1. HardtackJuniper

    History's mistake here

    Hi all, I am, by history's mistake, a history (war history especially) enthusiast from a land where making it a career wouldn't pay even for my morning biscuits. So I became an engineer and now aspiring to be a government clerk as is the trend of the land...:weird:. Hopefully I will be able to...
  2. K

    A mistake in movie during dialogue about Toyotumi Hideyoshi?

    I was watching this wuxia movie in which a captured Ming dynasty official was at his mercy of his captor who is leading a rebellion.He then says that the Ming have an agreement with Toyotumi Hideyoshi and that the Japanese will assist them in putting down the rebellion. To which his captor...
  3. Maki

    Did the Allies in WW1 make a mistake by not invading Germany?

    The Treaty of Versailles caused an uproar in Germany and was seen as a national humiliation. But it was considered an even bigger humiliation because of the "stab in the back" myth that German Army wasn't defeated by the enemy, but by internal traitors. The fuel to this theory was the fact that...
  4. Balian

    Was it a mistake by the United States....

    Do you think it was a mistake by the United States not to force Japan to get rid of the Emperor in 1945 ?
  5. Luke of Suffolk

    Would the election of Trump as US president be looked upon in highsight as a mistake?

    I know that this partly overlaps with political, but this isn't focused solely on the political aspect. If Trump did get elected, and he dod everything that he ssid he would, do you think the world would look back at him in a positive or negative light, in regards to the state of the world?
  6. Valens

    Napoleon's biggest mistake

    By 'mistake' I mostly mean a change in his fortunes, as well as a move which led to his demise. Let us also consider the impact of his 'mistake' on his resources, manpower, the morale of his army, his own image, etc. PS It seems we already had a same thread on this topic... :wondering::o
  7. Balian

    Was The Restoration of the English monarchy a mistake ?

    Do you think that The Restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 was a mistake ?
  8. K

    Strategic mistakes by the Srilankan Tamils

    I have always been wondering about this. It is an open secret that India trained LTTE and supplied arms in its formative years. What went wrong? I know murdering Rajiv was the most bizaare and stupid decision that totally removed any support to the LTTE from India. My question is apart from...
  9. Futurist

    Did Kaiser Wilhelm II of Ger. make a mistake in massively expanding the German Navy?

    As for me, I voted Yes. After all, this German move significantly angered Britain and caused Germany to waste resources on this which would have been better spent on improving Germany's army and (later) Germany's air force as well. Anyway, any thoughts on this?
  10. Futurist

    Did Russian Tsar Nicholas II make a mistake by standing up for Serbia in 1914?

    As for me, my own answer to this question is an unequivocal Yes. Russia wasn't prepared to fight a long war with Germany in 1914 and thus shouldn't have been willing to fight a war with Germany in 1914 by standing up for Serbia. Indeed, even if the outbreak of World War I would have been delayed...
  11. Futurist

    Was the demand of unconditional surrender for Germany in World War II a mistake?

    My vote here is No. After all, the Entente/Allies stopped World War I too early and did not demand unconditional surrender in that war, which in turn helped a Stab-in-the-Back Myth develop in Germany after the end of World War I. Thus, the Allies had to ensure that a new Stab-in-the-Back Myth...
  12. Futurist

    Was it a mistake 4 India not to force Pakistan to settle the Kashmir dispute in 1972?

    My question here is simple--was it a mistake for India not to force Pakistan to settle the Kashmir dispute on terms favorable to India (turning the ceasefire lines into permanent international borders) back in 1972? After all, India held tens of thousands of Pakistani prisoners of war as a...
  13. Futurist

    Did India make a mistake in not kicking Pakistan out of all of Kashmir in 1949?

    I voted Yes since this would have given India a better strategic position as well as a better negotiating position with Pakistan. For instance, this would have allowed India to give Pakistan a border with China in future negotiations in exchange for having Pakistan recognize Indian sovereignty...
  14. Futurist

    Did the U.S. make a mistake in not overthrowing Saddam Hussein in 1991?

    As for me, I voted No, but mostly for political reasons--most Democrats opposed the Gulf War in 1990-1991 and thus removing Saddam Hussein only to create chaos in Iraq afterwards could have resulted in these Democrats believing that their opposition to the Gulf War was the right move. In...
  15. Futurist

    Was it a mistake for the U.S. to abandon Afghanistan after 1989?

    I voted Yes due to the fact that this helped allow the Taliban to come to power there, which in turn resulted both in Afghanistan literally being sent back to the Middle Ages and in Afghanistan becoming a safe haven for Al-Qaeda.
  16. Futurist

    Was it a mistake to partition India in 1947?

    I voted No due to the fact that the Muslims in British India should have been able to determine their own destiny (which includes being able to have their own independent state(s)). However, I certainly do think that this partition could have been handled better--for instance, Kashmir should...
  17. Futurist

    Was it a mistake to create a Jewish state in Palestine in 1947-1948?

    I voted Yes, but only if there was another available location to create a Jewish state in during this time. After all, the Holocaust taught the Jews that they cannot always rely on others to defend them and that they thus must have their own state so that they can better defend themselves.
  18. The Alchemist

    Writing history can be a mistake

    From a purely military point of view, to write your history is to give away your secrets to your enemies. If you want to defeat a people, read their history and you're going to be highly effective in predicting their moves. Is this a correct assumption?
  19. Futurist

    Was it a mistake for the Allies to expel 12-15 million ethnic Germans after WWII?

    As you hopefully know, after the end of World War II, the Allies expelled between 12 and 15 million ethnic Germans from the east to the parts of Germany which were located beyond the Oder-Neisse Line. My question here is this--was a mistake for the Allies to expel that many ethnic Germans after...
  20. R

    Creation of Israel : full circle or big mistake?

    I'll just preface this by saying that I don't want this to be necessarily about current events. My question / thinking is something that I'd like to throw in the group without a lot of "noise" about pro/anti-Islam or pro/anti-Jewish sentiment. Therefore this question is not about the things...