1. notgivenaway

    Commonwealth misconceptions

    The Commonwealth is really just a goodwill organisation. Many seem to think it's some kind of economic or military alliance, but it's not. If the UK was under attack, Canada, Australia, NZ, India, or Jamaica, Barbados, Ghana, Myanmar, etc. are under no obligation to come to Britain's aid. WWII...
  2. Haakbus

    Misconceptions about the hwacha

    I've seen several misconceptions about the hwacha floating around on Wikipedia and even in academic publications so I thought I'd correct some of them here: First off, the original hwacha developed in 1409 was an organ gun, not a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher first appeared in 1451 and...
  3. notgivenaway

    Economics misconceptions

    Which economics misconceptions annoy you? for me it's how people think GDP denotes the wealth of a country. It doesn't. China's GDP is bigger than Sweden's. Which country has better living standards? Which has better education, average salaries, or infrastructure? GDP is only about economic...
  4. notgivenaway

    medieval misconceptions

    It makes me laugh how people misrepresent the medieval era, thinking it's about knights, chivalry, dirtiness, plagues, and oppressive kings. OK, these things are true, but then these apply to most areas, even today. I guess it irks me since I'm a medievalist, I think it's an understated era and...
  5. King Arthur

    Why so many misconceptions on the Dark Ages?

    Every non-historian I've met has made bullshit late medieval claims about what the dark ages were like. Stuff like Kings had jesters who were the only people allowed to talk to them. Or that runes had significance. I cringe when I see people doing **** like "If I inscribe the rune H on my rock...
  6. notgivenaway

    What misconceptions annoy you??

    The Norse were not "worse" than others, or "more savage". They only seemed that way since they were non-Christian, and of course Abrahamic faiths see themselves as superior and the final spiritual truth. And if a group of pagans raid monasteries, then it figures that they will get a bad name...
  7. royal infanta

    Misconceptions of the Medieval Era

    This is inspired by the thread on Ancient myths and misconceptions. What misconceptions does the modern era have about the Medieval Era?
  8. K

    Extreme Misconceptions of Black African role in History

    It is safe to say that the Romans were no great innovators of culture. They mostly copied the so-called “Hellenistic” and Egyptian high cultures. Yes, Rome may have conquered physically but she was conquered culturally. The religion of the Romans, their gods, their rites originally came from...
  9. D

    Biggest myths & misconceptions in Middle Eastern & African History?

    What are beliefs which the general public has which historians know to be false?
  10. D

    Biggest myths & misconceptions in Ancient History?

    What are a lot of 'facts' which people generally accept, but in actually are contrary to what historians know to have really happened.
  11. K

    5 misconceptions of European armies

    Despite having just joined (literally), I've been looking at this forum on and off for many years. One thing that has shocked me ( and I believe many here will understand this) is just how many myths of Hollywood are being spread here. Seriously, this is stuff you could debunk by just...
  12. gladiatrice

    Irritating historical misconceptions

    There are a lot of irritating historical misconceptions that people believe/promote. The one that makes me nearly livid is when someone says: "Julius Caesar was the first emperor!" It shouldn't get to me, but it does. What are some historical misconceptions that you find to be irritating?
  13. H

    Misconceptions about Koguryo

    I do not know why the thread about China and Korea relations was closed as there was nothing inappropriate in the conversation. However, the people there argue that Koguryo was either tunguisic or Koreanic are both wrong. The fact is, we have enough evidence that the Puyo-Koguryo language is a...
  14. Emperor Trajan

    5 historical misconceptions rundown

    I knew about 2 of these in the video but the rest I did not know about 5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown - YouTube
  15. emperor of seleucid

    General Misconceptions of history

    Generally, what are some misconceptions that most people who do not understand history make. Examples: -Cleopatra is native Egyptian -the Germans conquered Rome -only 300 Spartans at Thermopylae -Columbus discovered America -It only took 1,000 Spaniards to conquered the Aztec Empire -Indians...
  16. T

    Misconceptions About Feudalism in the Middle Ages

    I am no educated historian, however I do have an interest in history. Lately, I've been looking up things about medieval history. When I was in school, I was taught that this is how feudalism was ran... There was a Lord, the knights, and the peasants. The Lord ran the show and would get food...
  17. Brisieis

    Misconceptions of Battle & Ancient Warfare

    So... Julius Caesar: "In chariot fighting the Britons begin by driving all over the field hurling javelins, and generally the terror inspired by the horses and the noise of the wheels are suffient to throw their opponent's ranks into disorder. Then, after making their way between the squadrons...
  18. Naomasa298

    Historical misconceptions created by the media

    I'm sure we've had a thread like this before, but I can't find it. There is a common view that WW2 British pilots were mostly upper class, and all spoke with aristocratic RP accents. This isn't because they were, but because the actors who portrayed such characters in post-WW2 films spoke that...
  19. Huntress

    One Reason for the Misconceptions Regarding Native Americans

    I don't know why I didn't see this sooner. I guess I was so interested in watching BBC tv. One big reason why there is so much romantic mythos about the Native Americans in Europe and other places is the same reason America fell in love with Downton Abby. It is an excape into a fantasy world...
  20. Hresvelgr

    Misconceptions about Native Americans

    Inspired by a similar thread, I've decided to put this one up here because Native Americans in general, from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, are not generally a well-understood group despite people (especially Hollywood) thinking they know all about them. Many of these misconceptions have gained...