1. F

    Did Minoan tried to invade Egypt

    Today we know that Minoan were not a peaceful people as claimed by old archaeology studies. We also know that ancient Egyptian hadn't really a great naval forces on the contrary of the Minoan who were an sea power. So is there some record that Minoan could have try to invade Egypt? Long term...
  2. Vitulum Aureum

    A Fresh Look At Minoan and Subsequent Cultrures

    I have been an occasional visitor to this web forum over the last decade, as my interest in pre history and early periods dictated. I have always found that I am usually far from the first person to contemplate a scenario or idea, based on these forays. There have been then, times where I...
  3. Blue

    Would there be more historical legends that would turn out to be true?

    Many of what we consider as facts now were once considered as legends. Some of the examples are Troy in the Illiad, the Minoan Civilization, the Shang Dynasty, etc. The story of the Great Flood is now believed to have come from the rising sea levels after the warming of the Ice Age. Many...
  4. R

    The Indus Valley Civilization and Minoan Crete: matriarchies?

    Due to the apparent dominance of the Mother Goddess(es) in both the Indus Valley Civilization and Minoan Crete, the lack of definitive evidence indicating patriarchal kingship, and the seemingly non-aggressive nature of both the IVC and Crete, may we perhaps infer a type of peaceful matriarchal...
  5. C

    Pre-Hellenic Civilizations: Minoan and Mycenaean

    Hi, I'm Lucca and I've created an educational YouTube channel! :) The first issue that I decided to talk about is the civilizations that developed in continental Greece and insular before the same Greeks or Hellenes. I considered the Minoans and Mycenaeans as the two most important. So I'll...
  6. V

    Greek invasion of Minoan Crete

    How did the Minoans encounter the Greeks? Where they slaughtered or just enslaved? Did the Myceanean mingle with the Dorian women creating a subculture?
  7. Otranto

    Minoan Boxing

    Notice how they have gloved one hand only. Fortunately that part of the fresco showing the right hand of the boy on the left has not crumbled so far as not show his bare wrist, or it would have been reasonably to assume both hands were gloved. You need to at least use wrappings to avoid your...
  8. Basileios Demetriades

    Words with a special meaning: ΜΗΤΡΙΑΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡ&#

    Words with a special meaning: ΜΗΤΡΙΑΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΣ From Liddell Scott μητρ-ῐάζω, worship the Mother of the gods, Poll.3.11. μητρίζω, to be possessed by the Mother of the gods, Iamb.Myst.3.9, 10. μητρίς (sc. γῆ), ίδος, ἡ, one's mother country (cf. πατρίς), Cret. word in Pl.R.575d...
  9. R

    Minoan Linear B Scripts

    Hello I am a new to Historum and I am studying the Linear B Script writings of the Minoan Civilization.
  10. Y

    What if the Minoan Civilization didn't fall?

    Like what if Thera didn't erupt and the Mycenaeans didn't invade? How much longer would they last and how different would Western Civilization be? Personally I think they'd last till the Romans Empire and we'd be talking about Ancient Crete instead of Ancient Greece.
  11. Wickerman

    Minoan Origins.

    The first advanced Bronze Age civilization of Europe was established by the Minoans about 5,000 years before present. Since Sir Arthur Evans exposed the Minoan civic centre of Knossos, archaeologists have speculated on the origin of the founders of the civilization. Evans proposed a North...
  12. Midas

    Languages of Crete & Cyprus: Some readable examples!

    So, you have probably heard of Minoan, Cypro-Minoan etc, but I am pretty sure you never got a good example of a reliable representation on how they were. All of us have googled on Linear A, but we can't be really sure how this syllabic signs rendered the actual language. Thankfully, we do have...
  13. G

    The puzzle of the Minoan fresco buon technique

    I am presently in the process of developing my fresco buon technique, and in doing so, I came across an interesting comment in Ralph Mayer's "Artist's Handbook", (5th Edition, p. 365), in which the author suggests that the Bronze Age Minoans were able to create large frescoes in one plastering...
  14. Latigo

    Minoan linear code one.

    I was wondering if any members have done any work on this. If you have, and made SOME progress at all, would you be interested in collaboration.
  15. Niki86

    Minoan art

    Generally it is very colourful, here are some pics that I like: http://www.minoanatlantis.com/pix/Minoan_Sea_Daffodils_Lilies_Fresco_Art_Akrotiri_500px.jpg http://rlv.zcache.co.nz/minoan_fresco_art_minoan_art_of_ancient_crete_mousepad-p144198691524858565z8xsj_400.jpg...
  16. Mandate of Heaven

    Minoan Bull Jump

    When I first saw the fresco of Minoan bull jumper, it amazed me and confused me. What the heck was that? That's what was on my mind. Well, bull jumping continues to even today. Modern bull jumping: Guy Jumps Over a Bull - YouTube
  17. Titan

    Minoan Civilization

    I was studying for my Ancient Greek Civilization class (Hist 444) and I came across something that I wasn't really sure about. The Minoans have been known for the palatial society and experienced three phases. The first one was some how destroyed and the second palatial society (1700-1400 BCE)...
  18. okamido

    Minoan cannabalism?

    In the basement of a building that archaeologists and anthropologists refer to as the North House, on the Isle of Crete, there was found the skeletal remains of 327 children. The bones were found scattered in a way that suggest simple discardment but upon examination show clear evidence of...