1. F

    Human navigation for a million years? Not so fast!

    This is a sort of comment to an article from The New Scientist. Because of some findings of ancient bones or remnants of tools, it seems some think the only possible explanation is early seafaring. Perhaps. But not so fast with concluding it is "proved". There could over long timespans come...
  2. T

    PC/WI: The UK with a population of 200 million?

    What events (clearly some will require a pre 1900 post) would need to happen for the UK to end up with a population of 200 million by 1980 (nearly 4 times larger than IOTL)? You can include the land mass of Ireland to make it so. It must be from natural increase, ie no immigration from outside...
  3. Underground

    110 million citizens of the Russian Empire killed by Kremlin regime in 1917-1959?

    I would like to discuss the statement that approximately 110 million citizens of the Russian Empire (known at the time as the Soviet Union or USSR) were killed by their Kremlin regime in 1917-1959. The number 110 million has been discussed and debated, especially actively in the recent...
  4. holoow

    Sweden's population hits 10 million

    Sweden's population reaches historic ten million milestone - The Local
  5. tomar

    Pentagon Paid $500 million to make Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

    Pentagon Paid for Fake ?Al Qaeda? Videos - The Daily Beast A controversial foreign PR firm known for representing unsavory characters was paid millions by the Pentagon to create fake terrorist videos. Was that money well spent ? Amexican taxpayers will probably not be exstatic about it
  6. Balian

    Out of 324 million Americans

    You would think that they would come up with 2 far better candidates for presidents than Trump and Clinton. I mean has the US ever had to such bad candidates for president as Trump and Clinton ? I just think it should have been possible to find 2 candidates that is far better than Clinton and...
  7. WeisSaul

    85 million French

    How could France, with no changes prior to WW2, have 20 million more people? I'm talking about European France and the country cannot keep Algeria. The easiest ways to do this would likely be via immigration I would think. Ideas: Harkis France didn't let all of the Harkis (French loyalists...
  8. Joe Freeman

    France's population 120 million

    France was the first country to see a decrease in its birth rates in Europe. We can go back as far as late XVIII century to see the start of the decrease. The French population only grew by 8.6% between 1871 and 1911, while Germany's grew by 60% and Britain's by 54%. France had an already "old"...
  9. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Did North America had 100 million people before the Europeans arrived?

    I was wondering if this statement by an Aboriginal guest lecturer who came to my class was true. He said that in North America there were 100 million people before the Europeans arrived and killed 80% - 90% of the population. Is this statement true or an exaggerated lie. If so, why did he said...
  10. DanielMisier

    Is it true that Vijayanagara could raise 1-2 million men in war?

    I have read this a couple of times but is this really true? I mean how big were medieval Indian armies? It is said that the Emperor kept a force of 100,000+ at all times.
  11. Futurist

    Was it a mistake for the Allies to expel 12-15 million ethnic Germans after WWII?

    As you hopefully know, after the end of World War II, the Allies expelled between 12 and 15 million ethnic Germans from the east to the parts of Germany which were located beyond the Oder-Neisse Line. My question here is this--was a mistake for the Allies to expel that many ethnic Germans after...
  12. S

    1st city to reach 1 million

    It seems quite contentious, to be honest. A common answer is that it was Rome, however, whether Rome actually ever reached a million seems to be debatable in itself. Others say Baghdad in the 800s, which is so late that it causes me to raise a eyebrow. Was there no city in China or the Indian...
  13. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    5 million Qin, 1 million troops?

    The State of Qin had a population of 5 million but Yin Zheng (Qin Shi Huang) supposedly deployed 1 million troops in his war for unification. 1 out of 5 Qin were soldiers. Shang Yang introduced the idea of Geng-Zhang (Agriculture-War) where the Qin people had two purpose: fight in battles or...
  14. Futurist

    Israeli Government to Invest $90 Million in East Jerusalem

    This is from several days ago, but I don't think that anyone has posted this yet: Government to invest NIS 300 million in East Jerusalem | The Times of Israel Thoughts on this?
  15. glimpses

    Less than 1 million WWII vets alive today, MUST READ!

    Hello. This is my first post on Historum. I joined this forum because it seemed like a great place to connect with United States veterans and their loved ones. By the end of this year, there will be less than a million living World War II veterans. It’s more important than ever to share the...
  16. Gudenrath

    The Maltese Falcon sells for $4 million at auction

    Link So it was a true story after all. :cheesy:
  17. J

    16 million people descended from Khans

    1 in 200 men direct descendants of Genghis Khan - Gene Expression | Chinese, korean, Japanese, Afghanistan, Iran, India, and Russia all have some genes from the Khans. Yuan dynasty, Goryeo dynasty, il khanate dynasty in the Middle East. Mughal dynasty in India. All were...
  18. H

    Did Rome really have a million people: evidences and criticisms

    As far as I know, most respected media sources (BBC, National Gegraphic, Discovery Channel) all quote the ~1 million figure of Roman population at its height. However, it is less clear that why there seems to be a consensus among most historians that the 1 million population is feasible and how...
  19. sylla1

    Almost one million days ago 17:51 (local time)

    Or more exactly, 948,320 days ago, Wednesday 28 May 585 BC, the indecisive Battle of Halys river (modern Kizilirmak) between the Medes of Cyaxares I and the Lydians of Alyattes II was stopped by a total solar eclipse purportedly predicted by Thales of Miletos. (Herodotos, Kleio LXXIV) Due to...
  20. Emperor Trajan

    $4 million stolen from small Ohio school

    It might not matter to people in other nations but it is huge out in Ohio. The reason being is because of a major scam that went on through out the early 2000's. This is new and happend today. " CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS -- The Ohio Auditor says nearly $4.2 million was stolen from the Cuyahoga Heights...