more. In just the last week I came across two separate...