1. H

    Jayavarman VII

    So I was playing CIV 6 and I started thinking about the character Jayavarman VII, so I looked him up on Wikipedia and this other history website. From what I was able to make out from the facts, he wasn't chosen to be king, he basically "took the position back" from a usurper after a foreign...
  2. Futurist

    Did Vichy France ever consider restoring the French monarchy?

    I was wondering if Vichy France's leadership ever seriously considered restoring the French monarchy. After all, they rejected France's republicanism and thus one would think that this would have been an idea that they should have at least seriously considered. Anyway, does anyone here have any...
  3. Futurist

    A restoration of the French monarchy after a French defeat in WWI?

    If France lost World War I, would there have been a realistic chance of the French monarchy being restored? For the record, I am thinking of France losing World War I due to British neutrality in this war. Of course, this might require a somewhat later World War I--perhaps one which breaks out...
  4. B

    Constitutional Monarchy

    It seems like there was a moment towards constitutional monarchy in the 19th century? Was this influenced by Britain, the US, or the French Revolution? In Britain, there was a parliament since 1215, although the king was the main power until 1688. In some ways the Witan in Anglo Saxon times...
  5. Futurist

    Was it a German WWI war aim to bring back the French monarchy?

    Was it a German war aim during World War I to bring back the French monarchy? I know that the Germans planned to install a bunch of German princes as the monarchs of Germany's Eastern European puppet states after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, but did they ever have any similar plans for France...
  6. Futurist

    Does Italy's monarchy survive to the present-day if Italy remains neutral in WWII?

    Without Italian participation in World War II, would Italy's monarchy have survived to the present-day? I know that this is a bit of a random question, but I am curious about this. Indeed, without Italian entry into WWII, Mussolini's regime survives and he probably lives long enough to die a...
  7. L

    Is the British constitutional Monarchy stripped of real power ?

    Is the present day concept Of ‘constitutional Monarchy’ where the Queen is independent and does what she is told and simply signs bills passed by Parliamentand the Prime Minister an illusion? The weekly discussion with the PM is permanently classified and details are never released. It has...
  8. R

    Monarchy: still useful today?

    Monarchy may have been a viable form of government in the past, before democratic concepts took root; but honestly, I believe that this system has outlived its usefulness. In the 21st century, in our advanced modern society, does monarchy still have anything positive and dynamic to offer...
  9. LatinoEuropa

    How much cheaper is the republic the monarchy?

    Friends I ask this question but I liked to have the correct answer, what is cheaper for any country in the world, is to have the monarchy or republic.
  10. R

    Hereditary or elective monarchy?

    Hello everyone, I am not quite sure whether, at the time of King Edward the Confessor's death (5 January 1066), Anglo-Saxon England still OFFICIALLY practised the traditional election of its kings by the Witangemot (national assembly), or had already changed over to the hereditary principal...
  11. Z

    Were Castile and Aragon in a personal union or were they a United Kingdom?

    During the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand, that is. I either see conflicting information or not a lot, so I was curious to know if anyone here knows how they co-ruled together and whether they had a united monarchy that let both use their powers in Castile and Aragon? Or was Isabella Queen of...
  12. S

    Setting of the Sun on the British Empire: History of the Canadian Monarchy

    The following update is a final follow up to my Napoleonic occupation scenario titled "Britannia Ruled the Waves?" As for a reader's suggestion I have decided to change the title of that one to "Rue Britannia." I have decided to continue this final update because the last one has gotten too...
  13. The Living Daylights

    The Great Head of State Debate

    Just a simple question. What kind of Head of State do you believe would be best overall for your generic society? Should the Head of State be an Absolute Monarch? Why? A Constitutional Monarch? If so, what degree of political power/limits to their power should they have and why? Or a...
  14. F

    France's 'republican monarchy' : When the president is treated like a king

    The Constitution, tailored by Charles de Gaulle, who was president from 1958 until 1969, responded to the people's need to feel protected by a firm hand, says John Gaffney, a professor of French government at Aston University in England and co-author of "The Language of Leadership in...
  15. 9

    European history

    How did the kings of England and France centralize power in the 12th and 13th century?
  16. B

    Ancient and modern political systems other than monarchy

    It seems like in ancient Greece, most of the city states were democracies, republics, oligarchies, tyrannies, or something other than traditional monarchies. Rome (originally) and Carthage were also republics. Even the Roman Empire did not have a hereditary monarchy and still had republican...
  17. Balian

    Was The Restoration of the English monarchy a mistake ?

    Do you think that The Restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 was a mistake ?
  18. Futurist

    Did the German Social Democrats want to overthrow the German monarchy before 1918?

    Did the German Social Democrats actually want to overthrow the German monarchy before 1918, or would they have been content with simply turning Germany into a British-style constitutional monarchy? Any thoughts on this?
  19. royal infanta

    Dictatorship vs Absolute Monarchy?

    Is it fair to say that the two are basically the same positions? In regards to their power? I know a monarch most of the time inherits. I'm focusing on the power aspect. Or is the difference more of the connotations? Dictatorships, especially modern ones seem to be looked at in a negative...
  20. RegalBlue

    Royal Rings

    What Royal Monarchy do these Royal Rings originate from? And what does the Skull Mask Represent?