1. V

    The Moors

    Hi! I believe the Moors are mainly of Berber stock with a few being of Arab stock. Also they invaded southern Spain. My question is how much of Portugal did they invade? Was it the entire country? Cheers for any thoughts. Chris
  2. P

    When was the golden age of the Moors in Spain?

    Rather than get in to the subjectivity of it (which provinces, to what extent it can be generalised, or whether there is even such a thing....) I'd like some sort of golden age for the Moors in Spain. Here are a few thoughts: 850-950- It could be a golden age doesn't need to last that long in...
  3. Lawnmowerman

    CSA Georgia and the Moors

    Been reading a little about the Southern Commercial raiders during the American Civil War. I have found a reference that the CSA raider Georgia fought a ship to shore battle with the Moors off Morocco. Sadly I can't find any more information on this, anyone know anything about it???
  4. P

    Did the Moors ever subjugate all of Spain?

    I am aware that the Moors could briefly have said to have taken all of Spain in 720; before Asturian rebels one the battle of Covadonga in perhaps 722 (depending on the reference). Under Al-Mansure; much of norther Iberia was raided or turned in to tributary states; but he did not turn all of...
  5. W

    The Occitan

    For those of you interested in the Occitan and the Cathars and Huguenots, I've started a Pinterest site: And I also have a blog: Maybe some of you could add to...
  6. P

    Why did Arabs and Moors underperform against Western armies??

    I mean, it's like Arab armies were great; but the west not only survived it's onslaught but was able to counter-attack pretty quickly. I mean, the Arabs lost ground pretty quickly after tours; which doesn't seem like a good performance against a pre-crusader army. OK, that may seem like a...
  7. P

    When did Portugal exepl the Moors?

    I mean ethnically; not just politically. Was it when the Spanish sattelized Portugal in 1583? Did the Portuguese ever expel the Moriscoes? (or their Portuguese equivalent?)
  8. P

    Moors in Spain

    HERE, is a topic that needs to be explored. I mean, the Moors didn't rule the Entirety of Spain for very long if they ever did (although, one could argue Spain accepted Moorish influences because of this; because they knew they could never be completely subjugated) Ok, so supposedly, the...
  9. Xochi

    When the Moors conquered Spain....

    Did Spaniards already speak Spanish? :huh:
  10. Xochi

    If Spain was never conquered by Moors

    How would modern Spain (and Portugal) be? Would there be less Arabic influences on the language(s)?
  11. BloodyPirate

    Why do Eurocentricts and Afrocentrics fight over the Egyptians and Moors?

    Both of them claim Egyptians and the Moors. And why are Afrocentricts claiming the Vikings, Celts, Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Franks, Anglo-Saxons? What kind of Agenda do they have?
  12. A

    The Moors who Ruled of Europe

    When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe: Documentary (full) - YouTube Some European historians have chosen to ignore the "obvious" relationships that must have existed between Berbers and the people of iberia. When Grimaldi crossed the Gibraltar straits to enter Europe, all of his kind did not...
  13. S

    Were the Moors part of African slave trade?

    Hey everyone, I have a question for you: Were the Moors part of African slave trade in big numbers? To my knowledge the Moors were a developed and powerful people, and it strikes me as odd that they would simply be enslaved and sold, because they were so technologically advanced. Way more...
  14. Druzhina

    Illustrations of Spanish, Andalusians & Moors from the Cantigas de Santa Maria

    Military Illustrations of Spanish, Andalusians & Moors from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, c.1284. Manuscript MSTI1 Full Pages from the Cantigas de Santa Maria Including larger pictures: Cantiga 28 featuring a siege of Constantinople Cantiga 33 featuring ships and boats Cantiga 35a & 35b...
  15. olly

    Spanish Moors retreat

    Its said that the crusades expelled the Muslim culture from Spain, my question is how much of the Moors culture stayed behind?. I know for example they left behind the guitar from which we have great flamenco music today, plus lots of beautiful artwork, what else did they leave behind...
  16. N

    Iberian peninsula and moors

    What if the Iberian peninsula never was invaded by the moors and the Visigoths held on there control of those lands for the next centuries together. the Visigoths were the first in western Europe to created new cities between 5 to 8 century after Jesus, they both byzantine and moors forces in...
  17. Jake10

    What was life in Spain like while the Moors ruled?

    The reports of harmony between Jews, Muslims and Christians, along with prosperity indicate that all was well. But, there must have been more to this period. I'm hoping members who are more familiar with this will share some details.
  18. B

    do you accept the notion that the Moors Civilized/Enlightened Europe

    it is commonly said among black hebrew isralites/black supremacy/black nationalist etc. etc. that the Ancient Moors civilized Europe when they came, because Europe was still in the dark ages, and were barbaric,savage, illiterate.. and then the Moors came and civilized the Europeans and also...
  19. H

    Moors in France

    I recently bought a 13th century property near the Lascaux caves in France. Now I am trying to find out whether the Moors were ever in this part of the Dordogne and if so, for how long? Can anyone help?