1. M

    YUgoslavian Rock

    I'm starting a thread where I will be posting the rock music from one of the strongest rock scenes of planet Earth until 1991: Yugoslavia. Americans and Brits were stronger, others are debatable. I'm starting with kings, Serbian band Azra.
  2. Fritz Unterbrink

    Duchy of Nassau music

    What music did the Duchy of Nassau use in the napoleonic era? Marching, military or just any music. Any song names or directions to start looking?
  3. Eye of Woland

    African Music

    Thread for sharing music from Africa. Benin: Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou - "Se Ba Ho" Democratic Republic of the Congo: Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin - "Dibwe Diambula Kabanda" Ghana: Ebo Taylor - "Atwer Aroba" Mali: Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissoko - "Bi Lamban"...
  4. I

    Name of WWII-era song

    Anyone know this WWII-era song that plays in the video above from 0:01 - 0:10? Yet another video (oddly K-pop) 0:35-0:42 Much appreciated folks!
  5. SufiMystic

    Lovely traditional Ottoman Turkish music:share your favourites from around the world!

    I would like to share this lovely traditional Ottoman Turkish music. I particularly like the song that starts at 8:53. Hope you enjoy! :) Feel free to use this thread to share other lovely traditional music. I don't mind if it's Greek, Armenian, Arab, Persian, western European or anything else...
  6. treborillusion

    Music From Your Country

    I'm lucky, to me, like you - have a heritage, and feel blessed for it. My heritage contains The Rolling Stones, The Clash and The Damned. To me Punk Ska like Madness or Punk like The Sex Pistols and even Republica, and the fashion/style... Is the closest thing I have to folk art; but I love it...
  7. JohnnyH

    Paul [McCartney] is dead, 1960's?

    With the 1969 release of the Beatles' penultimate album, Abbey Road, with it's iconic sleeve cover of the fabs crossing the titular road outside their studio, came some odd and intriguing fan theories which rapidly gained notoriety- Paul McCartney was dead, only to have been secretly replaced by...
  8. Pacific_Victory

    Music of the Troubadours and Trouvères

    I've recently become somewhat obsessed with music of medieval France, both langue d'oïl and langue d'oc examples, and I thought it would be nice to have a thread to compile and share examples of such music and perhaps some lyrics and translations. One of the most interesting pieces was...
  9. S

    Music tuition in London, 1888

    Hi I'm doing a local history project on a family who lived in Derbyshire in the 1890s. They were well-to-do, and one of the daughters, Edith Powles, had obviously set her heart on music training after being a pupil at Queens School, Chester. So, around 1886, she went off to London, aged about...
  10. Jake10

    Why would a person's social background determine a taste for music?

    Actually, the more puzzling question is why people from different social backgrounds not only like different music, but why they dislike the music that appeals to other groups.
  11. F

    Why did music become more popular starting in the 1950's?

    I know recorded music existed before this, but why did it seem to blow up in the 1950's, then especially in the 1960's? Was it because of the invention of the television?
  12. L

    Singing in Islam and Christianity

    I spoke with a Muslim and we discussed how come there is no hymn singing or gospel music in islam, like how we have in Christianity. he said that The answer lies in the role of Satan in heaven. He was head of music and what he does is cursed. Is this Is this true? Why doesn't Christianity...
  13. R

    Classical music quiz

    Hello all, Here is a very brief music quiz, the first in a series which I will present. 1. Which classical composer was descended from a king of Poland and from a famous philosopher? 2. Did Franz Schubert ever compose a true lyric opera? 3. How many dramas by Metastasio were adapted for use...
  14. Pedro

    On this Day in Music (TWO)

    28 MARCH page 1 of 4 in 1621 - Heinrich Schwemmer, composer is born. in 1643 - Jose Solana, composer is born. in 1687 - Constantine Huygens, diplomat/poet/composer (Bluebottles), dies at 90. Sir Constantijn Huygens, Lord of Zuilichem (4 September 1596 – 28...
  15. P

    A strange question

    Hello guys, I registered today to post this rather strange questions...... I am a big fan of the British guitar player allan holdsworth. He released an album in the year of 2000 called "the 16 men of tain". On the cover of the album are potraits of 16 men, i guess most of them are figures of...
  16. Blue

    The Origin of Country Music

    Does American country music come from Europe? qVlPoVxZfnE 11k7jGv2a0E WijPiUhIzJU zBlSesuxahE I found the first video several years ago. Since then, I've been thinking that the European immigrants brought in country music to America during the old past.
  17. 1stvermont

    The Importance of Music During the Civil War

    The Importance of Music During the Civil War "Music was everywhere..the war catapulted music to a new level" -Battle Hymns: The Power and Popularity of Music in the Civil War Christian McWhirter "Gentlemen if we'de had your songs we'd whipped you out of your boots" -Confederate officer to...
  18. dlnewhouse

    Never Forget and Music Box Anyone know more about the real events behind these two movies?
  19. J

    Why was music so prominent in many islamic kingdoms

    I've heard that music is bad according to tradition, yet in my research, I see many islamic civilizations had music and taught it, especially in Africa. For example, the Mali Kingdom had musicians known as Griots and so many african people's touched by Islam kept their musical traditions and...
  20. Sunda Strait

    Seeking UK/UK/Pacific 1939-1965

    As-yet-unpublished historical novelist with wide-ranging research interests seeks discussion as well as book/film/music recommendations on topics including but not limited to: World War II: Prisoners of war of the Japanese, especially British and American World War II: The Pacific War generally...