1. J

    Timurid Crossbow, before and after Timurid Period

    The Timurid crossbow is probably already well known in this forum. It has long powerstroke unlike European style crossbow that was often depicted in the Middle East in its more western part like Egypt or Syria. I manage to find a Mongol Ilkhanate early 14th century depiction of crossbow with...
  2. Druzhina

    Manuscript of the Ilkhanid 'Great Mongol' (Demotte) Shahnama

    I have collected most of the illustrations from the 'Great Mongol' (Demotte) Shahnama, Ilkhanid Tabriz, c.1335. This was mutilated by a dealer, Demotte, and is now dispersed in a number of libraries and private collections. Persian Cavalrymen, c.1335 in 'Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2' by...
  3. frogsofwar

    Numidian Cavalry vs Mongol Cavalry

    This is not a "Who Would Win", rather I am soliciting compare/contrast between the Numidian cavalry made famous during the Second Punic War under Massinisa (who managed to fight for both sides) and the famed Mongol cavalry we have all heard about.
  4. R

    Was the a decline in the quality of Mongol troops and leadership as time went on?

    Was there any conclusive evidence for a decline in quality on Mongol cavalry troops and leadership between the time of Genghis/Ogodei and by the later part of the 13th century under Genghis' grandsons, around the time of Ain Jalut and the subsequent Mongol raids into Europe where the Mongols...
  5. H

    Could Goryeo (Korea) have gained land through the Mongol Invasion of Japan?

    Reading a bit on Mongol Invasion of Japan, (, I noticed something interesting. The background is that Goryeo became a semi-autnonomous state of the Mongol Empire, and the Goryeo King gained certain privileges, like a a seat at the...
  6. Y

    The 1258 Mongol Grand Invasion of the Song

    I wanted to examine the dispositions of the 1258 war in more detail, since apparently there is limited analysis in western sources for this very interesting war. Everyone seems to allocate little attention to it since we know from hindsight that Mongke Khan died a year in and the war was called...
  7. Haakbus

    Mongol invasions of Japan numbers

    I'm trying to find the details of the forces in during the Mongol invasions of Japan. The numbers in the Yuanshi are generally accepted to be exaggerated. According to some scholars I've seen, the first invasion was around 10,000 men on 700-800 ships in all instead of 16,600-26,000 men on 900...
  8. Dreamhunter

    Why did Jin & Xia not ally with each other to stop the Mongol threat earliest?

    Why did Jin & Xia not ally with each other to stop the Mongol threat earliest? It was like, when Western Xia was invaded by the Mongols, Jin didn't help Xia; while when Jin was invaded, Western Xia didn't help them Jin; instead of allying together and fighting the Mongols, these two apparently...
  9. B

    Should India be grateful for Allauddin Khalji's defeat of Mongol empire?

    Allauddin Khalji defeated the Mongol invasions of India about 6 times. Had he not stopped them, India would've been devastated and everyone looking like Mongolians today. Should India be grateful for this emperor?
  10. F

    Why didn't Mongol-Tatars capitalize on gunpowder & firearms given their versatility?

    Why didn't Mongol-Tatars capitalize on gunpowder & firearms given their versatility? The Mongolo-Tatar Hordes were known for their versatility to exploit sedentary societies' technologies and talents like siege engines and engineers. Why couldn't they incorporate gunpowder and firearms into...
  11. Kvasir

    The mongol sacking of Baghdad and its long-term consequences

    As you all know the sacking of Baghdad by the mongols in 1258 was probably a gruesome sight. However: I've often heard it portrayed as something that radically changed world history. It goes something like; The mongols ruined the Islamic culture at its height, and it has never really recovered...
  12. H

    Mongol interaction with the Latin Empire?

    There's a brief claim on this article that some time in the 1250s Emperor Baldwin II of the Latin Empire of Constantinople sent an embassy to Mongolia. Does anyone know what came of it, or anything else about any interactions between the Latin Empire and the Mongols? I know there was plenty of...
  13. Naima

    Mongol heritage in China?

    After the Mongol Invasion of China , what's left of their passage ? any cultural remain ? From what I can see from a superficial look they contributed to enlarge the boundaries of China including more land than it was originally controlled by Han and that somehow seems to be reflected in modern...
  14. S

    Mongol tactics question

    So I keep hearing that the Mongols success on the battlefield is largely owed to the old feigned retreat trick. If heavy cavalry managed to smash into them it would be devastating so you pretend to run away to get them to chase you them come back and encircle them. Really? So you're teling me...
  15. M

    Inquiry on Mongol history and languages

    Hi there, seeking help and opinion from Mongol experts. In most Asian historical materials, the Orats were always considered as a Mongol tribe and their history are normally view as just simply Mongol history. Is there a reason for the separation between the Oirats and "Mongolians" in most...
  16. K

    Would Pikemen units hold their own against Mongol cavalry? As you can see,the first page of the thread above shows you how Pikemen would look like in battle. I've wondered for a very long time how come the Khwarizm or Jin never resorted this tactic since they were not exactly having a...
  17. C

    Mongol Empire vs Achaemenid Empire, Roman Empire and Gupta Empire

    The Mongol Empire is in 1235 A.D. under Ogedei Khan. The Achaemenid Empire is in 490 B.C. under Darius I. The Roman Empire is in 120 A.D. under Hadrian. The Gupta Empire is in 330 A.D. under Chandraupta I. Assuming they all somehow exist at the same time, if the Romans, Achaemenids, and...
  18. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Byzantine empire under Manuel vs mongol invasion

    Though the reduced byzantine empire of the period was relatively untouched, many former parts of the komnenian empire were occupied during the mongol invasions. Had the mongols arrived in 1160 ad (ignoring the political situation that let them occupy Persia and Mesopotamia in the first place...
  19. H

    The mongol Conquest

    I am doing a serious of short video on history of the World and this is my latest video. It is on the Mongol Conquests and will be grateful for any comments or suggestions to improve the video. cgRiqmqCyho
  20. P

    Did the Chinese win any battle against the Mongol Empire?

    I mean while China was falling to Mongols in the 13th century. Did they win any decisive victories, and if so, which battles? Even marginal victories would be notable (either in sieges, or in the field) Thank you for your time.