1. I

    Religion of the Mongols

    What was the official religion of the Mongol Empire - Shamanism or Tengrism?
  2. R

    Did the Mongols start to lose their nito after the 1250s?

    If you look at history, the 1250s seem to be the dividing period between when the Mongols basically were univerally successful, VS. when their success rate starts to dwindle, is this due to the Mongols starting to lose their mojo, whatever it was, or were Mongol commanders after the 1250s...
  3. Witson

    Why mongols helped chinese to wipe out oirats?

    Was that only because Jungar Khanate tried to unite all mongols(conquer)?
  4. Witson

    Alan Gua is daughter of Khoridey-Mergen. True?

    So, according to buryat's legend, Alan Gua was daughter of Khoridey-Mergen, the leader of Khori-Tuemeds and Bargujin Gua, leader of Bargut's daughter. Have you ever heard about it? Of course I ask those who have some knowledge in mongol history or culture.
  5. R

    What if the Mongols invaded Westeros

    What would happen if the Mongols under Genghis tried to invade Westeros during the time of Aegon V Targaryean? During that time Westeros was at peace but the Targaryens do not have their Dragons anymore, let us say that Genghis invades with 50000 horsemen and decides to besiege Highgarden after...
  6. A

    If the Mongols continued to invade Europe and conquered most of the mainland...

    If the Mongols continued to invade Europe and conquered most of mainland Europe, then what areas of Europe would become Khanates, which would remain independent, and what would be the borders between these Khanates? My guess: Golden Horde remains. A new Khanate (let's called it the Green...
  7. R

    Mongols invade Comnenian Asia Minor

    What if the Mongols invaded the Byzantines about a century after Myrocephalon, in this scenario the Comnenus are still in power after taking control of Asia Minor after their defeat in Myrocephalon, so the eastern Byzantine border resembled the during before the time of Basil II. Can the...
  8. W

    On the topic of Song Dynasty vs Mongols

    I've noticed that certain anti-China trolls on this forum have repeatedly brought up the fact that Song was conquered by the Mongols and use it to ridicule the weakness of Chinese. And when I brought up the fact that the Song resisted the Mongols for nearly half a century before it finally fell...
  9. K

    Mongols win in Ain Jalut

    Mongols win in Ain Jalut What would a Mongol dominated Egypt look like?
  10. Karl XII

    If the mongols hadn't turned back how much more of europe could they have conquered?

    This question may have been answered before but I couldn't find anything when I searched for it. By 1242 the mongols had conquered most of Russia, Poland, Hungary, and had even penetrated into romania and moravia. If they had been able to keep going would they have been able to conquer germany...
  11. K

    Mongols in America

    The Mongols send a fleet to Japan. It is blown off course and lands in America. How would they fair in the Americas? What societies existed in Canada, California, or Mexico at the time - would there be any chance? Note - at the time of Kublai's invasion the mongols did have steel, horses, and...
  12. F

    Any historic top-notch military among all the forces destroyed by Mongols?

    Russian, Polish, and Hungarian forces were far from historic height; Jurchen forces were in decline; Southern Song forces were below average by dynastic Chinese standard. What about Persian and Arab forces?
  13. Ceasar

    The Mongols- Barbarity vs Discipline

    How did the Mongols overcome the barbarity of their culture to fight in extremely disciplined formations on the field of battle? Reading about their battles it becomes obvious that they use many of the same tactics as the very best armies of Europe (feigned retreats, concentration of force...
  14. B

    New to Asian history.

    Hello guys, im a new dude here just wondering how the relationship between the tatars and the mongols was (generally). I read that the chinese empire at that time(12-13 century) paid smaller khaganates like tatars to attack the ones getting too big and too strong to handle in the future,in this...
  15. BaldwinIV

    Could any of the Western European Kingdoms beaten the Mongols?

    How would it look like if for example the French or the English would have met them in battle? (On European soil)
  16. R

    How well would the Comnennian Byzantine army have fared against the Mongols.

    Assuming they could stick around until the mid-13th century with decent quality rules and they get a few Turkish auxiliaries to fight for them. Also assume by this time that the Comnenians finally manage to take the Emirate of Iconium but the rest of the interior is still Turkish, while the...
  17. F

    How did the Mongols defeat Song Dynasty guns?

    This might be a stupid question. The Song Dynasty had the first guns, albeit very primitive ones. Were these guns just not powerful enough to repel the Mongols? Because the Mongols had no such gunpowder weapons until they got them from the Song Chinese. These were hand cannons.
  18. T

    Details on the Lithuanian defeat of the Mongols at the Battle of Blue Waters

    Why is this battle not that famous? It seems like it would certainly matter to the Lithuanians at least. After all, it led to the Lithuanians conquering the Principality of Kiev. It also helps crack a dent in the myth of Mongol invincibility. Could it has been because it didn't happen in Western...
  19. Drizzt

    Koreans share same origin as Jurchen and Mongols?

    Annals of Joseon Dynasty the annual records of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, which were kept from 1413 to 1865. The annals, or sillok, comprise 1,893 volumes and are thought to cover the longest continual period of a single dynasty in the world. With the exception of two sillok compiled during...
  20. R

    Romans vs Mongols without stirrups

    So if the Mongols decide to invade Rome during the principate, but the Mongols are limited to what was available in the 2nd century, who will win?