1. C

    Small armies of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

    I am interested in less-known and small armies of the 1792-1815 period, such as the ones of Sardinian Kingdom, United Provinces Republic, Kingdom of Naples and Sicily, Old Swiss Confederation, Sweden, Denmark-Norway, Spain, Portugal, German states and this sort of things. I would like to know...
  2. R

    Are Northwest European men a lot more effeminate now than during the Napoleonic wars?

    After seeing the film Waterloo, are Northwest European men a lot more effeminate and less masculine now compared to the days of Napoleon? Maybe the Napoleonic Wars, WW1 and WW2 killed off the masculine men, particular in Germany, and so it is only the metrosexuals and the softer men that were...
  3. Hanslune

    Question on cannon names in Napoleonic & Victoria era

    Specifically the crews giving their cannon a name/title or nickname like; 'Thunderer', 'Tessie', 'Devil's voice', etc. Thanks
  4. PoochieMoo

    An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars

    Has anyone ever read this book? I just got it today, and it’s actually really, really cool. It has some great information in it, and it has great pictures. One of my favorite things is the list of regiments and their colors for all of the main countries in the war. You should definitely check...
  5. J

    Napoleonic strategy book

    Do any of you have a book that provides analysis of Napoleonic strategies and such to suggest me?
  6. D

    french napoleonic soldiers in Texas (1815)

    Hello.During the "white terror" (1815) my family had revendications against two new rich men, Jean Aiguy and Abric Fenouillet, who were accused to have bought during the Revolution at little prices good fields and a castle,classed "biens nationaux",that we revendicated since 1629 (royal...
  7. JM1906

    Diferences in "Continental" Theatre and Peninsular Theatre (Napoleonic Wars)

    Diferences in "Continental" Theatre and Peninsular Theatre (Napoleonic Wars) Hello all, So I'm trying to study 2 separate Napoleonic legions, one in "Europe", other in the península, so I can reach some conclusions.. What do you see as different in terms of: - number of forces - warfare type...
  8. P

    La Grande Armee Ranks 1810?

    What were the military ranks of La Grande Armee in 1810?
  9. H

    Invasions of Java and other Napoleonic actions in the Asia-Pacific

    Couple questions for you guys. 1) I'm interested in learning a bit more in detail about the Java campaigns and other Napoleonic actions in the Asia-Pacific, so I was wondering if some folks here might have recommendations for books that discuss the Asia-Pacific theater of the Napoleonic Wars in...
  10. L

    Infantry during the napoléonic era

    This is about the infantry riflemen during the Napoleonic era. They are usually depicted as marching in neat lines, and firing in time. Was this really the case? The reason why I'm wondering is that you would have thought that being in these tightly packed, neat formation, it would be...
  11. Hanslune

    Question on Napoleonic sieges

    Hi folks I wanted to ask the experts here a question. I'm writing a book set in the late 1830's and one of the characters will be speaking about French siege craft during the Napoleonic Wars. Would the following statement be historically correct? 'During our last war with those French they...
  12. B

    Napoleonic wars book recommendations

    Any recommendations for books like John Keegans 'Face of Battle' about the Napoleonic wars, exploring what it was like for soldiers on campaign?
  13. Polynikes

    Most 'elite' units of the Napoleonic period?

    Who would be in the running? The 95th rifles? The King's German Legion? Who would you say and why?
  14. P

    Pugsville Napoleonic Military History Book review

    1. The Campaigns of Napoleon - David G Chandler David Chandler A Good readable overview of the Military Campaign of Napoleon, a hefty volume but covering a lot of ground, so not what I would call in depth. Definitely a...
  15. ThePhantomGuiness

    Are there inaccuracies in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars?

    There aren't many that I see, however I'm not very perceptive of tiny details like that.
  16. Junius

    Napoleonic Authors

    I just came across some works of F.N.Maude and Francis Loraine Petre. How would you rate these two as authors of the Napoleonic Wars? Thanks in advance.
  17. S

    Britannia Ruled the Waves? A Napoleonic occupation of England 20 years on:

    As some of you might know by now, I enjoy writing alternate history scenarios from the personal perspective of individual characters and how certain events play out in the lives of individuals. In this respect I've been influenced quite a bit by Harry Turtledove. Awhile back I wrote a short...
  18. grey fox

    What's the Battle Cry of Freedom of the Napoleonic Wars?

    James McPherson's book Battle Cry of Freedom is the most comprehensive, but concise book on all aspects of the causes of the American Civil War as well as the American Civil War itself. What is the Battle Cry of Freedom of the Napoleonic Wars? I'm looking for a book recommendation that's...
  19. B

    Were Diamond or Wedge Formation of Cavalry Ever Used in the Napoleonic Wars?

    Are there any instances of cavalry charging in diamond or wedge formation from the Napoleonic era?
  20. P

    Initiative on the lower level during the Napoleonic Wars

    During the Franco Prussian war of 1870-71 one of the most vivid differences between the German and French army culture was the amount of initiative taken by either side on the lower level (meaning NCO's and junior officers). It is argued that this was one of the major causes for the French...