1. S

    Modern little known musical gems

    uhZS6loBMFE I'm looking for musical gems that aren't top 40 and never were. They can be of any genre. This early Amy Winehouse song was never released but made it to you tube. It's a blend of light jazz and hip-hop which works IMO. They can also come from movie soundtracks such as this...
  2. HowardD

    Hamilton: An American Musical and History

    I was just fortunate enough to see Hamilton in Los Angeles (it's excellent, by the way) and I've been thinking a lot about its impact on the future of history -- how Hamilton will be viewed, how Jefferson and Madison might be seen differently. I wrote more about my thoughts at Hamilton Rocks...
  3. R

    'Chess' the musical. Political drama, chess and love story

    Hello, I am a big fan of chess (although my ELO is not that high), and I would like to write a book [and that's the reason why I joined this forum] with a main character who is a chess player. I sent my main character and his Russian friend to the musical and well, now I am stuck. I hope some...
  4. J

    Musical instruments in mali empire?

    What were the instruments used in the mali empire?
  5. B

    12 note musical scale from China?

    A friend showed this to me. Here is the claim that the 12 note scale was introduced to the West from China. Anyone have a source or more information to verify this claim?
  6. England Expects

    Best musical themes for war films

    What do you think is the best war movie theme/s?
  7. OpanaPointer

    Musical pieces with history.

    This is a great combination of majestic music that lives on and "bringing classical music to the people." I wish this happened more often.
  8. Y

    what type of music inspired czech musical composers

    What music and what type in particular were the most famous czech musical composers inpired by? I mean Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana and Leos Janacek. Here their wiki entries: Antonín Dvo?ák - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bed?ich Smetana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Leo? Janá?ek -...
  9. EmperorTigerstar

    Modern Musical Masterpieces?

    Are there songs made between the 1930s and 1990s that will be considered masterpieces of music to the same level as Beethoven and Mozart are treated today? If so, which songs in your opinion?
  10. D

    Great musical sound tracks for films?

    I nominate Richard Rogers' "Victory ar Sea" sound track (if you are old enough to remember WWII) Dave W.
  11. Solidaire

    Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest 2

    ΡÎ*να Κουμιώτη ~ ΚαινοÏ�Ï�γιο μου φεγγάÏ�ι - YouTube Rena Koumiwti - Stamatise tou rologiou tous deiktes - YouTube
  12. Naomasa298

    History of musical terms

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why Italian is used in musical notation? So we have terms like "fortissimo" or "pianissimo" to indicate volume, or other words such as "rubato" or "vibrato" to describe the tempo or qualities of the music. I'm taking a guess and assuming these terms, along with...
  13. bartieboy

    A musical revolution?

    The 50's, 60's and 70's were some extraordinary years in the musical business. Great artists spread their music around the world. Artists like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others were all...
  14. Richard Stanbery

    Unusual Musical Vocalizations

    Anyone know of any art forms where the human voice is used in unusual ways? Here is one, from the American South... Hee Haw's Jimmie Riddle and Jackie Phelps Eefing and Hambone act - YouTube
  15. DAS44

    Musical Thought/Bit/Topic of the Day

    Well, the idea of this is just to post something that pertains to the history of music every few days intermittently). Hopefully, other of the members will add in their knowledge, views, subjects too! Don't know how it'll work out, but I figure it will be a good learning experience for me at...
  16. E

    Musical Genres of Cameroon

    In Cameroon, besides traditional music there are three main music Genres. Makossa, Congelese, and Bikutsi music. Since their creation after World War two Makossa and Bikutsi Music were a smashing success. They originate from the Bamenda tribe and the cities of Yaounde and Douala. The most...
  17. S

    scholar's uninteresting musical piece, literary work, and quote of the day!

    This thread is designed primarily to give a daily piece of music and quote. The purpose is to discuss inherently random (-ly chosen) pieces of music and pieces of literature. There will also be a quote of the day. I doubt many people will be interested, but its something I find at least one...
  18. Jubal

    For those of you interested in Renaissance musical instruments...

    Here is a really great website someone showed me.
  19. Cicero

    The Book Of Mormon - the musical

    Has anyone seen it? It sounds wickedly funny and probably irreverant - tjust what youwould expect from the South Park folks. NY1 Theater Review: "The Book Of Mormon" - The Book of Mormon the Musical
  20. Pedro

    Musical Notables that left us in 2010

    IN MEMORIAM Musical Notables that left us in 2010 Music, when soft voices die a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley Music, when soft voices die, Vibrates in the memory, Odours, when sweet violets sicken, Live within the sense they quicken. Rose leaves, when the rose is...