1. holoow

    Sea monsters

    Were stories about Sea monsters attacking ships really true?
  2. Underlankers

    Greatest Monsters in European history:

    In a contrast to the predictable set of polls on this topic, the dictators, such as Stalin, Codreneau, Pavelic, Hitler, Ulbricht, and the like are off-limits for the purpose of this thread. Instead the question is on the following subordinates of the dictators and which of them is the worst of...
  3. tjadams

    Monsters in Maps

    Why were 'monsters' put on maps? Were they there to scare people? To represent danger? Have you seen more maps like these?
  4. Caracalla

    Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters

    Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters - 4oD - Channel 4 Anybody else watch this? Pretty gruesome, but entertaining and :amazed: I learned stuff :D
  5. Iron Fist

    Monsters from the past

    First of all, please forgive me if this topic has been touched upon before. I did a quick search but couldn't see anything in particular with regards to what I'm about to post. :o I have been reading a book about Zeljko Raznatovic (Arkan) and was watching a history channel documentary about him...
  6. A

    Hypocausts – Marvels or Monsters

    Hypocaust can mean the furnace or the whole heating system but I’ll use it in the latter sense. This piece applies to hypocausts in Britain but many points could apply to hypocausts all over the Roman world. In most drawings of hypocausts you have optimistic arrows pointing the way hot air would...