1. jameen

    US Patriot Missile or Russian S-300

    Which is better in terms of: 1) Intercepting enemy planes 2) Intercepting enemy missiles (cruise and ballistic) I heard Patriot Missiles imported by the Saudis have flaws in intercepting Houthi missiles fired from Yemen. BTW Is there any US surface to air missiles aside from Patriot that...
  2. JM1906

    Vladimir Putin Speech and Russia's most recent nuclear powered missile

    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/putin-boasts-new-strategic-weapons-will-make-us-missile-defense-useless/ So, some days ago, Rússia anounced a new tecnological inovative weapon, a nuclear powered missile. Various articles were made about the projects of having nuclear power planes...
  3. B

    Parallels to US Ballistic missile restrictions on S Korea

    Besides the necessity to kowtow to be included in the Sinosphere with trade and technology, I am curious if there were any similar sort of restrictions, economic or military, that were imposed on proto-Korean states by China in the past.
  4. Valens

    U.S. Congressman Says Missile Attack on Syria could led to nuclear war with Russia

    “It angers and saddens me that President Trump has taken the advice of war hawks and escalated our illegal regime change war to overthrow the Syrian government,” Gabbard said. “This escalation is short-sighted and will lead to more dead civilians, more refugees, the strengthening of al-Qaeda and...
  5. D

    Cuban Missile Crisis - how Close Were We to Nuclear War?

    Here's something I never knew about: How One Man Held off Nuclear War Astonishing, if it's true.
  6. uppsa1

    Cuban Missile Crisis from the Sowjet Perspective

    We all know the American perception of this famous crisis. But I find it very difficult to find many explanations about how the Sowjets understood everything that was going on (at least in a language that I can understand). The best source I managed to find was Khrustshevs son, Sergei...
  7. Darth Raidius

    Operation Anadyr is completed before the Cuban Missile Crisis

    How would the Cuban Missile Crisis (and the Cold War in general) be affected if the Soviet military deployment to Cuba - Operation Anadyr - was not discovered by the United States before its completion? The operation included deploying the following Soviet equipment in Cuba, with a total of...
  8. S

    P-61 Black Widow with missile

    I share with you some pictures showing a flying P-61 with a missile under the fuselage. Does anyone know what kind of missile is this and was used operationally? The link also contains photographs of the plane now testing some kind of jet engine. Photos can be viewed by visiting the link...
  9. J

    Arms race + Cuban missile crisis

    Hello, I am slightly confused on the difference of the arms race and nuclear missile gap that occurred during the cold war. It would be great if someone could help me understand the difference or if they're the same. Secondly, did Krushchev already have nuclear missiles in Cuba? and he was just...
  10. M

    Best Light Infantry/Missile Troop(s) of History

    Title Light Infantry as agile formation infantry used for quick strikes, long range missile fire, skirmishing, and recon. Based on Training Organization and Tactics of the time Track record in battle Years it dominated the Battlefield Weapons and Equipment( how superior to the enemy of their...
  11. M

    Best Light Infantry/Skirmisher/Scouts/Long range Missile troops of all history

    Title Like the Discovery channel's "Top tanks/rifles/Jets of all time", this is a historical rating of the most successful light infantry/missile troop of history. It is not a this vs. this in a battle but rating based on: Training Organization and Tactics of the time Track record in battle...
  12. M

    Engagement ranges for typical Ancient and Medieval missile combat

    What is the typical engagement range of Ancient and Medeival missile combat? I was reading a post how Bows are "superior" to Muskets due them able to engage out of 300 meters effectively. I was skeptical about this since, bows have no sights and is horribly effected by wind. I suspect the...
  13. M

    Which Nuclear Delivery system is Deadlier? ICBM vs Naval Missile vs Air-delivered

    What type of deployment of nukes is the most effective on the enemy? Fired from land in ICBM? Fired from the sea from a Submarine or Ship like a cruise missile or sub-ballistic missile? Or dropped or shot from a fighter or bomber such as a bomb or a air-ground missile? ICBMs have the ability to...
  14. M

    Best Heavy Shoulder launched Anti-Tank missile

    What is the best Heavy Shoulder launched AT missile. This is heavy ones so no RPG-7 or AT4s
  15. G

    Missile gap, Cold War, UK

    I'm currently reading a spy thriller (I suppose you'd call it) called The Midnight Swimmer - SO BEWARE OF SPOILER. The basis of the story is the supposed but non-existent missile gap between the USSR and the USA. The true situation was that the USSR did not have missiles that could reach the US...
  16. T

    Ancient missile units.

    Hello all, I'm here seeking your opinions and knowledge of the effectiveness of missile units on the ancient battlefield. It seems to me as though there is little evidence pertaining to the specific of missile units during the period, however it is obvious enough that ancient armies made use...
  17. T

    Cold War Relics- Interview with a Minuteman Missile Commander

    Here is a recent interview I did with former Minuteman Missile Combat Crew Commander at a decommissioned nuclear missile silo. The guy was fascinating to talk to and we discussed everything from operations to close calls. A must see for any cold war/military buff: Oscar Zero- Conversations...
  18. D

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1bisbthQ2k&list=HL1370731939 Tell me what you think. BTW I'm still in Grade 7 and this was just for my Individual Study Project :laugh:
  19. K

    Cuba Missile Crisis goes hot....what happens?

    Hey all, Cuban missile Crisis wrong and a nuke goes off. I figure that the first one probably goes off on a Cuban beach if the Americans decide on invasion rather than, or in addition to blockade and the Cubans use their nuclear tipped FROG missiles, killing basically everyone attempting to...
  20. H

    How far was the Cuban Missile Crisis the most important event during the cold war?

    How far was the Cuban Missile Crisis the most important event during the period 1945 to 1965 I am currently coming to a conclusion as to the most important event during the cold war, and what had the biggest impact on potential warfare etc. I am comparing the following: - Cuban Missile Crisis...