1. B

    The morning deluge. Han Suyin

    I just found this book in an Oxfam Bookshop. "The morning deluge" written by Han Suyin. Has anyone come across this book and if so what are their views of it?
  2. M

    Good morning everyone!

    I'm very glad to join this community -- that seems to me incredibly versatile and the members are largely interested in new knowledge. I have a bachelor in History, and my masters research is focused in the relations between oral and written traditions, with topics like the addiction we have in...
  3. wizipy


  4. siminim

    Good morning starshine. The Earth says hello!

    Lookin' forward to being here! My name's Simon. I'm a lover of piano, music, and books. I'm very interested in furthering my knowledge in history. I also have an AP US History exam in one month, though I will stay longer than just that. So how about that airline food?
  5. Arlington

    Navy Seals board rogue Libya oil tanker Morning Glory

    Well done SEALS. BBC News - Navy Seals board rogue Libya oil tanker Morning Glory Navy SEALs take back control of hijacked tanker -
  6. nat47

    Good Morning!

    I was searching around for a better place to ask some History questions, and I found this forum! Hopefully I can learn a lot!
  7. U

    Good Morning

    Good Morning, My log-on ID is Unionblue and I stumbled upon your forum looking for articles about Lincoln and the Constitution. After browsing a bit, I thought this might be a place I would like to visit, as there appears to be some very well informed folks here, especially about the...
  8. M

    Good morning

    Hi! I joined Historum yesterday and already made my first post. I have a geology degree and am a big history and travel buff. My main interests are early European history and ancient history. My favorite book is "After the Ice" by Mithen, which covers the transition of man from hunter...
  9. C

    Good Morning History Lovers

    I hope this finds you all in good health and spirits. I am C.F. Scott and I am an author of American historical fiction. I am a self-processed "old guy" who enjoys studying American history and reading historical fiction. I am a native South Dakotan, received by B.A. in history from Colorado...
  10. S

    Greetings from new guy!

    Hi all guys and gals in Historum, I'm from Vietnam. 80s generation :) I recently quite hook up to historical and I love to read about the past and the truth (which may be very difficult to find out :laugh:) I am excited about all nation's history. It made me quite sad there were not many posts...
  11. Wilhelmthefourth

    Hello and Good morning

    Hello and good morning. It is a pleasure to meet you acquittance. I am twenty three years old and in the end I hope to be a history teacher. It's a Monterey issue which creates an obstacle but it is not an impassable one. Outside of the Monterey issue of college I have a wide field of interest...
  12. D

    Good morning

    Hello, My name is Dawn and have always enjoyed history. I began the study of my family's history which led to an obssesion with genealogy and research. As a result I've had to study some of the history of the regions and countries my ancestors lived in as well. I am an American and a proud...
  13. RusEvo

    What if Iran tested a Nuke Tomorrow morning?

    Lets say that the intelligence is dead wrong (which is possible) and Iran has nuclear weapons and demonstrates as such. The USA and Israel promised not to allow them to obtain these weapons, but obviously failed...... so what is the realistic reaction of the world? It would sound like a...
  14. L

    Good morning from Leontidias

    I just joined in with your discussion group after reading a debate about the Megarian Decree. What fun! I have a long interest in ancient history, and at present am working on a novel set in 432 BCE. I'll write my first question in a separate post. -Leo
  15. LadyDomino


    I'm yet another new member who has stumbled (thanks to Google :laugh:) in this site. My areas of interest are (in no particular order) england in middle ages russia just prior to revolution history of canals (england) and working boats A bit varied . . . but lets see what you all have for me...
  16. J

    Good (very early) morning

    I've decided I spend too much time writing and not nearly enough interacting with people interested in the discipline (people, what are they?). I won't bore you with what I've written. though anyone interested can look at my author page: (I should mention that the...
  17. CIowa

    Wake up in the morning and get creeped out

    This is weird on multiple levels. Tom Coburn Takes on Adult Babies - Politics - The Atlantic Wire It does raise the question however of just when is a person disabled.
  18. Belloc

    Disturbing the Morning Calm: Korean contacts with Europe prior to 1600 CE.

    This looks interesting. Medieval-Baltic: Korea
  19. ProCorp

    Good morning forum

    Hey everybody...I'm Anthony and brand new here. My initial thoughts: forum looks well organized, is an impressive website, and lots of cool history topics. I'm interested in history, but for now I am more specifically looking to fill a position the company I work for has for a Greek History...
  20. Torridon

    Good morning

    Hello everyone! I've just signed up to the forum after reading a few google news alerts I've received on subjects being discussed here that I'm particularly interested in. I thought I'd sign up and see what you are all talking about. Looking forward to getting involved in the discussions :)