1. Blue

    Trump Brags About Lying to Canadian Prime Minister

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  2. C

    1860s British Parliament: MPs and Prime Minister

    I am currently rather struggling with Walter Bagehot and his book 'The British Constitution'. In it he says that MPs voted in their choice of possible prime ministers - but they could also get rid of them. What did he mean by this? How did they have the capacity to get rid of them?
  3. D

    Marcel Deat,minister of Vichy.

    Hello.Marcel Deat,minister of the government of Vichy,was the leader of the RNP, movement of collaboration with the nazis.He was never extrated from Italy where he has quietly finished his life.He was during a long time member of the socialist party (SFIO) and some journalists have told that a...
  4. Porter Rockwell

    Did Clement minister personally to plague victims?

    My wife and I were discussing disease and the reactions of people when it's present. Both of us were familiar with the depiction of Pope Clement VI surrounded by torches to ward off the plague that has been in several television documentaries. I was planning on writing something about that, but...
  5. WhatAnArtist

    Do you feel that titles like 'president' and 'prime minister' command less respect...

    ...than titles like king and emperor? Personally I do. I know this probably isn't a majority opinion, but I feel that a monarch immediately has an air of respect and command about them, like even disregarding what the character of the monarch is, just by having the title of king or queen or...
  6. holoow

    Tomomi Inada - Japan's new defence minister
  7. Sobo

    Austrian foreign minister: close down med / abolish geneva convention nonsense...

    I fully agree with the new plan from Sebastian Kurz regarding the mediterranean route. He closed down the Balkan this spring and i´m very thankful for that. His new plan for the mediterranean sea is perfect as well. He plans to adopt the australian model All boats will be stopped on high sea...
  8. Major Wilson

    Ted Heath, British Prime Minister

    Ted Heath, British Prime Minister, had a rather expensive hobby: yacht racing. His first larger yacht was bought in 1969, before he became PM. Then the yachts got bigger and more expensive. As far as I know, he didn't come from a wealthy family. He didn't marry into money neither, or have a...
  9. Offspring

    Why did Napoleon III pick Drouyn as his as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1862?

    I'm asking because the two of them had different opinions on many foreign policy issues, especially regarding Austria.
  10. Ivar

    Russian Minister of Culture suggests building a memorial for the Poles at Borodino

    Ministerstwo Kultury Rosji proponuje Polakom pomnik w Borodino This article is in Polish, it reads that the Russian Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky, suggests that they build a monument to pay homage not only to the French and Russian soldiers who died on the field at Borodino but also...
  11. Andrew Bagpipe

    Jewish PM Netanyahu: not Hitler, but Arabs, wanted to exterminate the Jews in WW2

    According to Netanyahu, Hitler didn't really want to exterminate the Jews, but it was the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was the one who planted the idea of the extermination of European Jewry in Adolf Hitler's mind. Sources: Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the...
  12. rvsakhadeo

    Pakistan minister states nuclear war heads positioned against India

    Pakistan ' s Minister for external affairs has stated in a press interview that nuclear war head equipped missiles have been positioned in his country near the border with India and though these are of a small capacity, they have been positioned to specifically attack India. This statement has...
  13. Futurist

    Ayad Allawi becomes Iraq's Prime Minister in 2010

    What if Ayad Allawi, rather than Nouri Al-Maliki, became Iraq's Prime Minsiter in 2010? (For what it's worth, a good way to make this occur might be to make Iraqiyya's "victory" in 2010 more impressive than it was in real life.) How exactly would this have affected post-2010 U.S.-Iraqi...
  14. F

    What if Lord Halifax had been made UK Prime Minister, not Churchill?

    Would Lord Halifax have made peace with Nazi Germany and preserved te Empire, or would war still have been unavoidable, but maybe later?
  15. J

    Narendra Modi- The current Prime Minister of India

    . . Hello. . . I would like to know about your views on the current prime minister of India Narendra Modi and his performance till now.
  16. ReginaY

    Polish Foreign Minister

    Polish Foreign Minister Fans Flames of Dispute Over War Anniversary | News | The Moscow Times Guys, please tell what do you think about it ?
  17. B

    Why did Charles Fox vote against a public funeral for Prime minister Pitt the y

    Macauly, in his essay on William Pitt writes that when it was moved in the House of Commons that Pitt should have a public funeral Charles James Fox vote against it in a speech which deserves to be studied as a model of good taste and good feeling. Does anyone know where one can find that...
  18. K

    When did the Prime Minister become more powerful than the British Monarch?

    When did the British Prime Minister become more powerful than the Monarch? Was it during the reign of George III when he became mentally ill? Or can it be traced back to the Glorious Revolution? I know George III's predecessors did not take much interest in affairs. I was just wondering when...
  19. E

    First prime minister.

    In britan accroding to history books the first prime minister was robert warpole, whose posistion as prime minister was created and given to him in 1721 and yet after some reseach on the matter for my leaving cert history project, i found out that the post was not officially created until 1911...
  20. G

    BREAKING Libya Prime Minister Kidnapped by Gunmen

    BREAKING Libya Prime Minister Kidnapped by Gunmen - YouTube (CNN) -- Rebels kidnapped Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan at dawn Thursday and took him to an undisclosed location, his spokeswoman told CNN. Armed rebels escorted the prime minister from the Corinthian Hotel in Tripoli into a convoy...