1. C

    Mixture of Roman and Celtic names

    I gather that there's a distinct difference between Roman names and, say, Gothic or Celtic names. But let's suppose that a Roman man married and had a child with a Celt. Would it ever be the case that the child would have mixture of Roman and Celtic names? For example, would a name such as...
  2. RidiculousName

    How to Tell Whether Two Animals can Produce Offspring?

    I recently caught a mouse I believe is a white-footed mouse or Peromyscus leucopus. It is almost identical to the deer mouse or Peromyscus Maniculatus. Mice are social animals and I am considering catching another so that it can have some company. I am not very familiar with scientific...
  3. Romaneagle

    How Do Roman Names Work?

    Every time I research anything Roman-related, I find some guy(s) with several different additions and titles to their names. Like Aurelius (Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus) and he talked on a bunch later, like- Pontifex Maximus, Pater Patriae, Arneniacus, Medicus, Parthicus...
  4. Princess Of Manchester

    when did we start using middle names?

    when did we start using middle names?
  5. A

    Can you help me with Tocharian names ?

    Hello there, so as the title says, I've been looking for Tocharian names and despite the profusion of common names (for both Tocharian B and A), I didn't find any personal name or patronyme so far (only names transposed in Chinese, but that's not what I'm looking for). Can anyone help me ?
  6. Hanslune

    Question on cannon names in Napoleonic & Victoria era

    Specifically the crews giving their cannon a name/title or nickname like; 'Thunderer', 'Tessie', 'Devil's voice', etc. Thanks
  7. R

    Carthaginian Names?

    I need help with finding some Carthaginian names with meanings, as one of the characters in my book is going to be from Carthage. Preferably something meaning 'sea' or similar, since he will be a sailor. Thanks!
  8. E

    Historically Accurate Country Names

    During the rush for centralization in Europe, many countries that were composed of several former entities got new names based on the regions they controlled rather than the dominant group whose monarch ruled. In the Classical Age this didn't happen, an empire was known as the "(insert...
  9. LegioXIII

    House Names and the concept of Houses

    When did these come about? I'm reading Dan Jones' book on the Plantagenet kings and one of the first things mentioned was that the name of the royal house of England was actually adopted rather late (in the 15th century). What were they called during the height of their power? Where they just...
  10. F

    Other names for the Americas/America

    Just out of curiosity: What other names have been? Especially older names and from the people living there? "Vinland" was a name for a part, but not from the "locals". "The Indies" or "The New world" were other names made by europeans. What others? "Turtle Island"? or did many people simply...
  11. M

    Obsolete place names

    Now and then I run into names of places that I can’t locate by googling, simply because the names have been changed through history. I hope this thread can help me and others locating “forgotten” places.
  12. RidiculousName

    Old Names for the World.

    I've been hacking away at a computer game for some time now where typical fantasy races take the place of conquistadors and fight creatures drawn from Aztec and Mayan myth in a fantasy version of the new world. I want the western races not to come from "Europe" from from another area. I...
  13. Ranefer

    How comes most old egyptian names are spelled wrong in english?

    I find this interesting, because the english names often do only slightly sound like their real names. A good example is the Queen you name Nefertiti. In reality her name was spoken like "Naftata". Anotehr example is the name Thutmose. It was spoken Tahutmes. Thats how we call them and it comes...
  14. Y

    Why did the names of the days remain pagan? And in the Latin countries they remained named after the Roman gods. I'm curious why the Christian church let such a thing stand, since they usually destroyed destroyed everything pagan. They had like a thousand years to change it...
  15. Alopeias

    Names from Ancient (Boeotian) Thebes

    Specifically, I'm wondering which suffix they used from "-ides" and "-idas" and whether that would extend to any other "-des"/"-das" name. For example, there are the Thebans EpaminonDAS, PelopIDAS and GorgIDAS and they are all from the same period. So, did the Aeolic/Boeotian language follow...
  16. Y

    Shortest Place Names

    I know that this topic isn't historically significant in the slightest, but can we come up with really short place names that existed in history? I'll start with: E, in what is now Hu-pei (Hubei) Y, in France
  17. F

    Large/huge areas whose names are diminutive

    Please list the large/huge geographic areas whose names are/were originally or literally diminutive. To begin with- Alexandretta: diminutive of Alexandr(i)a Barranquilla: diminutive of barranca Cordillera: derivative of cordilla, diminutive of cuerda Venezuela: diminutive of Venezia
  18. A

    Looking for names of big movements in history

    I'm really curious and interested in reading about big movements in history. How did they start? Why some of them failed? And why others are still existent until today? How can one person singly-handed found a movement, then an army and a state? I'm just looking for names, whether they...
  19. W

    Trying to find out rulers names

    Ok so I'm just trying to figure out who would rule or govern the following places at 1190 AD/CE. It's made complicated because they were ruled over by others, but I kind of need them for game mechanics. Firstly, who would be the governor or main person is Muslim Spain, or at least who would be...
  20. W

    Madagascar trade port names

    Hi folks, I've seen various articles saying there were trade ports along the Madagascan coast in the Middle Ages founded by Arab and Bantu traders but can't find any names or locations. Does any one have any info?