1. JaddHaidar

    Aisha's age

    Nicknamed the "Mother of Believers", Aisha bint abu Bakr is the daughter of Abu Bakr, one of Muhammad's companions, and his third wife whom he allegedly married when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was only nine. Aisha's age during marriage, much like the woman herself, has...
  2. jameen

    Muhammad, the 1st Muslim terrorist

    Do you believe that the world's first Muslim terrorist is no other than the founder and prophet of Islam?
  3. jameen

    Beating Muhammad's army

    What should the Quraish do in order to eliminate the 1st Muslim army in Arabia under Muhammad the prophet of Islam?
  4. Z

    Morally who was wrong in conflict between muhammad and pagan meccans.

    This question came to my mind when i was discussing charlie hebdo's murder,my muslim friend said that it was right to kill him as he insulted islam and their god and was doing so purposely just to incite muslims. I asked him whether or not meccans were right to persecute muhammad as muhammad was...
  5. I

    Raja Dahir vs Muhammad bin Qasim

    ~ Raja Dahir vs Muhammad bin Qasim: The ultimate battle? ~ A lot has been written about Raja Dahir and Muhammad bin Qasim in Pakistan, yet most has come from the extreme fringes of the right and left wings, who seem to...
  6. Lawnmowerman

    Muhammad's face on a coin

    In the 690's there was a propaganda war between the Islamic Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire. The Caliphate minted coins inscribed with "There is no God but God alone; Muhammad is his messenger." The Byzantine's responded by minting coins with the Emperor on one side and an image of Jesus...
  7. JoanOfArc007

    Muhammad Was A Feminist

    I dont agree with all the points in the article....but I certainly agree with the praise of Muhammad due to the historical fact that Muhammad demanded fair treatment of both men and women. I admire Confucius and Buddha and it seems the article was critical of these men....though surely going by...
  8. Magnate

    Was Muhammad the prophet a Warlord?

    Reading about his life he seem to be quite bloodthirsty for being a prophet of god. I do respect all religions but reading about him makes me think that he was more of a warlord then just some peace loving prophet.
  9. C

    If Muhammad the Prophet never came to be?

    Suppose that Muhammad the Prophet's father never met his mother, or even he was born, he died too early as a child because 6th century. How would the world turn out? No crusades? No Ottoman Empire? A peaceful Middle East today?
  10. JoanOfArc007

    Drawing the prophet: Islam’s hidden history of Muhammad images

    If one looks at Persian history they will note the most beautiful portraits of Muhammad....drawn by Muslims.... Ban on depictions has not always been absolute – Islam has a rich heritage of images and icons dating back to the 13th century...
  11. AncientA

    The Irony of Muhammad curse - event of Mubahla

    Mubahla is based on Islamic tradition, according to an ancient ceremony, of asking God to curse the party who is not speaking "truthfully". Muhammad said to the Christians of Najran : "Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, then supplicate...
  12. JoanOfArc007

    Christian priest named Muhammad

    We see in the following video crucial proof that Muslims and Christians live together in peace...and therefore due to this fact....both Christianity and Islam are honorable and peaceful religions. It shows How Muslims and Christians can live together more than anything else Muhammad name...
  13. Draki

    Scriptural traces of Muhammad outside the Qur'an

    I would just like to see some not completely Islamic sources/stories/archeological findings linked to the prophet Muhammad. I would start with this letter he sent to the governor of Bahrain If someone speaks Arabic, a translation of this letter would be nice as well.
  14. aldo12

    Queen Elisabeth and Muhammad

    Here's the ancestry in full: Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK - daughter of George VI, King of the UK - son of George V, King of the UK - son of Edward VII, King of the UK - son of Victoria, Queen of the UK - daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn - son of George III, King of Great...
  15. maharbbal

    "Prices are in the hands of God", was Muhammad libetarian

    Apologies for the silly title, but that's all I could come up with. Anyhow, I have a question. Rather a few questions. Here goes: In a recent book, Benedikt Khoeler (Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism, p.148 et seg) mentions what I believe is a hadith where Muhammad refuses to set a...
  16. B

    Counter argument Denying Muhammad's existance

    Hello guys, I have just joined the forum and I have seen this argument in many posts (I dont remember if it was the user posting them but in case its many users I created this thread) Anyway, apparently the people who created this argument never knew that most of Arab names had meaning, for...
  17. JoanOfArc007

    Time for a movie to be made on the life of Muhammad

    Imo it is well over due that someone make a movie of the man known as Muhammad. And not one like 'The Message" as "The actor playing Muhammad in the film "The Message" does not show his face Some may say, oh well you cant do that, you can't...
  18. L

    Rate Muhammad Ali?

    How would you rank muhammad Ali of Egypt as a general. Considered the father of modern Egypt, he instituted reforms along European (specifically French) lines that turned Egypt into a regional power in the early 19th century.
  19. P

    Is Muhammad considered a general?

    Is Muhammad considered a general? He conquered most of the Arabian Peninsula and was defeated only once by Khalid Ibn al-Walid (who would become the greatest Muslim general in history). Also, how can a prophet be a general (if you consider him a general)?
  20. ashfaqkinqz

    History About Muhammad Bin Qasim

    How did Muhammad bin Qasim died, how are his final days?