1. jameen

    If Ming loyalists have mutual defense treaty

    Do you think Emperor Kangxi will still be able to conquer Taiwan if ever Spain, Netherlands or Portugal agreed to defend Taiwan if ever the Qing will launch an invasion? Do you believe any of these powers will help these Ming loyalists to recover Mainland China from the Manchus?
  2. jameen

    If Ming sea expedition never stops

    Do you believe the Chinese during that time rules the world if Ming emperors never stop the sea expeditions and instead adopted the open border policy like in the days of Han, Tang and Song Dynasties?
  3. jameen

    If Ming Dynasty rules 19th Century

    Is it possible that Century of Humiliation will not happen in China if the Ming rules instead of Qing because Ming always innovate its armed forces?
  4. jameen

    Ming or Qing the better?

    Which of the 2 is the better dynasty in terms of quality of governance throughout its history especially for most people in China?
  5. jameen

    If Ming attacks Joseon Kingdom

    We know that it was the Ming Dynasty's army who helped Korea's Joseon Dynasty to drive out Hideyoshi's forces out of Korean peninsula. But what if the alternate happened? Will the Ming Dynasty invade the whole Korean Peninsula under Joseon Dynasty Era? How will the battle looks like and will...
  6. K

    San yan chong produced after Ming dynasty?

    Does anyone know if the San yan chong (三眼銃) handcannons continued to be produced in China under Qing rule? I've seen that the Qing continued use of other Chinese artillery (such as Hongyipao, 紅夷炮) and small arms (such as matchlock muskets) as late as the...
  7. Haakbus

    Korean expeditions with and against the Ming

    There were a total of eight instances where Korean troops were requested by the Qing to battle the Ming, but I can't find much information on them. I'm aware of one instance in 1639 (which I don't have any information on) and the Battle of Jinzhou in 1641. What were the other instances? Where...
  8. analysis17456

    Most Impressive Defensive Walls?

    Which do you think are the most impressive walls for any castles or cities? So this would exclude the Great Wall as well as Hadrian's Wall, for example. I propose this for consideration, the Ming city walls of Peking:
  9. VHS

    Did China have an unfair share of all war deaths?

    Both the Yangzhou Massacre of 1645 and the Rape of Nanking in 1937 are some of the worst massacres in history. Even if starvation and pestilences are taken into accounts, the war deaths will be extremely severe. Xiang Yu, Huang Chao and Hong Xiuquan are known to be responsible for deaths of...
  10. H

    Did Ming or Qing Chinese have any interest in Micronesia/Melanesia?

    I've read about Chinese adventurers like Lim Hong (aka Limahong) who traveled to the Philippines, but were there any Chinese expeditions or individuals who made visits to Micronesia or Melanesia during the Ming and Qing eras? These could either be official expeditions, or individual traders or...
  11. Pessimist Crow

    Late Song/Yuan and Early Ming Dynasty Soldiers

    What kind of armour and equipment would a common peasant levy use during this time frame? I would appreciate it if you are able to cite historical sources and silk paintings, even though it might be for ceremonial use only.
  12. W

    Reasons for the Miao rebellions against Ming?

    Can anyone explain to me what were the main reasons that the Miao people rebelled against the Ming dynasty between the 1300s-1400s? I've seen plenty of accounts of what happened during these rebellions (along with some pretty harsh repression measures) but not much about why they happened in the...
  13. Guevarist Mayan

    Ming China vs. Ottoman Empire: Military comparison

    Who of both empires during the latter half of the 16th century was more powerful in military terms?
  14. VHS

    Demise of the Ming Dynasty: Let's have a relative fair and square evaluation

    As the last indigenous dynasty in China, the Ming Dynasty has been one of the most controversial topic. Baidu forum can be the worst place to discuss Chinese history; in spite of the native Chinese population, its members are usually biased and confused. During its prime, its military...
  15. N

    Commercial and diplomatic relations between Ming China and 17th century Japan

    Why was Japan at the beginning of the 17th century so keen in re-opening commercial and diplomatic relations with Ming China? Between the end of the Imjin War and the 1620s, the shogunate tried several times to re-establish formal relations with China, including the tally trade, but at the same...
  16. VHS

    Security Escort Companies (or Biaoju) during the Ming and Qing Dynasty

    Due to the rampant bandits and other security risks, the need for armed delivery of goods, mails, and personnels existed. The interesting fact is: the well-known Chinese security escort companies (鏢局) or biaoju only came into being during the Ming Dynasty. These companies mostly...
  17. H

    Tang army vs Late Ming Army

    It seems that in contrast to most parts of the world, the field combat efficiency of the steppe nomads in Mongolia and East Asia did not significantly improve since the 5th century AD down to the early 17th century. Most weapons that made a decisive difference was already present by the 5th...
  18. VHS

    Did Ming Emperor Zhu Youjian had any chances?

    Most attribute the demise of the Ming Dynasty to previous inept emperors, such as Emperor Zhu Houcong, Emperor Zhu Yijun (the infamous "emperor on strike", and I like making the title "Irresponsible Emperor Zhu Yijun), Emperor Zhu Youxiao (who placed the empire in the hand of the eunuch Wei...
  19. VHS

    A general Ming Dynasty discussion

    As the last indigenous dynasty of China, Ming Dynasty could be romanticized or demonized. Some claimed about late Ming Renaissance of commerce and culture, as well as the development of the cabinet system. Some claimed that the fact that China is still a developing country was due to Ming...
  20. A

    Ottoman galley vs Ming junk

    Year 1538, preveza naval battle. Admiral Barbarossa of ottoman Turks and his Turkish galley ships defeated Italian and Spanish navy. Year 1521, battle of tunmen. Admiral Wang Hong of Ming China and his Chinese junk ships defeated Portuguese navy. The question is; if the two navies had a...