1. O

    History of the children of the Apache tribe ??

    This may be a long shot, but ill start with stating that I am from Birmingham, England and recently began researching my family tree. My paternal grandmother seems to be convinced that her mother was a descendant of the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe. Her story says that the children of...
  2. Kookaburra Jack

    Dark Emu: Precolonial Australian native society - agricultural or hunter-gatherer? ‘Dark Emu injects a profound authenticity into the conversation about how we Australians understand our continent ... [It is] essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what Australia once was, or what it might...
  3. Maoistic

    Why are Sub-Saharan, Native American and Oceanian military histories so deficient?

    Basically, when it comes to "Eurasian" (hate that term) military history we have far more detail than with Sub-Saharan Africa, pre-Columbian America and Aboriginal Oceania. In fact, it almost seems as if historians just aren't all that interested for the most part. The most I've found is the...
  4. R

    How did the Japanese legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers and native women

    How did the Japanese government legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers who married native women who were taken back to Japan after and during the war? Were they given the same legal status as full Japanese? Or not given citizenship like the Koreans?
  5. RidiculousName

    Native American Forehead Flattening

    Why did some Native American tribes practice forehead flattening? It seems like the practice was pretty widespread across what's now the southwest United States. Has this practice been proven to be harmful? Why was it so widespread?
  6. stevapalooza

    Native tribes map

    Here's a pretty cool map showing all the native tribal territory in the Americas and Australia
  7. RidiculousName

    Conquistadore and Native Cloth Armor

    I'm curious how the cloth armor of the Spaniards and other Europeans compared to that worn by the various native nations. I've heard that many conquistadores discarded their steel armor in favor of cloth or leather due to being unnecessary when fighting against natives.
  8. Futurist

    The U.S. pursues a less hostile policy towards its Native American population

    What if the U.S. would have pursued a less hostile policy towards its Native American population? Specifically, what I am thinking of is this: If Native Americans try to rebel against the U.S., the U.S. military would still crush them. However, if Native Americans want to live peacefully and...
  9. RidiculousName

    Unconquered Americas

    Of everything that would have to be different to allow the Native Americans to successfully resist European Conquerers, what would you say is the least amount necessary? At least so that only a small European presence ever exists in the Americas. For example, would being resistant to...
  10. N

    Is it possible north east native Americans knew about the Maya?

    I just finished an exellent novel about Norse settlers in Greenland in the 12th century, "When the land darkens" by Tore Kvæven. So far it's only been published in Norwegian, but the reviews are first-rate so I think there will be translations. The litterary quality and the level of research is...
  11. Spike117

    Why'd European Diseases Affect Native Americans but Not Vice-Versa

    How come European diseases brought by the Spanish and others devastate native populations, but there wasn't some New World disease that the natives were used to that the colonists could've caught?
  12. Voltaires Hat

    Native Americans in South America

    Was thinking recently that I know the history of Native Americans in North America well, but not as much in South America, so wondering if anyone can field a few questions.. - Is colonial history in South America more or less the same as in North America? As in South America is now...
  13. wigglywaffles

    chu nom - the old way to write "native" Vietnamese words

    Does anyone know much about how this system of writing worked? Was it possible to write in Vietnamese using ONLY chu nom? Where could one learn more about it any books? websites? I have heard it was an extremely clumsly system of writing is that true?
  14. G

    Native construction of the Great Zimbabwe ?

    For decades was it posited by explorers and archaeologists that the Great Zimbabwe could never have been achieved by the local indigenous population, but was rather much more likely the work of Arabs, Phoenicians, Indians or even Queen Seba etc. Recent scientific studies however suggest an...
  15. K

    going native

    Are there any famous accounts of going native? Which I mean - a soldier deciding to walk away from the army, burn his uniform, disappear among the natives of the invaded country, marry a native, and live among them
  16. Earl_of_Rochester

    Native Americans - bloodthirsty savages or peaceful tribes?

    The brave pilgrim forefathers set off from Plymouth to start a new life in the new world, a virgin territory untouched by European hand, and when they finally got there they arrived in a place called Plymouth - what are the chances of that eh? The myth goes that the friendly natives helped the...
  17. V

    Are Rohingya in Arakan more native and indigenous than Burmese ?

    According to history Rohingya were able trace Rohingya history to the 8th century, with recorded settlements in 1400's. Arakan was mentioned as being a muslim country. Today their population includes both ancient and colonial migrant population...
  18. Moros

    Native Americans in Europe

    Are there any stories of European explorers bringing back to Europe any Native Americans (from North or South America) who had descendants in Europe?
  19. R

    The Greek pantheon: native or imported?

    Which of the Greek gods and demigods were native to the Hellenes, and which were borrowed from other peoples? Among the latter, I believe there were several Cretan mother-goddesses called Potnia; this name is attested in Linear B documents; in Mycenaean times it was sometimes but not always...
  20. 2

    Portrayal of Native Americans by British colonists

    I am writing a 6-page research paper for university. My topic is the perception of Native Americans by (British) colonists in the 17th century. I want to compare the author's descriptions of culture, gender roles, society etc. with what we know today, my thesis statement being that the source of...