1. RidiculousName

    Morality of Eugenics?

    Everyone knows that during the holocaust, Hitler attempted to eliminate the Jews (and other minorities). We know he did this because he felt the Jews had no regard for human life, and were purely out for themselves. Of course, he was wrong. However, we know of a category of people today...
  2. Guaporense

    The morality of killing civilians and soldiers

    I have been thinking: it is regarded as justifiable to kill soldiers in the battlefield but it is not regarded as justifiable to kill civilians. Why is that? In Europe before the rise of Rome, migrating tribes killed each other and they didn't have any distinction of civilian and military. They...
  3. R

    Why does the West think it is wrong for the government to try to regulate morality?

    Why does the West think that it is wrong for the government to regulate morality? If you look at Confucian moral philosophy it clearly think otherwise and it thinks that the government should have a hand in promoting good moral order among its citizens, and that government should use the force...
  4. notgivenaway

    Is there any reason why morality is objective?

    I think people fear moral subjectivity. But then if we take objective to mean something independent of human perception, then how are morals such? They're not like gravity, or the chemical composition of gold, or water. These are objective, morals imho are not. What exactly constitutes a...
  5. C

    Western Morality and Spirituality

    Why is it a thing to show europeans as immoral and asians as moral, spiritual? Is it because asians had nothing else to show and their traditions, morals, spirituality could do nothing and they can't just accept that all of them are just nonsense? The west has tech but we have morality. Is this...
  6. K

    Morality at war

    Yes, it exists! Show here the examples you know. Bulgarian officers and soldiers from 12-th Balkan infantry regiment and civilians bury with honour at the funeral ceremony a British officer, killed in combat with them during a reconnaissance mission. WWI, town of Siar (Seres), Macedonia...
  7. P

    morality of killing wounded enemies in battle

    Today, January 29 2017, the Glasgow, Scotland based ''Sunday Herald'' newspaper has an excellent article by Scottish award wining journalist,Neil Ascherson forrmerly a star writer and broadcaster with the London ''Observer'' newspaper and the BBC. In 1952 Mr Ascherson was a young,National...
  8. A

    Pathagoras, Socrates and morality

    Let us see if we can speak of morality with no mention of religion since it appears speaking of religion and morals gets a thread closed. But nothing is more important than understanding good moral judgment. If you can please begin with listening to beautiful light music, to encourage a good...
  9. A

    religion and morality 2

    I know we tend to feel very emotional about this subject, and just lost a thread because of verbal abuse. Can we try again using these three rules? We respect everyone. We protect the dignity of others. We do everything with integrity. Let us keep our cool and reason through our...
  10. gustavolapizza

    religions and morality

    what's your view on the subject? Many tend to think at religions as a source for morality, but my question is, are they? Do you consider them as still needed and relevant as a moral guidance or are they an obstacle to our ability to produce a true moral system that would be working for our times?
  11. notgivenaway

    21st century morality in historical figures...

    It really annoys me how people use our moral standards to judge past leaders or people. Like Lincoln was a racist by OUR standards. But then he was pretty progressive by HIS society's standards. He wanted to abolish slavery, give blacks the right to vote, and that blacks should have some rights...
  12. RomanEmperor

    New Testament is Timeless Morality

    People say that times change, but I don't think the morality in the New Testament should change in how it is applied. Does anyone here consider themselves as a pious person who actually consciously tries to follow the teachings of Jesus? Do you think to yourself... well the Bible says to be...
  13. Radrook

    The nature of morality

    How do you personally define morality?
  14. Joe Freeman

    Debates about ethics and morality slow down progress

    I have come to the conclusion that debates about morale and ethics are preventing us from achieving our full potential as a civilization. Today I was reading about the new "designer babies", that are genetically designed by scientists so they can be healthier. There was a big debate about...
  15. Balian

    Is it right to judge people of the past based on the morality of the 21st century ?

    Is it right to judge people of the past based on the morality of the 21st century ?
  16. A

    Human morality: innate or culturally conditioned?

    Do humans have an innate sense of right and wrong? To what extent has human morality been shaped by history and culture? To what extent are there moral universals? Are codes of moral conduct like the Ten Commandments necessary or helpful? Does religion-based morality help or hurt?
  17. Isoroku295

    The Subjectivity of Morality through History

    The Spartans threw unfit children off cliffs. The Aztecs sacrificed people by the thousands. The Romans had gladiatorial fights, and devised some of the most famous forms of capital punishment in history. Of course, most people don't consider them evil for this. After all, this was just how they...
  18. Valens

    Should the state and its leaders care for morality?

    We often judge historic events, states and people based upon the morality of their actions. As morality is often a heavily debated term, subjected to subjective interpretations, and is thus a source of contested debates regarding the morality - or lack of it, when historic events and people are...
  19. notgivenaway

    how is absolute morality something accept?

    i remember as a kid, I used to think that if humans ever met another species, then their morals would be different than ours. they evolved differently. So how is morality actually absolute? is it because of religion? There are no moral laws, like there are physical laws. And we only...
  20. gustavolapizza

    Does morality apply to history?

    does the concept of morality apply to history, when analizing events and people? Can we actually say a man was bad/good or an event was bad/good? what should we look, at what motivates that event or what are the consequences of that event?