1. Tammuz

    Goddess Isis as model for Virgin Mary

    Good witnesses for the origin of Marian devotion from polytheistic cults are early Christian church fathers like Epiphanius and Anastasius, who opposed the Marian devotion, exactly because it had a pagan background, but without success, since the need among the people for a replacement for the...
  2. O

    A model for ancient Warfare

    I'm in the process of designing/coding a strategy game set in the ancient mediterranean world (~600BCE-1CE). Part of it involves warfare and I wanted a model for two armies clashing - this is not a Total War style game where you fight in real time, more something like paradox games. In short...
  3. Baltis

    Help in identifying model ship

    I have a niece who purchased an old ship model for her fiance'. I am hoping someone can help me with telling her anything special about it. Particularly the coat of arms on the sail and/or identity of ship or type or period. It says Made in Spain on the bottom.
  4. R

    How inferior were monkey model Soviet weapons?

    Compared to the ones the Soviets used?
  5. Murffy

    Late Model Spartan Army

    What was the Spartan army like circa 222 BC (Battle of Sellasia)? Were they still battling as traditional hoplites or were they forming up in Macedonian phalanxes (or maybe copying the Romans)? Were their shields still round? Were they still using the short xiphos? Was their basic warrior...
  6. Earl_of_Rochester

    How to make a Stone Age/Neolithic model village?

    Hi all, I've decided to try and create a Stone Age/Neolithic model village, does anyone have any tips on what to include? So far I've got the basic huts/skara brae/stone henge/early domestic animals etc. I might also include an Ice Age/Mesolithic scene with Woolly Mammoths etc, caves and...
  7. AlpinLuke

    Hitler as model ... the age of pseudo-modern populism?

    That the Nazi dictator has got still a remarkable appeal on some environments is known and evident, but probably that Rodrigo Duarte, the Philippines President, thinks to imitate Adolf is at least odd. I quote him [Source...
  8. civfanatic

    Indo-Aryan and Ndebele: Comparing Two Cases of Acculturation

    For those that don't know, my main interest/specialty besides Indian history is pre-colonial African history, especially the political and cultural history of West African Atlantic states (such as Benin) and southern African Bantu nations (such as the Zulu). One of the advantages of doing...
  9. A

    Model 1895 Heavy Artillery Observer Badge?

    Hello from Ukraine! Please help to ID Artillery Observer Badge of Japan Army! We think is rear and trying to Id on Ukrainian ancient forum Çíàê íàáëþäàòåëÿ êðåïîñòíîé àðòèëëåðèè íà îöåíêó. :: Âèîëèòè But would like to have right ID and price on it. Thanks to every one.
  10. J

    Did Aryabhata discover Heliocentric model?

    I am a bit confused because I have read conflicting accounts. I had read in the past his model was not a true Copernican heliocentric model, his model was half heliocentric like Tycho Brahe. I recently read in the official NCERT textbook of India that his model was heliocentric. This is what...
  11. Naima

    Replacement or Regional continuity model?

    What do you agree most on ... The replacement model of Christopher Stringer and Peter Andrews proposes that modern humans evolved from archaic humans 200,000-150,000 years ago only in Africa and then some of them migrated into the rest of the Old World replacing all of the Neandertals...
  12. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: A Break-Up of the German Empire on the Model of the USSR

    Would it have been plausible/realistic for the German Empire to break up on the model of the Soviet Union (in 1991)? For instance, I am thinking about a scenario where Kaiser Wilhelm I dies in the early 1870s. Thus, Frederick III becomes Kaiser much sooner, attempts to implement some liberal...
  13. T

    Very cool computer generated 3D model of late antiquity Antioch

    Image credits: These 3D CG reconstructions are supposed to represent the city topology and built environment of late Antiquity/early Byzantine Antioch, around the time of 6th century. All images are rendered and generated by 3D Studio Max software. This 3DS Max model and all rendered images...
  14. Killbot

    Is the Scandinavian Economic Model a Result of Ideology?

    The Scandinavian countries are used as examples of how an egalitarian capitalist system can be successful in creating wealth, so why are so many people (politicians specifically) against adopting a similar system in North America or Western Europe? The system seems to work fine from an...
  15. joen

    History Simulation Model

    I've been working on a history simulation model (i.e. a game - see signature :)) that starts off with the first farming settlements in 10,000 BC, and have added several partially completed aspects to it, including climate, industry, and commerce. I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible...
  16. G

    Walter Model, "Hitlers Fireman"

    How would you rate Walter Model? I think he is one of the best defensive tacticians of the war. Also known as "the lion of defense".
  17. L

    Is science the best model to explain reality?

    Is science THE best model to explain reality? Can humans actually attain "truth"?
  18. H

    applicability of East Asian model of economic development in Africa/Middle East

    The essence of East Asian model of economic development can be summarized as export (esp. export processing) driven utilizing FDI. Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and now China are all following very similar paths of export driven development, with foreign direct investment, trade...
  19. infestør

    The Nordic Model: elsewhere applications and expiration

    1- do you think the nordic model (Skandinaviske velfærdsmodel) of scandinavians can be applied to large population countries? 2- do you think that it will crumble away in near future as the elderly population gets older and many people suck on the unemployment money?
  20. AlpinLuke

    World after WW I. Your model.

    Imagine to be among the very powerful individuals who decided how to draw the world after WW I. Which would have been your geopolitical choices? The European continental Empires with the Ottoman one had come to an end and the central Eastern part of the continent needed a new "look". Moreover...