1. Y

    Peak Qing and Mughal Scientific and Engineering Innovation versus Europe

    For a long time the extreme success of the west in the 19th and 20th centuries has been used to push an underlying narrative that the west succeeded to such a degree because western culture was inherently superior even for centuries prior to their world domination. That's how we (in western...
  2. R

    mughal empire as great power

    Guys was Mughal Empire's influence wide enough to be called a great power? They had the biggest economy at the time (25% of world gdp) and perhaps the strongest military. The good thing is that the Mughals migrated to India and made it their home.
  3. JoanOfArc007

    The Last Mughal Emperor- Bahadur Shah Zafar

    Folks I would like to discuss the life and death of the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II. Any information on Bahadur Shah II would be appreciated. Bahadur Shah II worked for the British for most of his term as Mughal Emperor. Perhaps Bahadur Shah II is most remembered for his actions or...
  4. Aham Brahmasmi

    Sepoy Rebellion - Mughal Empire

    it's well known that during the Indian Mutiny, the sepoys tried to restore the Mughal to his throne in Delhi. i can understand Muslim Sepoy but why even Hindu Sepoys wanted to Restore Mughal Empire(a Muslim Empire) in India ?
  5. R

    Power of the Mughal Empire

    Dear friends, is it true that Mughal empire was the most powerful empire of its time? If not then who was the most powerful (military and economy) of the 17th and 18th century?
  6. DanielMisier

    Rajputs during Mughal rule.

    Obviously Rajputs had semi-independant states, what is it they did during Mughal rule? By that I mean what things did they achieve under Mughal rule and what did they do with their influence in Mughal court? What role did they play in Mughal army and could they have rebelled? And after Akbar...
  7. DanielMisier

    Mughal empire during the seven years war.

    The Mughal empire is listed as a participant of the French side by wikipedia. But what did it do during the war?
  8. Devdas

    Causes of Mughal defeat against Ahoms of Assam

    The Mughal Empire ruled massive part of India while Ahoms were a small kingdom in North Eastern India. What was the main strategy that helped Ahoms under Lachit Borphukan to repel the invasion of massive Mughal army during Battle of Saraighat in 1671.
  9. Aham Brahmasmi

    How many states King hemu librated from Mughal Muslims ?

    I know that he won 22 battles against Mughals in their prime (military) but i don't know how many regions he librated. Sent from my Micromax A104 using Tapatalk
  10. Azad67

    When entire Mughal force perished in the Khyber pass (1672)

    When entire Mughal force perished in the Khyber pass (1672)
  11. R

    Wealth of Mughal India vs wealth of British Empire

    Friends, does this fact mean that the Mughal empire had greater wealth than the British Empire : "In 1600, Akbar's Mughal Empire had revenue of £17.5 million. By comparison, in 1800, the entire treasury of Great Britain totaled £16 million." Source...
  12. RajDeva

    how many Mughal Kings were racially Indian ?

    I know couple of Mughal kings are at last 80/90% Indian Rajput like Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, dara sikoh and salim was also half rajput.
  13. ashfaqkinqz

    Babur-The First Mughal King

    Babur-The First Mughal King who Conquered North India Defeating Raja Sangha. Please share some unknown facts about him.
  14. G

    Why did Deccan Sultanates not ally together during Mughal invasions

    When Aurangzeb came down to the Deccan and before taking Marathas headon, he went on an attacking spree against the three sultanates. When the first invasion happened, why did the remaining ones not ally together against the Mughals. In my view these sultanates could have faced off with the...
  15. T

    The Mughal Gentleman's Bookshelf: Education and Literary Classics of India?

    Greetings everyone! First time here on Historium, not sure if its the place for me yet since at least from the little bit i've seen, everyone sure seems focused on "big history" topics - whereas i'm a little more interested in i guess you can say "boutique" affairs with much smaller focus. So...
  16. T

    Mughal sources question

    greetings to the Asian subforum, i don't know if is there anybody around who can help but i give a try to it. "Biographical dictionaries", collection of biographies of notable scholars, statemen, poets etc, so kind of "who's who" were a quite popular genre in various parts of the islamic world...
  17. Azad67

    Durrani influence in Northern India during the decay of Mughal empire

    Durrani influence in Northern India during the decay of Mughal empire
  18. Changezi

    Was Mughal Emperor Jahangir really interested in Nur Jahan?

    Was he? And was Jahangir responsible for the Killing of Shayr Afghan Ali Quli Khan ( Nur Jahan's 1st Husband )? How many Children Nur Jahan Had? I only know about Ladli Beghum whose father was Shayr Afghan Ali Quli Khan. If Jahangir was interested in Nur Jahan, didn't he had any children...
  19. Changezi

    Were Mughal Empire & Ottoman Empire Orthodox Sunnis or Sufi Sunnis?

    Salaam ( Peace ) upon everyone Were these two Gunpowder Empires Mughals and Ottomans Orthodox Sunnis ( A Muslim with no mixture or Sufism ) or were they Sufi Sunnis? By the way, In my view Ottoman Empire was more like Sufi. Mughal Empire doesn't look Sufi to me because there are no reports...
  20. Changezi

    Which Afghan Ethnic groups joined Mughal Army?

    Which Afghan Ethnic groups joined Mughal Army? Do these Ethnic groups use " Chughtai " as a surname?