1. tomar

    Control by the establishment: myth or reality

    The past few days have seen a book by Woodward and several articles with roughly the same bottomline: members of the white house administration were "sabotaging" or "preventing" POTUS from carrying out certain actions..... One particular story alleges that an aide removed some papers about to be...
  2. Gasparov

    Richard A. Gabriel-The Madness of Alexander the Great and the Myth of Military Genius

    Ok. So i started this book by Richard Gabriel( i didnt finished it yet) about Alexander, and i want to know if someone else has read it. He say that his ranking as one of the greatest generals in history is quite undeserved and that Alexander we know is more like a literacy creation. He argues...
  3. RidiculousName

    Norse Myth: Dwarves and Dwarfism

    While Germanic religion was the most popular in Scandinavia how did people view those who suffered from dwarfism? How did it change when Christianity became the dominant religion?
  4. TrueHistory77

    The Enduring Myth of Rommel

    I think now is a good time to explore and perhaps explode the Myth of Rommel. His myth is so large and undeserved, that like a huge inflated humpty-dumpty, it blots out rational discussion and investigation into the performance and role of the Italians in the North African theatre.
  5. dreuxeng

    The Myth of the Highland Clearances as a Genocide!

    '’s important to make the point that these attitudes were held just as strongly, maybe more strongly, by Lowland Scots as by English people. Whatever else they were, the Clearances were not some sort of English-inspired attack on Scotland. After all, many, indeed most, clearing...
  6. F

    "Hero Sapiens" - a myth?

    Are humans, and their history, made more "heroic", than we should believe? Here I think of humans seen as explorers, discoverers, inventors, "by nature". Like "it is in our dna", but that could be a myth, based upon mostly self congratulation. So, if not humans spread over the planet because it...
  7. artistauthor

    The myth of Ronald Reagan's solo"victory" in the Cold War

    A lot of blather has been written in both the UK and the US about how the 40th US President Ronald Reagan(and his faithful sidekick Margaret Thatcher) single handedly slew the Red Dragon(the USSR). The trouble with this argument is that it represents a calculated rewriting of history worthy of...
  8. shootseven

    The Myth of Ex-Slave Turned Civil War Spy John Scobell

    John Scobell is said to be a former slave who became a skilled spy while working under Allan Pinkerton in the American Civil War. says of him, “Scobell completed a number of top-secret missions, often playing the part of a cook, field hand or butler to eavesdrop on Confederate...
  9. Josefa

    Jean Tulard, Napoleon: The myth of the Saviour

    Original title: Napoleon ou le mythe du sauveur. I'm reading the german translation "Der Mythos des Retters". As it's been suggested in another thread that I should brush up the little knowledge I have of the Napoleonic era by reading more, and as I saw several people had recommended this book...
  10. B

    Difference between "real" history and "myth" history?

    This is nothing more than a leftist/atheist/marxist talking point. Any time historical events are mentioned in a text that has religious themes, leftist scholars quickly label it as "mythical". But this makes no sense because you can't verify whether events happened in the past or not because...
  11. SufiMystic

    Is the image of North Africa as a "lost" ancient bread basket a myth?

    It is often commented that North Africa was a breadbasket in antiquity, but there is a perception that it declined afterwards. While there may be some truth to this, in that the medieval period saw economic disruption, is it really true? Has North Africa really declined as a bread basket? This...
  12. Tsar

    "Ius Primae Noctis" and the Ottomans

    Does anybody know from where do the stories of this originate? Also, did anybody see any mention of such practice in the Ottomans documents.
  13. F

    Can "reality" and "myth" always be separated?

    ..And should, historians always be or pretend to be "realistic"? I see "historical reality" as not so straightforward when thinking about it. "Myths" or "perceptions" are not just "erratic", like many natural scientists may see them, but often as much needed to understand the ways of history...
  14. A

    Atlantis: truth or myth?

    Plato refers to Atlantis in his dialogues. He says he got this information from the initiates of ancient Egypt. Plato was a serious writer, so this information must be true. It recalls the migration of the Arias that passed through ancient Egypt and went to Atlantis. In antiquity there were...
  15. RidiculousName

    Creatures of Meso-American Myth

    I've posted a long time ago in the American history forum, but I thought I might get more responses here. I'm hoping for lists of mythological creatures with Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican origins. I'm a Computer Science student who's always loved history. I've been trying to develop a game where...
  16. M

    Stab in the Back myth of WWI. How true was it ?

    After WWI ended militarist circles , nationalists and far right in Germany suddenly tried to explain their defeat in war and Stab in Back myth (German war effort was sabotaged and betrayed by Home Front by civilians , socialists especially Jews who spread sedition , Bolshevism etc) became very...
  17. RidiculousName

    Meso-American Myth

    Did the peoples of meso-america believe in any human-like mythological creatures like the Germanic beliefs in faeries and dwarves? Another example would be the abundant mythological creatures of Japan such as the kappa, and basan. I want to create the lore of a fictional world where...
  18. ThePhantomGuiness

    The Myth of Blackbeard's Body

    So, many people say that after Blackbeard was beheaded, he swam laps around the ship before sinking. Could this be possible? It may just be currents carrying the body.
  19. A

    Duel from Japanese-Russian war info requested

    There is very popular story about Montegrian Aleksandar Lekso Saicic who allegedly in open duel defeated one of best japanese samurai after japanese army chalenged russians to send their best warrior to fight him in 1905 before armies clashed.For that he was congradulated by russian and...
  20. H

    Evolution of Chinese bows and the myth of the Manchu bow

    After some readings on the history of Chinese bows, I would like to dispel a few myths in regard to the "Manchu bow", typically called "Qing bow" in China. While I appreciate the tests done on the Manchu bow by bow experts and their finds; they don't seem to have examined historical sources...