1. Menshevik

    Maintaining an empire: for honor or money?

    Here's a quote from a book I'm reading. "It has long been clear that many of the European empires were unprofitable from a material point of view, and that the practical reasons given for acquiring them were excuses rather than plausible explanations. The real motives were often psychological...
  2. Jake10

    Almost all wars are fought for money, power and/or religion

    While the motive of religion is not as significant in modern times, it can still be found in some wars. However the motives of money and power are alive and well, and motivate almost every war that is/has been fought. The entire concept behind communism was that a few people a lot of wealth and...
  3. N

    What's the reason for spending money and time on studying ancient times?

    Hi everyone, I know this is a silly question, but when somebody asks me why I'm studying ancient history I could only say 'just for fun'. Although this is the reason I'm studying history, I wonder is there another good explanation which justifies the money and time that I've spent on this...
  4. grey fox

    Did Feudal Japan ever have a money economy?

    On the thread titled "How was European Feudalism different from Japanese Feudalism", someone asked me, "One factor contributing to the rise of feudalism in Europe was the collapse of a money economy in late Roman times. Did Japan ever have a money economy either before or during the feudal...
  5. Yordie

    Moneyers & Money Changers in Ancient Rome

    I've been researching Moneyers (tresviri aere argento auro flando feriundo) and Money Changers (argentarii) of Rome in the Late Republic. Exchange of Coins I understand that a Money Changer might make a trade in coins of an allied state, but I'd appreciate any insight into what kinds of margins...
  6. D

    What of the UK just printed money instead of devaluing the pound in 1967?

    Just curious, what if the UK had decided to just print money in 1967 to pay for its imports and overseas military expenditure, instead of devaluing the pound from $2.8 to $2.4? Would the pound have lost its status as the second reserve currency after the dollar right away?
  7. T

    Are there any ways to make Britain win world war 1 without running out of money

    IOTL, Britain ran out of money by 1917. My question is that are there any solutions for the Brits to prevent this but still win the war? The start date must be from 1914 onward.
  8. H

    Switzerland rejects free money for all

    A landmark vote in Switzerland on the introduction of a basic income was expected to fail at the time of writing. The proposal would have entitled every adult resident to $2,555 a month whether they were working or not. Those in favour of the idea claim that it will help support those in...
  9. antiquarian

    American Big Money

    Has a relative plutocracy and/or oligarchy always existed in the U.S. government? Also can you give me examples throughout our history when big money won and also when the people checked money's infuence in government decisions. For those who don't believe in the U.S. oligarch theory look up the...
  10. B

    Consumer Culture

    Many people refer to the west as a consumer culture, this is often a way to demean or play down anything coming from the west. Many more say this is spreading to their own culture with damaging effects, as the source of this is considered western it is often claimed that its ‘foreign’ and...
  11. Tercios Espanoles

    How Did The Continental Congress Riase Money?

    They raised an army and a navy from nothing, which are not cheap. So how was it all paid for, by fair means or foul?
  12. L

    Brtain provided time, America provided money and Russia provided blood.

    I've read that Stalin said this, but when did he say it? I haven't been abl to find the source for this quote.
  13. S

    the England in aisa, they did anything for money.

    USA and England is very different. america was made of puritans(they were expelled by english) England broke Opium war.They sold drug to china. In history no country sold drug like that much and made war. i met a lot of Scottish who resented. Irish femine is also well known. England used...
  14. Jim Casy

    Origins of the slang names for your money

    I was actually reading up on the trapper, scout, mountain man, Joe R Walker when there was mention of the origins of the use of buck for a dollar. In the 18th century a deer pelt was worth a dollar and for some reason 'buck' has remained to this day. Of course! In the U.S.A, I'd guess that makes...
  15. S

    old USSR money

    Hello I have some old USSR money you can see them below, they are published between 1890-1909, you can also see a bank cheque among them (the last photo). they are a part of my "World Money Gallery" so i don't want to sell them at all and i'm not here to do that! but i just like to know about...
  16. B

    How much was Spanish money used outside the Spanish Empire?

    There was a lot of gold and silver from Spanish America. In what is now the east coast United States, Spanish money was used maybe more than British money in colonial times. Hence, the expression "2 bits" and the cheer "2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar", referring to pieces of 8. How much was...
  17. titanium

    How much time do you spend thinking about money?

    i've realized lately that i think about money pretty much most of the time. i think about not only the usual stuff such as worrying about my debt or how to improve my income etc but also i think about fantasy situations of having lots of money and so on. i think more about money more than...
  18. Z

    Who made more money from 1964-2014, Jagger or McCartney?

    I'm their careers, who made the most money, Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney? Not how much they gained or lost on investments, (although this would be interesting also). The Beatles stopped in 1970, while the Rolling Stones hasn't stopped. But the Beatles are more iconic. The Beatles is like...
  19. Precedence

    Would you anonymously write for a nazi newspaper for serious money?

    Here's todays moral scenario: You're recognized as an intelligent person and a great writer. A nazi newspaper offers you a part-time job which requires about 10 hours of work a week. You have to write 3 column pieces for the newspaper a week. These articles would be racist superficially...
  20. Fireatwill

    'Dirty Money'

    In almost all mainstream religions and in all civilized world, money earned through illegal or immoral activity is considered 'dirty money', which means, its tainted money and if one lives by dirty money then one is going to suffer the consequences of it. Mafia and organized crime is a perfect...