1. HistoryFreak1912

    I’ve gotten these two French monarchs confused.

    I’m a tad embarrassed to say this... I’ve gotten two French monarchs confused. Chiefly speaking — the son of Marie Antoinette and the Louis that assumed the throne following Napoleon’s first defeat (and presumably the second.) Long ago, when I was a child, I read about how Louis (a French...
  2. J

    The theoretical status of medieval H. R. Emperors among medieval Catholic Monarchs

    Hi! What was the theoretical hierarcal relation between medieval H.R. Emperors and other medieval Catholic kings? That time the H.R.E emperors were often simply depicted as the "Roman Emperors" in the chronicles of other nations (English French Italian Spanish etc..) He was often called...
  3. B

    How much power did 18th century British Monarchs have?

    I always thought that by the 18th century the monarchy was largely a constitutional monarchy, but recently i have realized this isn't the case. Can you guys tell me more about what powers the monarchy had during this time period.
  4. Tom7

    Who Was the Greatest English/British Monarch

    Hello! This question has been asked a lot, but I'd like to definitively put the debate to rest by bringing it to you, the historical community, that question being; "Who Was the Greatest English/British Monarch" (1066-Present). Feel free to post why you voted for, well, whoever you voted for...
  5. Waterloofinalsolution

    Why did Europe allow Female Monarchs?

    ****Concerning Christian European Monarchs**** This is something that has always puzzled me and I can't find much history on how the decision came to be... Especially when most Islamic Empire countries, did not allow a female to rule. In pre Renaissance times in Europe, when most people...
  6. WhatAnArtist

    Later British monarchs not as involved with the military as other European monarchs?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from my random and casual studying of history from the 18th century onwards, I've come across a general trend that I thought was interesting, which was that it seems like British monarchs tended to not be as involved in matters of warfare and the military as their...
  7. Joe Freeman

    How much power did British monarchs really have?

    I am talking about modern period, particularly 18th and 19th centuries, and if you can specifically about Queen Victoria too. Maybe how much power did they have is not the real question, because I suppose they had a lot of power. But did they really rule the countries, or were they just a figure...
  8. M

    Who were the worst British Monarchs of all time?

    Hey all, I've been thinking recently about who were the worst ever British Monarchs - worst being most incompetent and most evil/reckless. I have posted a video on my new YouTube channel detailing my top 5. Please check it out and let me know what you think by following the link below...
  9. Seven

    Modern European Monarchs

    I'm curious, if every remaining "Royal Family" (Current Monarchs like Elizabeth or even Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou wishes to regain the land and titles of House Bourbon) ascended to power, would any claim the same state or area? Would there be European land not enveloped by this, anything "up...
  10. Space Shark

    Religion of Belgian monarchs

    I noticed something while browsing Wikipedia pages about the Belgian kings: Leopold I was a Lutheran, but his son Leopold II was Catholic. Considering that Belgium is mostly Catholic, I'm not too surprised, but am wondering how Leopold II got to be Catholic in the first place. Was it his...
  11. Balian

    How do you think british monarchs of the past would view Elizabeth II

    So how do you think the British\English monarchs of the past like Henry VIII, George II, James I, Charles II, Richard II, Henry I, William the Conquerer, Victoria and Elizabeth I would view the current monarch Elizabeth II? Or another monarch it does not have to be one of those i wrote. Who...
  12. Y

    Ancestry of british monarchs and Heptarchy.

    Hi, As you know before the unification of England, great britain was divided into seven petty kingdoms:Wessex, Mercia , Northumbria, Essex, Est-Anglia, Sussex and Kent. If I remember correctly the english kings have ancestors from the Wessex royal house (from Alfred the great) and Mercian royal...
  13. VHS

    Obese British or English monarchs?

    The British (or English) has been known as the least physically active people in Europe, and their obesity rate is no better than North America (Mexico isn't always considered a North American country.) I can at least name three British or English monarchs: Henry VIII, Queen Anne, and George IV...
  14. VHS

    Monarchs posting in plate armour

    Military or not, many medieval and early modern European monarchs posted in plate armour. While the record was that the armour of Phillipe Augustus saved his life during a battle, I'm not too sure about other examples? Although not fool-proof, armour provided relative security and safety.
  15. Balian

    Is it really fair to only name Mary I as Bloody of the Tudor Monarchs?

    I may be wrong but i read some where that she had far less people executed on average in a year than the other Tudor monarchs. So why is Mary I the only one that is called Bloody. I mean based on what i understand the other Tudor monarchs was just as bloody if not even more. Yes i know she...
  16. Karl XII

    Monarchs leading/fighting with their armies. Worth it or not?

    Ever since the days of Alexander of Great historians have evoked hero worship of monarchs who led their armies into battle and crushed their enemies. Having a king/emperor present at a battle can be a great morale boost for the men, and if the monarch is a military genius then his soldiers will...
  17. funakison

    King John is one of England's most maligned monarchs...

    To what extent does he deserve his bad boy reputation.
  18. notgivenaway

    Most overrated monarchs in European history...

    - Henry VIII of England - wasn't a good king, and only famous since his excesses led to in many ways the modern world. Including this - - Charles V of Spain - perhaps led to the eventual downfall of the Spanish Empire - William I of England - not as...
  19. Futurist

    Exactly which European colonies were allowed to keep their monarchs?

    Exactly which European colonies were allowed to keep their monarchs? So far, I know that France allowed both Morocco and Tunisia to keep their monarchs after these countries became French protectorates/colonies. Likewise, I know that Britain allowed a whole bunch of princely states in British...
  20. C

    Descendants of the ancient Persian monarchs

    Do you think that there are direct descendants of the ancient Persian monarchies? By "ancient Persian monarchies", I mean the Sassanids, Achaemenids, etc., not the relatively more recent dynasties like the Pahlavis or the Qajars?