1. F

    Did commiting atrocities boost the morale of barbarian troops?

    When at war, didn't the orgy of atrocities against enemy non-combatants start once the Huns/Mongols/etc. finished off enemy combatants? Didn't the hordes constantly raid defenseless villages to cull and enslave men, women, and children? How morale-boosting did they find their atrocities...
  2. Joe Freeman

    How did North Vietnam manage to keep morale high despite losses?

    How did the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong keep their will to fight, eventhough they were having massive cassualties in the front? How did this war not end in the United States's favor, given that they got much less casualties than the enemy? Would you consider the Vietnam war a phyrric...
  3. Lapertosa

    Morale Effects on the Modern World

    Hey everyone! I have some knowledge about history in general, and i tend to like War related stuff, and because of that i was thinking how morale influenced in battles. Morale is such a strong factor that can pan out the outcome of certain battles. In my mind, its one of the main things a good...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    President Roosevelt Called Baseball a Wartime Morale Booster

  5. Menshevik

    World War 2: Which country's military exhibited the highest morale?

    Based on the resistance that the Imperial Japanese showed throughout the Pacific campaign, I'll go with them. Is that a bad choice? Why? Who is your pick? (Apologies in advance if I didn't list your preferred nation. Click other and tell us who you picked.)
  6. S

    How high was the morale of non-Soviet Warsaw Pact states' armies and governments?

    Especially in the late 80's? Does anyone with any relevant expertise know the general mood of the armies during the time? Is there documentation of any concerns from high ranking Soviet military officers, or of their Warsaw Pact counterparts, as to the reliability of Warsaw Pact allies in the...
  7. Salah


    A thread for general discussion - what factors can positively and negatively influence the morale of soldiers on the battlefield, modernly or in any historical setting?
  8. A7X

    Why should you fight?

    Imagine you are a soldier, in an unspecified time and place. You are being sent directly into battle. Why, why should you fight, and what's going through your mind? Give examples from various points in history, and let's discuss why the soldier fights. What keeps them going. Arrows flying...
  9. K

    last stand morale

    throughout history there have been last stands some of them have been famous to this day. I'm wondering is the morale affect of a last stand worth the troops lost in it?
  10. Isoroku295

    Morale breaker at waterloo

    this isn't a major thing, but i've always wondered. what do you think finaly shatter French moralle at the battle of waterloo, the arrival of the prussians, or the quick defeat of the Imperial Guard?