1. jameen

    If Philippines is a well armed nation

    Look at Philippine's geography. Do you think it the country has Russian SAMs, Russian rocket launchers, anti ship missiles together with US or European air assets and other military weapons is enough to give Red China a lot of damage or worst beaten in case of war and Chinese island bases in...
  2. H

    The pain of losing a nation. Story of lhendup dorji and sikkim

    by Sudeer Sharma The last Prime Minister of the Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim, Kazi Lhendup Dorji, met an ignominious Death. On the northern corner of West Bengal state of India, there is a hill station – Kalimpong, which once hosted celebrities from all over the world. The hill town, where most...
  3. G

    When did Burgundians join the French nation?

    Cause as far as I know, as early as in 15th century, not only they didn't feel French, but they were allies of England
  4. V

    Ottoman Empire - Seven Nation Army

    F-neXBXjm7A Your comments are valuable to me!
  5. Millennium

    Poll: Are Large Countries Nations?

    Refer to thread: ‘Poll: Is India a nation?’ under the Asian History Forum. This poll is the same as that but referring to the other nation giants of Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc. How do New World nation giants of North America, Brazil & Australia, considering the...
  6. V

    Ottoman Empire - Seven Nation Army

  7. RomesFinest

    Who were the best armored commanders by nation to come out of WW2

    My fascination with all things armored and mechanized in WW2 continues. I have spent a embarrassing amount of money on books detailing the different divisions, their doctrine and combat history. Now I'm curious in learning who were some of the best practitioners of armored warfare for each of...
  8. T

    Soviet crimes against the Polish nation

    74 years ago 900 km in north-east direction from Moscow Polish actor and singer Eugeniusz Bodo was murdered in a Russian-soviet death camp. Soviets killed during war operations, through sending to death camps in Russian land, executions and stalinist show-trials approximately 3 mln Poles. This...
  9. M

    If you could Industrialize one Medieval Nation which would You choose?

    If you have the ability to give all the technology and science of the Industrial Revolution to one nation in the 11th Century... ...which one would you give it to? How would it change history? I would go with the 'holy roman' Empire as their large size, resources and population would...
  10. A

    Are Americans a Nation?

    In the United States of America there is often a confusion on what the word nation means; it is often used interchangeably with the word state or country. The three terms in actuality refer to three distinct things. Basically as I understand it a state is a government, a country is the land that...
  11. AncientA

    The First Christian Nation and king?

    People follow the Religion of their Kings, it is said that the first Christian king And nation were the Armenians, under the reign of Tiridates III the Great (287-330 A.D.), but how true is that?, there is another claim that the Roman emperor Philip the Arab was secretly Christian, thus probably...
  12. 0

    Challenges of Nation States?

    What challenges did nation-states face in the time of Pax-Britannica? Were these challenges more powerful than the challenges faced currently with globalization?
  13. Viperlord

    Review of Peter Cozzens' General John Pope: A Life for the Nation Few men who attained high command in the American Civil War attracted more controversy in their lifetime than John Pope. John Pope was a regular army...
  14. G

    What if Yemen remained a Jewish nation till today

    How would global and middle eastern politics change due to this? I believe the Jews of Europe and other parts who faced anti-semitism from Hitler might well have gotten back to Yemen peacefully under threat and no holacaust would happen. Yemen especially Aden would be rich Jewish trading port...
  15. Decembrist

    The first secular nation in history?

    What is the first secular nation in history? Can the United States of America be considered as such? If not, so probably it's the French First Republic?
  16. The merchant of Venice

    Is India a nation?

    Reading around, it seems that there isn't a defined attitude towards India, with some people thinking it constitute a nation united by hinduism and the common sanskrit heritage, while others argue that in reality India is a collection of nation states, with some common cultural charateristics...
  17. Balian

    Did any nation successfully invade and occupy Japan before 1945 ?

    Did any nation successfully invade and occupy Japan before 1945 ? I mean i know that the US did not actually invade Japan in 1945. But they did if i am not mistaken occupy it until 1952
  18. G

    What if Yemen remained an Arabic speaking Jewish nation

    How would history have changed? I think it would have maintained its ancient prosperity. Also the large number of soldiers, men of civilization,farmers etc. that the settled Arab populace of Yemen supplied would not have been available to Northern Arabian Bedouins who established the Islamic...
  19. G

    How would history have changed if Spain and Portugal remained one nation

    I think as a naval power and as a super power such a United Iberian nation would have been unbeatable and Brits, Germanic states, Dutch, French etc. would have taken longer to emerge. Such a power would not be busy with squabbling around in South America and hence would have ruled their longer...
  20. B

    Which Indian state/region has greatest military history?

    Which Indian nation/ethnicity/region has greatest military history in your opinion?