1. NBSHistory

    Two History Youtuber's collaborated to review the historical accuracy of seven films

    Two History Youtuber's review the historical accuracy of historical films such as the last of the mohicans, the patriot, enemy at the gates, 300, alexander, pearl harbor and the downfall (der Untergang). They also cover various subjects such as teh French indian war, Canada and the American...
  2. F

    Asian history: Attabu I & II

    Just watch a documentary series the legend of "Attabu". (And I found that the movie is made by KKhan Lee, brother of Ang Lee!!) It seems Attabu is the indigenous phrase used by the Taiwanese aborigines. The documentary is focus on the Lin Family in Taiwan, they sailed across the sea from...
  3. D

    Another Russian tank movie coming our way. Now we have T34 and Indestructable.

    Another Russian tank movie coming our way. Now we have T34 and Indestructable. Female tankers in this one... hope they show the problems with the t34 but this is a kv-1. yoEIpLeLZLk
  4. Maki

    Anti-Soviet movie propaganda in socialist Yugoslavia

    1948 saw the Tito-Soviet split. This caused a massive shift inside Yugoslavia, the former main ally suddenly became the no. 1 enemy. The split with the Soviet Union also caused a shift in Yugoslav movie industry. Before the split, Soviet movies dominated the Yugoslav market. However, even after...
  5. D

    Chinese Movie ww2 Air Combat over China with Bruce Willis

    I would have prefered to see the flying tigers. But if this is historical and not just hollywood china myth then I am all for it. I know very little of the Chinese air force during ww2. I thought they must have been fairly impotent. It seems they are flying Russian I-16s with a P40 from the...
  6. D

    New T34 movie - Did Russians use convicts to man T34 tanks in ww2?

    There is a new movie coming in 2018. A Russian production. The trailer seems to show what seem to be criminals manning a T34 for some sort of suicide mission. Now I know the Russians had Penal battalions they used for a lot of dangerous duties. But I would have thought tank crews would be more...
  7. JulioClaudian Historian

    Which is your favorite movie about ancient history?

    My favorite movie about ancient history is Gladiator.
  8. Naima

    Confucius 孔子 movie

    Hello , I just watched the movie on Confucius and I liked, I was wondering if any of the Chinese eperts on history can tell me if that was historically correct or if it had flaws , and especially about the portray of the armors , weapons, military etc ...
  9. J

    Movie cut of the Evolution of Human Warfare

    Hi guys! I have been with historum for many years, and this is my first time posting! I am extremely devoted to the history of warfare, and having taken a few courses in uni on "The Greek Way of warfare", inspired me to make a few videos showing the timeline of human warfare through movies and...
  10. M

    Roland Emmerich supposed to direct a "Battle of Midway" movie

    No. no not a terrible director like Emmerich , he will probably make a Top Gun in WWII with aliens from outer space involved.
  11. G

    Bayonet: A short movie about WW2

    Hi all, A friend of mine who has a deep interest in World War 2 is directing a short movie... Bayonet. While he still young, I think that his concept is quite good and, since we are in the last 24 hours of his Kickstarter project, I have decided to pledge and look for a forum with other people...
  12. R

    World's #1 Movie focusing on greatness of a non-colonized Africa

    Black Panther has made $200 Million in the United States, and is breaking records worldwide. Give me time to find more about the record breaking. The overall character is fiction of course, from Marvel comics, but the movie is filled with loads of truth and educational topics that tie into...
  13. Lawnmowerman

    Nazi Propaganda movie becomes an Allied propaganda movie

    I just watched this short video on D-Day, it was originally published by the Nazi's but the allies were able to get their hands on it, translated it and showed it in the US and UK to show people back home what their soldiers were up against. pLJ-3T7K9rE I found it interesting that both sides...
  14. maTiasddsm

    The Courageous heart of Irena Sendler (2009 movie)

    Has anyone seen this movie?? Do you think that the hero's actions were depicted in a way accurate to the real events?? Has anyone seen another good movie about ZEGOTA?? Or any other resistance to the nazi....
  15. maTiasddsm

    The lives of ohers (german movie)

    Has anyone seen this great great movie. What do you think about this?..... If you were in recently reunified Germany... and you wanted to know if there is any file about you after any spying on you.... Is there a public archive where you can check as easy as the guy does in the last part of the...
  16. P

    movie star james stewart and Swiss bombing court-martial.

    Many W.W. 2 buffs know about Hollywood actor James Stewart's wartime service with the USAAF flyng bombers out of Tibbenham England near Norwich over Nazi Germany where Stewart was a highly popular officer with all ranks. However, much less well known is that -against his wishes-he was appointed...
  17. MughalMuse

    Winston Churchill movie

    Did anyone see or are going to see the new Winston Churchill drama film?
  18. Bullit

    Best movie moments of all time.

    If everybody posts best moments in history of cinema it might make for a interesting collage. So members let it rip here. I kick off with - no surprises here from 'Bullitt'. And that is with two 'tees'. wk9SZbrh_Tg While strictly speaking not cimema I am quite partial to these adverts...
  19. N

    Plans for movie and TV series about the battle of Narvik

    There are seperate plans for a movie and a movie and a ten episode TV series about Narvik. Both will be very high budget for a Norwegian Project. The TV series might end up a co - production with Germany and (some of) the allies who fought in Narvik, namely Britain, France and Poland. The...
  20. C

    Could a Charlemagne movie sell?

    This month, I have been reading the book Charlemagne: Father of A Continent by Alessandro Babero (translated by Allan Cameron). It's a pretty decent book, and as I was reading the book I was thinking: Could a big-budget feature-length film about Charlemagne sell? If so, who would you cast as...