1. R

    Top 10 Kings of Morocco

    1. Yusuf ibn Tashfin 2. Ismail Ibn Sharif 3. Abu Bakr ibn Umar 4. Abd al-Mu'min 5. Idris II 6. Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Abd Al-Haqq 7. Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur 8. Idris I 9. Mohammed ash-Sheikh 10. Yahya ibn Umar al-Lamtuni
  2. Futurist

    Did the Republic of the Rif want to unify all of Morocco under its own rule?

    Did the Republic of the Rif (which existed for several years in the 1920s) want to unify all of Morocco under its own rule once it would have actually had the opportunity to do this? Or did it simply want to expel the Spanish from Northern Morocco and to create an independent Berber-majority...
  3. civfanatic

    Arab Nationalist Music

    I am an admirer of all nationalists across the world who fight for the freedom and prosperity of their nations. In this thread, post examples of moving Arab nationalist music (please do not post music by Islamic fundamentalist/terrorist groups in this thread). Also, try to include English...
  4. EmperorTigerstar

    Byzantine Outposts in Morocco

    When the Byzantines expanded their empire to retake former Western territories, they took over lands as far as Southern Iberia and the northern tip of Morocco around the modern-day Tangier and Ceuta area. The Visigoths ended up taking back their lands in Spain but what about the areas in...
  5. Futurist

    What if Morocco is Not Conquered by France in 1911-1912?

    What if Morocco is somehow able to successfully avoid ever being conquered by France during the Age of Imperialism? Frankly, this might not be that hard to achieve considering that Morocco was only conquered by France in 1911-1912; thus, if Morocco delays French conquest even for a couple...
  6. Finnmark

    Morocco, Spain & las Plazas de Sobierna

    I've been looking at maps, and I've noticed that after 1956, when Morocco gains independence, it is quick to take northern Spanish Morocco, aside from Ceuta and Melilla, and it also takes what is now southern Morrocco (but not Western Sahara; just a bit south of Guelmim). My questions: 1. Why...
  7. A

    any photos - Sultan of Morocco "Black guards" WW2/1930s ?

    Hello, can anyone help ? I'm trying to find some photos of the Sultan of Morocco Royal guard or "Black guard" during the 1930s or WW2 . Their uniform was quite colourfull with red tunics. Not too sure if they were just for show or had any military/ ex French service experience. John.
  8. V

    Why Ottomans didnt conquer Morocco?

    How come that Ottomans didnt have power to conquer Marakesh? I tried to search in wikipedia but didnt find any information about battles. So any info could be quite helpfull. Thanks in advance.
  9. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Apparently Morocco had plans to explore and colonize the new world?

    Apparently the invasion of the songhai was to loot the empire so the exploration and colonization efforts would be funded, also aiding morocco in becoming a regional power. Can't remember where I read this but it would make sense, their malian neighbors to the south apparently had such similar...
  10. M

    hello from morocco

    hi i'm houssine I am a moroccan I live in casablanca i always liked History and Geography and i' am very lucky that i came across this forum :)
  11. H

    Moroccan calligraphy

    Moroccan type font of Arabic alphabet lines, influenced by kufic, it spreads used in Morocco, since his pan of Morocco from Libya to Tunisia to Algeria to Morocco to Mauritania and even South of the Sahara, as previously used in Andalusia. Before the Moroccan line Writing Arabic...
  12. WeisSaul

    Why wasn't Morocco able to colonize the Americas?

    Why was it that Morocco was never able to colonize the Americas or any of the islands off of the African coast?
  13. jehosafats

    Lost Kingdoms of Africa:The Berber Kingdom of Morocco From the two part BBC series Lost Kingdoms Of Africa, hosted by Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford, which aired earlier this year. In this episode they start with Ibn Yasin and the rise of the Almoravids (a movement I'm very interested in), and explain the...
  14. jehosafats

    Why were Egypt and Morocco reluctant to help Granada?

    Everybody knows the kingdom of Granada was the last stronghold of Moorish Spain. My question is why, given their contempt for Castile, the Wattasids of Morocco or Turks in Egypt never came to their aid?
  15. thestrateger

    Morocco, the Western Sahara and the situation before the scramble for Africa

    Were the modern territories of de jure Morocco and the Western Sahara considered by their residents (of centuries ago) before European Imperialism in the area as one and are they considered as one/should be one according to the modern residents? This question has some implications on the...
  16. Thessalonian

    Thousands protest on Morocco king's allegiance day

    Thousands protest on Morocco king's allegiance day | Reuters Thousands of Moroccans marched on Sunday to press the Arab world's longest-ruling dynasty to relinquish more of its sweeping powers and stamp out corruption.
  17. Thessalonian

    Morocco's Democratic Changes Fail to Appease All "A stressed middle-aged woman in a taxi in Casablanca looked with disdain at thousands of protesters on a main avenue. “We are fed up with them,” she told the driver. “Can’t they just leave us in...
  18. James Random

    Protests in Morocco.

    Something I've not heard too much about! Morocco's uprisings and all the king's men - Features - Al Jazeera English
  19. Mohammed the Persian

    Jordan and Morocco to Join GCC!!

    I've just heard this on Twitter, Al Jazeera reported it 15 minutes ago so I'll try to find a news article but here's what I know: Jordan and Morocco are at the final stages of negotiations to join the GCC (which , mind you is only for Countries that Border the Gulf!). Apparently, secret talks...
  20. Tifrouine

    Salam from Morocco

    Hi, I am new here. I am neither an expert in history nor a student of history; I am interested in history as a “hobby”. Is there nay amateurs here or only experts? I hope to found here a place for discussion and friendship. All the best, Tifrouine