1. B

    History Mysteries - traces of nicotine, coca found in Egyptian mummy etc.

    There are a number of recent discoveries in recent time, that question the notion that Columbus might have been the first outsider to reach the shores of the New World. Are there or were there elephants in the Americas ? No ? Think again ! We have pottery from the Mayas, Incas and others in...
  2. Kahu

    Mummy with 'adidas' footwear causes stir

    Mummy with 'adidas' footwear causes stir Archaeologists in Mongolia have released the first photos of an ancient woman found preserved in the Altai Mountains. But one picture in particular is causing a stir online after it appears the 1500-year-old mummy is wearing what appears to be...
  3. gustavolapizza

    the chinese diva mummy

    i find this absoluteyl amazing. Is a mummy they found in china. It's 2100 years old noble lady and is considered to be the best preserved ancient human ever found. This is how an article describes it: her skin was still moist and elastic, her joints still flexible, every feature still remained...
  4. Bandiera rossa

    Meditating mummy found in Mongolia

    The haunting, mummified remains of a possible lama teacher have been found in Mongolia — still sitting in the lotus position after about two centuries, The Siberian Times reports. After conducting a cursory examination, researchers believe the body — which was covered in animal skin — may be...
  5. E

    The mummy with crossed arms

    Just yesterday I watched a docu about mummies. About several pharaohs, then how Meinhard Hoffmann came upon the best-prepared mummy in 1916. First, it was thought to be Nefertiti, because of the crossed arms and the profile of the bust that matched with the mummified. But the mummy was...
  6. Domhnall Balloch

    Egyptian Mummy Crack

    Not a sentence I ever thought I would or even really wanted to type. It's fairly well-known now that traces of cocaine have been found on Egyptian mummies, and obviously some take that as solid proof of pre-Norse knowledge of the Americas. What I want to know is, is there actually any other...
  7. W

    Cadbury Egyptian Mummy

    Hello, I am looking to find out details about an Egyptian Mummy owned by the Cadbury family. It was financed to a cinema in 1932 by Elizabeth Cadbury and finally was given to the Art Gallery and Birmingham Museum in 1966. Does anybody know any more information about it please or any other...
  8. AlpinLuke

    Hieroglyphs: mummy. Laying or standing.

    In the usage of the hieroglyph of the mummy in ancient Egypt we can note a certain "jump" around the XII dynasty. In fact until that period the mummy was usually represented laying down on a bed. While from that moment also the version of the standing mummy appeared. Which were the differences...
  9. Salah

    Pedro the Dwarf Mummy

    I read about this in a book (The Unexplained by Karl Shuker) as a kid, but seem to be having difficulties finding a picture on the web. Here's the Wiki article, for what its worth: San Pedro Mountains Mummy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This was supposedly the mummified body of an...
  10. davu

    Is this an alien skull? Mystery of giant-headed mummy found in Peru

    i'm not going to say anything BUT --- damn -- they are comparing this to the flathead skulls --- WHAT --- this should provide lots of fun for somebody-- --- :suspicious::unsure::smile1: -- and now the russians are involved --- ??????????? Is this an alien skull? Mystery of the...
  11. tjadams

    3D Photos Reveal Brainless, 2,500-Year-Old Mummy

    3D Photos Reveal Brainless, 2,500-Year-Old Mummy By Jennifer Welsh Published August 17, 2011 | LiveScience This mummy seems to be missing a brain and other vital organs, new images reveal, and the finding suggests the man held a high status when alive 2,500 years ago in ancient Egypt The images...
  12. A

    Iceman Mummy as he would have looked

    He looks like he had a rough life... kinda like you would find him living on a street corner homeless. I find it a little disturbing and uncanny. … 10225.html

    How to become a living mummy

    To become a living mummy, monks had to undergo a long and grueling three-step process. Step 1: For 1,000 days, the monks would eat a special diet of nuts and seeds, and engage in rigorous physical training to strip the body of fat. Step 2: For another 1,000 days, they would eat only bark...
  14. bigscreeninkster

    Mummy trains

    I saw a documentary years ago about the British rail system in Egypt using ancient Egyptian mummies for fuel in the locomotives. Does anyone know which rail lines these were or the specifics of the mummies?
  15. TheFact180

    best Preserved Mummy found

    Hello, Recently I found out about the 'Ice maiden' found at Argentina a vrey well preserved girl and two other children. I was amazed at how well they was Preserved and wondering if there was any other mummies or alike found? that is that well. Thanks!
  16. fire_of_sekhmet

    Egyptologists think they have Hatshepsut's mummy

    I always found Hatshepsut's reign interesting. CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptologists think they have identified with certainty the mummy of Hatshepsut, the most famous queen to rule ancient Egypt, found in a humble tomb in the Valley of the Kings, an archaeologist said on Monday. Egypt's chief...
  17. fire_of_sekhmet

    Archaeologists have discovered the 3,000-year-old mummy of a high priest

    CAIRO (AFP) - Archaeologists have discovered the 3,000-year-old mummy of a high priest to the god Amun in the southern city of Luxor, antiquities supremo Zahi Hawass told the official MENA news agency on Saturday. The 18th Dynasty mummy of Sennefer was unearthed in a tomb in the Valley of the...
  18. fire_of_sekhmet

    Modern technology reveals mummy's past;_ylt=AtSEWUV4FQ7tPFAz4oFeMl8PLBIF ST. LOUIS - The baby mummy had a European mom, and likely came from a wealthy family. But where he lived and why he died — and at such a young age — remain a mystery. The mummy, exhibited for the first...
  19. fire_of_sekhmet

    Mummy DNA Reveals Birth of Ancient Scourge Centuries of silence cannot keep ancient Egyptian mummies from sharing their secrets with scientists. From archaeologists determining cultural practices to chemists studying embalming, mummies...
  20. C

    Massive mummy fraud discovered after 2,000 years

    Massive mummy fraud discovered after 2,000 years Maev Kennedy Wednesday June 21, 2006 Modern medical science has exposed the villainy of the crocodile mummy sellers of Hawara, more than 2,000 years after they defied the edict of a Pharaoh and turned neatly bandaged bundles of rubbish into a...