1. P

    3.7mm anti aircraft cannon a missed opportunity

    Bt general consent most British military historins agree that the stabndard British anti tank gun in 1939-41 -the 2 pounder was a poor creature when deployed against Nazi tanks like the Panzer Mark IV onwards. And the Boyes anti tank rifle was an even bigger joke against German armour. However...
  2. P

    opportunities missed by the Axis in the Mediterranean in 1940-41

    from June 40 until the spring of 1941, except for the "Battle of Britain", the German armies were struck with immobility, abandoning an initiative of which they were the sole depositories. However, in this year 40, after the armistice, Malta has almost no defense, Egypt is poorly defended, and...
  3. Futurist

    A Missed Opportunity for a German-Russian-Italian Alliance in the late 19th century?

    Basically, my question here is this--did Germany, Russia, and Italy miss an opportunity by not allying with each other in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? After all, such an alliance could have very likely dominated Europe and some other parts of the world for as long as this alliance...
  4. Futurist

    Missed Chances at Additional United States Territorial Expansion

    While the United States of America successfully acquired various territories throughout its history, which cases exactly (if any) were there in U.S. history where the United States failed to take advantage of an opportunity (or a possible/potential opportunity) for additional U.S. territorial...
  5. P

    Missed Opportunity

    The allies invade Sicily operation Husky, As they race to take the island somehow the german army a large part was able to escape from messina. How and why did that happen?
  6. Sertorius1066

    Sextus Pompey - missed opportunity

    Source: Anthony and Cleopatra, Diana Preston, pages 238-239 Does anyone else think this was a great missed opportunity for Sextus? What would have happened if he had given the order? I know the other trimuvir Lepidus was not present but considering how he was so easy later cast aside by...
  7. Koba

    Communism missed in Eastern Europe.

    In Romania, Opinion Polls Show Nostalgia for Communism - Romania Homesick for a Dictatorship: Majority of Eastern Germans Feel Life Better under Communism - SPIEGEL ONLINE Hungary: Better Off Under Communism? | Pew Research Center Poll: Many Czechs say they had better life under Communism...
  8. nuclearguy165

    Missed opportunities in military history

    What do you all think were great 'missed opportunities' in military history? One that comes to my mind right away was France not invading Germany in 1939, when almost the entire German army was away in Poland.
  9. naylor182

    What if Princip had missed?

    We all know that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the musically-named Archduke of Austria-Hungary, was the trigger that led to the systems of alliances to envelop Europe into the most destructive war seen at that time (World War One, of course!). Ferdinand's driver actually took a wrong...