1. grey fox

    Did Confederate batteries on Lookout Mountain shoot Union ships on TN River?

    Yesterday I toured the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN for the first time since I was 11 years old over a quarter of a century ago. The National Park Service calls the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain "Point Park." At Point Park, there is a plaque that...
  2. analysis17456

    Effectiveness of Chinese Mountain Armor

    Although mountain armor is the main piece I am interested in, I wouldn't mind the occasional drift to just armors in general. So how effective is Chinese mountain armor? It states here that although it is protective, it is unpopular due to complicated production. And it makes sense...
  3. J

    Distances traveled on foot by mountain men

    I have read a few accounts of mountain men putting in 30 mile days on foot. Osbourne Russell in Journal of a Trapper put in some really long days (30ish miles a day for multiple days) on foot while being injured and no food for a couple of those days. Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition...
  4. Y

    30 years war, Battle of the White Mountain

    Why did Fridrich Falcký runned from the Prague Castle after the Battle of the White Mountain?
  5. M

    Chinese Mountain Pattern Armor

    Perhaps something like this AFAIK, this is unique to China and they used this along with Brigandine rather than adopt mail armor which they were exposed to frequently. Does anyone know why this is? Can anyone conjure up any potential benefits of using this strangely patterned armor?
  6. W

    African American Patriot soldiers who fought at the Battle of King's Mountain

    DAR chapter promotes monument to honor African American Patriots at Kings Mountain | | Gaffney Ledger Battle of Kings Mountain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Daughters of the American Revolution are trying to get a monument built to the memory of the African...
  7. P

    blair mountain battle

    The post on Ludlow Massacre post brought to mind the Blair Mountain battle, August 30 - Sept. 5, 1921 in west Virginia. Miners of the UMW organized around work conditions and the "company store system" It began with a planned march that was confronted by "patriots" being paid by management. This...
  8. Marcus Aurelius

    I live near a mountain that keeps a ''secret''

    I live near a mountain national park in the south of Italy called ''Pollino'' where on one of its peaks you can find some mysterious squared blocks that archeologists have dated to around 500 BC, when this area was predominantly inhabited by greeks and called ''Magna Graecia''. I went to the...
  9. the curious cat

    Shadows in the fiction of Yasunari Kawabata

    I have had heard of this author when I was preparing for a quiz once, and his book "the Snow Country", which I wish I could read at the moment, but I have to satisfy myself with another work of his. called "The Sound of the Mountain", and I am almost halfway through it. Again, it's a...
  10. H

    feng shui energy stake

    The Dokdo Times: In Search of Japan's Feng-Shui Stakes How do you think about that?
  11. Baltis

    King's Mountain

    233 years ago today the Overmountain Men attacked Patrick Ferguson and his Loyalists at King's Mountain. Feguson dead and a complete victory resulted. Just a couple of quick pictures. You guys know how I love the old images. :) More Later. Just wanted to get things started.
  12. D

    Non-Ashkenazi Jews in the Russian Empire

    The main two groups of non ashkenazi Jews in the Russian Empire where both persophone. The Bukharan Jews of the Emirate of Bukhara spoke Bukharan, a dialect of Persian, and the Mountain Jews of the North Caucasus spoke Tat, another form of Persian. The Russian Empire had severe discrimination...
  13. P

    Digitally climb the 1954 route on 2nd highest mountain on Earth

    Here is your chance to reenact the First Successful Mountain Climb of K2, the World's 2nd Highest Mountain on Earth, in a Google Map. You actually get to digitally climb the mountain following the path of the 1954 successful climb to the summit with this Google Earth KML file. As seen in the...
  14. Salah

    Mountain Guns

    I've come across references to 'mountain guns' as light artillery in my studies of 19th Century imperial warfare. What exactly is a mountain gun, and how did it get its name - from the rough terrain it was apparently utilized in?
  15. cladking

    How to Build a Pyramid; a good day of running, upon the mountain.

    I stumbled onto the means by which the Egyptians built the great pyramids and have extensive though very shallow evidence for it. My theory is wildly unpopular in part because I can also show very strongly how, why, and where Egyptology went wrong. It's also unpopular because it completely...
  16. B

    Mountain southerners and the Civil War

    I wonder if one the reasons mountain southerners tended to be Unionist was that some of their ancestors had been indentured servants. Maybe stories were passed down about mistreatment on the plantations and so on.
  17. tjadams

    Everest, World's Tallest Mountain, Maybe Not

    Everest, World's Tallest Mountain, Maybe Not That Tall Published July 20, 2011 | Nepal and China find themselves in a fierce battle over what seems like a simple question: Just how tall is Mount Everest? Widely known as the tallest mountain in the world, Everest straddles the border...
  18. Richard Stanbery

    Brown Mountain lights

    In the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, there is an unexplained phenomena known simply as the "Brown Mountain Lights". For generations, they have mystified the local populace and defied science for a convincing explanation...
  19. Commander

    August 9th Battle of Cedar Mountain

    1862 Battle of Cedar Mountain Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson narrowly defeats a Union force led by General John Pope at Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Jackson had moved north in July 1862 after it became clear that the primary Union force in the east, General George McClellan's...