1. Imperia

    The ages of history

    The old age began with the inversion of writing, the Middle Ages began with the fall of Rome, the modern age with the fall of Constantinople and the contemporary age with the fall of the Bastille. I wonder how these events are so important to usher in new ages? What events besides these could...
  2. Hoosierhiver

    What is your favorite modern historical site in the Americas?

    What is your favorite modern historical site in the Americas that you have visited? I think mine is Fort Ticonderoga.
  3. M

    Ancient/Modern Germany could never conquer Carthage

    First of all, Rome at the time of the Carthaginian wars was basically exactly the situation revolving around the breadth of modern control by Germany over various regions of Europe, that is to say it was very extreme. The going around and punishing random countries like Greece or whoever...
  4. redcoat

    Firing an English civil war mortar at a modern caravan

    Bunch of nerds firing a mortar at a caravan, it's good fun :laugh: MfWKb0BSi6k
  5. Incendio

    The roles of Cavalry in Early and Late Modern warfare

    Firstly, apologizes if I am not able to formulate this question correctly. I have been reading about the warfare from 16th century to 19th century. At this point I want to summarize the role that had had the cavalry and how it evolved from Early Modern Warfare (16 th century) to Late Modern...
  6. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Middle Byzantium as an 'Early Modern State'

    Could middle Byzantine Rome be considered, outside of being temporally confined to the middle ages, an early modern state? Oftentimes I've seen figures such as Frederick II Hohenstaufen be called the "first [early] modern ruler" (as in the Wiki article), and remarks be made such as "England at...
  7. HistoryColored

    Who is the Greatest Leader in Modern History?

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to get the opinion of some people on who they think is the greatest leader of the modern age is in terms of politically and morally. For example, in Britain, many people see Winston Churchill as "The Greatest Briton" of all time according to a BBC Poll in 2002 and...
  8. Incendio

    How battalions/armies were organized in early modern warfare?

    How battalions/armies were organized in early modern warfare, I mean in 17th century and 18th century? Let me to show you some fascinating paintings I have found about big battles of 17th century and 18th century: The Siege of Presnitz, 1641...
  9. B

    Treaty of London and Field of Cloth of Gold seem very modern

    Interesting events in 1518 and 1520. Apparently Cardinal Wolsey was the driving force behind both. He and Henry VIII deserve a lot of credit. Henry VIII's reputation was effected by his marriages and executions and Wolsey's by all the dirt presented at his treason trial to discredit him and the...
  10. R

    Does modern technology make Cannae like defeats almost impossible for modern armies

    Basically Cannae or the Teutoberg Wald or Lake Trasimene happenes because of the fog of war and information assymetry, but modern technology like satellites, is this impossible for an army with modern equipment because commanders can see everything the enemy does in real time, thus making...
  11. jameen

    Mao the father of modern guerilla warfare?

    Is it true that Mao Zedong the founder of Communist China is the father of modern guerilla warfare? meaning fighting an enemy with tanks; planes and well armed troops.
  12. R

    Why did the modern left decide go from workers rights to SJW concerns?

    Why and when did the modern left decide to go from fighting for workers rights and things like the 8 hour working day and 2 to 3 weeks or paid leave a year to things like third wave feminism, supporting mass immigration which lowers wages generally speaking, and LGBTQIA rights? This trend is...
  13. F

    A modern day Durant series

    When somebody asks about what to read about general western history, some reply says don't read it from beginning to end, but focus on a period that is particularly interesting to you, because general history books tend to be superficial and no writer is good at all historical periods. In...
  14. Man of Sin

    Race-relations in ancient times are vastly better than in modern times?

    I’ve been reading up on ancient race-relations and found that black people despite looking different were regarded as human. At least to the ancient Greeks who had this belief that they were just white people with permanently burnt skin accidentally caused by Helios’ son Phaethon...
  15. J

    Piers the Plowman in original and modern English?

    Is there a good, annotated edition of Piers the Plowman that includes, on facing pages, both the original and modern English? Thanks.
  16. Visigoth Panzer

    What Countries in Modern Time can Support Oversea Troops

    In modern times (excluding USA) what countries can support and supply troops of at least 1,000, overseas (across an ocean) without significant outside help? This is assuming a low-level conflict in a poorly armed country.
  17. F

    Books about Rise and fall of European lead modern world

    Right now I am reading "Why did Europe Conquer the World" by Philip T.Hoffman. So far I found some good observations, not least about the role of military competition between European powers. On the other hand probably a tendency to not only try to find "the explanation", by excluding more than...
  18. R

    Could a Confucian state work in the modern age

    Could a state with State Confucianism as its ideology function effectively in the modern age?
  19. L

    Ancient/Early Modern History YouTube Channel

    Hello there, I'm starting out a channel that will (for now) focus on ancient and early modern history, with particular emphasis on the Ancient Greeks and Britain from roughly the age of Chaucer to Hobbes. Each episode, although short, is dense with research and illustrations, so they do take...
  20. D

    History Dictionaries | History Encyclopedias

    Having decided that my history studies will focus on Emerging-Modern America (~ 1890 - 1940), I have recently started compiling a collection of "better" USA history dictionaries / encyclopedias. Like all desktop references in the Internet Age, these books are usually older, cheap, bulky tomes in...