1. S

    On A Mission

    Greetings, Due to poor life-style choices in the past and other circumstances, I have grown quite oblivious of my surroundings. I feel like this has affected my ability to socialize greatly because I am not able to contribute to conversations as much as I would like. I have joined this forum as...
  2. Naima

    Italy military mission in Niger

    Italy has just decided to send a military mission in Niger with peacekeping purpouse. Italy's defence minister hails Niger peacekeeping mission What I do not understand is that despite Italian government publicize it as a way tomfight human traficants and help reduce the migrants flux to...
  3. David K

    The Old Spanish (Baja) California Mission of San Vicente

    Last month, I revisited the mission site of San Vicente Ferrer just off the highway in Baja California, fifty-five miles (88 km.) south of Ensenada. Below the photos, I am sharing the history of the mission as told in my book, Baja California Land of Missions. The northern Baja California...
  4. A

    USS Indianapolis Men Of Courage vs Mission Of The Shark

    Okay, I've read three books about the USS Indianapolis in the past few weeks following viewing the movie "USS Indianapolis Men Of Courage". I saw "Mission Of The Shark" years ago and own a copy of the dvd. It goes without saying that I am a huge fan of "Jaws" and the Quint speach. Have you...
  5. David K

    Baja California Spanish Mission's Founding Dates

    SPANISH MISSION FOUNDING DATES While most of the 25 Spanish missions founded in Baja California have now pretty good details of who operated them and where they were founded, in a few cases the exact date of founding remains a mystery or was never published. In some cases we know the month and...
  6. P

    April 10 1945 -lastLuftwaffe mission o'er U.K.

    THIS WEEK SEES THE ANNIVERSARY of the last Luftwaffe mission over Great Britain in W.W. 2 . An ARADO 234 RECONAISSANCE PLANE FLYING FROM DENMARK flew over Scapa Flow and the Firth of Tay on April 10 1945 to conclude Luftwaffe operations over Britain in W.W. 2-an anti-climatic denoument to a...
  7. David K

    The first Spanish mission of California: Loreto 1697

    Loreto: The Mission that almost was not. The first successful California mission almost did not survive its first year or even get started on the hostile peninsula. Padre Juan María Salvatierra was a human dynamo in all that he overcame to establish a new mission colony in California. Upon...
  8. DrvanNostrand

    Why did the Marathas succeed in their mission but Vijayanagar didnt?

    Both Shivaji and the founders of the Vijanagar empire felt their mission was the liberation and protection of Hindus. While Vijayanagar did indeed uproot Muslim power from the south and defended Indic culture for nearly 3 centuries, it was playing defense for the most part and collapse while the...
  9. P

    Mission statements

    Today almost every organization has a Mission statement. I would bet every non profit one does. Its purpose is to guide decision making, & the prioritizing of services & products offered. It should also sound and feel good Here are just a few from non profits that I like. Fear keeps me from...
  10. David K

    Junípero Serra's First California Mission (PowerPoint show)

    I was invited to present a 20 minute lecture with slides, to this past weekend's CMSA (California Mission Studies Association) annual conference in Ventura, CA. Here is the slide show that went with my lecture: San fernando for cmsa 3.2
  11. David K

    California Mission Studies Assoc. Feb. 13-15, 2015

    The big event is coming up this weekend. This year it will be in Ventura. http://www.californiamissionstudies.com/Annual_Conference.html My co-author Max Kurillo and I will be giving presentations (Power Point slide show lectures. Max is the first and I am the last! Here is the schedule of...
  12. P

    Spanish Armada makes it to Flanders without opposition, and goes on with mission

    How would they fare? What happens next? Without any lost ships until after the departure from Flanders (with the troops stationed in Flanders now in tow), how does this showdown between England and Spain's 130+ ships play out?
  13. rvsakhadeo

    Indian Space Mission to Mars

    Today morning the Indian made space module successfully entered the orbit of Mars.A grand interplanetary shot, successful on its first try. At a cheap outlay of only $ 75 million, and using indigenous technology, I felt pride in my country after many, many days of news ofpolitical corruption...
  14. F

    Mission in Bosnia

    General Sir Hugh Michael Rose is a retired British Army General. As well as commanding 22 Special Air Service Regiment, he was Commander UNPROFOR Bosnia in 1994 during the Yugoslav Wars. Extracts from the book ''Mission in Bosnia:Fighting for Peace'' , published by The Harvill Press, London...
  15. tjadams

    TV:President George H.W. Bush: The Man and His Mission

    President George H.W. Bush: The Man and His Mission By Fox News-Published February 15, 2012 | FoxNews.com Going with a nice informative theme that Diddyrick started, here's another up coming interview in a presidential series. Sunday, Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. ET Hosted by Brit Hume Read more...
  16. Thessalonian

    NASA's WISE Mission Captures Black Hole's Wildly Flaring Jet

    NASA's WISE mission captures black hole's wildly flaring jet "Scientists study jets to learn more about the extreme environments around black holes. Much has been learned about the material feeding black holes, called accretion disks, and the jets themselves, through studies using X-rays...
  17. tjadams

    Faith in Space: Behind the Mission to Land a Bible on the Moon

    Faith in Space: Behind the Mission to Land a Bible on the Moon By Loren Grush Published September 02, 2011 | FoxNews.com Read more: Faith In Space: Behind The Mission To Land A Bible On The Moon | FoxNews.com
  18. V

    Czech mission of Lord Walter Runciman from British perspective

    I have recently read Edvard Benes detailed book on events leading to 1938 Munich conference. One point which seems like complete misunderstanding of situation and total failure by British diplomacy is the mission of Lord Walter Runciman. But as usual, I expect there is an other side of the...
  19. unclefred

    Mission creep already?

    Western military advisers become visible in Benghazi - Africa, World - The Independent
  20. A

    1980: Tehran hostage rescue mission fails

    this is 30 yrs ago today. http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/april/25/newsid_2503000/2503899.stm Well, not sure what to say, just that Iran - US relations haven't thawed much in 30 yrs have they. Do you think that this failed rescue, plays a large part in the US mind set...