1. EL KAISER 1991

    Why are the 1809 Napoleonic campaign against Austria and its Battle of Wagram often seen as not decisive?

    I know the Battle of Wagram was not a tactic masterpiece like Austerlitz, or a battle in which he annihilated his enemy's forces, like Jena or Friedland, but still! To call it a “phyrric victory” like historian Andrew Robert does, seems very inaccurate and undeserving. The Austrians asked for an...
  2. R

    Did Napoleon suffer from a personality disorder?

    Was Napoleon suffering from a personality disorder, either Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or clinical psychopathy or delusions of grandeur? This is account for his grandiose dreams and not knowing when to quit in Germany after the Russian campaign.
  3. O

    Napoleon accepts the peace deal

    Napoleon rejected the Frankfurt proposals but when things were dire later on he rejected an unbelievably sweet deal, considering the circumstances. In high school I asked my history teacher why he did that. She said he thought without the hope of glory at least the French people would have...
  4. frogsofwar

    Napoleon Fanboys and Hitler Fanboys: Eerily Similar

    Napoleon and Hitler fanboys alike are experts at cognitive dissonance, irrational hero worship, and cult-like followings similar to those of Julius Caesar's contemporaries and Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders today. Napoleon Fanboys 1. Absolve Napoleon's failures (ie: Russia, Waterloo) by...
  5. O

    Napoleon creates an Empire in North America

    What if Napoleon hadn’t sold Louisiana, but had started to build up a power base there at the hight of his power (I guess that would be before the invasion of Russia?). So after a battle similar to the Battle of the Nations he evacuated there with a big part of his army. The allies could drive...
  6. Imperia

    The last war of Napoleon

    The last war of Napoleon Napoleon was almost kidnapped from Santa Helena to lead a revolution in South America and become the '' South American Emperor '' Action took place in 1817 and had a multimillion-dollar budget In the early 19th century, there seemed to be no limits to the human...
  7. P

    The Great Napoleon Debate

    Since we have so many seperate debates on different threads on Napoleion I thought it might be better if we were to collect them all at one location. So with this thread I would like to honour this premise. Everything people want to say or discuss about the man and his contemporaries I would...
  8. S

    If Napoleon broke up Prussia

    In 1807 Prussia was a defeated power. With the treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon took a large part of it to create a new Polish entity, the Duchy of Warsaw which he effectively ruled. However he let Prussia retain its Baltic Coast and Ducal Prussia in return for an alliance with France. Say he...
  9. dwight

    Tacitus v Napoleon

    Anyone who has read The Annals knows Tacitus was not a fan of the Principate, especially in comparison to what he seems to have felt life must have been like under the Republic. He rips Tiberius pretty savagely in the opening books... But I found this quote below in the introduction to an...
  10. Theodoric

    Napoleon retreats from every battle

    Napoleon Bonaparte’s military career spanned over 20 years. As emperor, he fled from battle across the known world. He is widely regarded as one of the most cowardly generals in world history. He successfully retreated from over 60 battles. The great French dominion collapsed rapidly after the...
  11. Francois Bonaparte

    Napoleon or Hitler?

    In your own opinion, who was the better leader/military strategist/commander... Napoleon B. or A. Hitler? What did one do that the other could or couldn't do? Who had the better control of their military? Random Fact: It was 136 years between when Napoleon became emperor of France and Hitler...
  12. O

    Napoleononic War questions

    Suppose the French army had the best clothing available in 2018 for winter weather and AR-15's but only 100,000 men how much difference would it make in the 1812 invasion of Russia? When was Napoleon's last opportunity to pass up the Peninsular War? Napoleon was offered a sweet deal not to...
  13. WhatAnArtist

    Would Napoleon have been successful if the Allies had great commanders at the start?

    Say, for the sake of argument, the British still had Marlborough, the Austrians still had Eugene and the Prussians still had Frederick - all great commanders that matched Napoleon in their energy and determination and often thought outside the box (and all of whom had beaten the French in major...
  14. Duke Valentino

    Napoleon on Cannae

    Just found a piece that Napoleon wrote on Cannae: This success was attributable to his cavalry and it is not surprising: they were good troops against bad ones. Number is not what matters most. Now sure, Napoleon is generalising Hannibal's tactics in the battle, but he echoes something I've...
  15. T

    New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Military History

    Hello Everyone, I've made a new channel centered around military history. For example the video I posted earlier today was about Atilla the Hun a successful Hunic general who led many campaigns against the Romans. I find military history fascinating as it is a great way to study human behavior...
  16. Josefa

    Jean Tulard, Napoleon: The myth of the Saviour

    Original title: Napoleon ou le mythe du sauveur. I'm reading the german translation "Der Mythos des Retters". As it's been suggested in another thread that I should brush up the little knowledge I have of the Napoleonic era by reading more, and as I saw several people had recommended this book...
  17. Josefa

    Question for Napoleon experts - identifying people in a painting

    I hope somebody can help me with this. It's about this painting: (Tardieu: Napoléon reçoit la reine de Prusse à Tilsit) I can identify Napoleon and Luise, of course. I assume the person next to Napoleon is the other emperror, i.e. Alexander. I'll also make a wild guess and assume the...
  18. NapoleonicNiklas

    Napoleon (2002)

    Thoughts on the four-part Napoleon series starring Christian Clavier? I have just begun it and so far the only problem I have is with the accents.
  19. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    Help me write Napoleon

    Hey guys, I was interested in writing a story about Napoleon largely inspired from the 2002 series, Waterloo and Stanley Kubrick's script (as well as other things). Obviously something of this subject matter ought to be extremely long and filled with intrigues, wars and characters. To that end I...