1. F

    Is it time to think international relations and security beyond NATO?

    I just read that Secretary General of NATO,Jens Stoltenberg has epressed that we need NATO more than ever. But as the saying goes there is time for everything. Could it be we should look if NATO is still "the one and only" for ts members, and could there in near future be anything like an even...
  2. R

    NATO eastward enlargement

    If NATO did not expand east of the Oder in 1999, and basically decided to leave Eastern and Central Europe as a buffer zone between Russia and NATO, what would Eastern and Central Europe look like now? Would Poland and larger Eastern European countries like Rumania try to acquire a nuclear...
  3. R

    Worst trained and equipped Cold War NATO country

    What NATO country during the Cold War was the worst equipped and also had the worst quality of troops overall?
  4. R

    NATO vs Warsaw Pact Winter of 1985

    Who would win if the Warsaw Pact attacked NATO in the middle of winter? Say tensions have been building for months so the NATO countries and neutral countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Austria have had sufficient time on the most part to carry out their mobilization plans. How soon...
  5. LatinoEuropa

    Spain outside of Nato

    Spain outside of nato would be easier to annex Gibraltar. Or it was more difficult. Say your opinion
  6. LatinoEuropa

    Do you believe in NATO

    Do you believe in NATO. I Do not .......................................... On April 4, 1949, Portugal joined 11 other states and became a founding member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty. .................. If I understand NATO as a military organization in helping each other in case the...
  7. Elisiya

    Constitutionality of NATO

    I need help understanding something. In the US only Congress has the power to declare war, but in NATO the US has agreed to rush to the defence of their allies when under attack essentially bringing them into war. Isn't that considered unconstitutional? It was one of the reasons why the US...
  8. S

    A NATO field exercise in 1986 leads to World War III: A Timeline

    Background: Throughout the 1980s the division of power between Gromyko and Gorbachev increasingly leaned more and more in favor of Gromyko as the latter began using the Afghan debacle to marginalize the former. The slow and gradual Soviet pullout from Afghanistan a month before the cold war in...
  9. G

    European Union without NATO

    Do you think is possible for any world power ( china ,russia ,or a hypothetical large islamic chaliphate with turkish or persian help ) to attack Europe and occupy places ? European nations without American help can create a powerful military force ? European young people are able to leave pcs...
  10. jgrooms

    NATO Obsolete

    Maybe its impossible to discuss, and the parents will just lock it up since the kids can't play nice? Set your currents politics aside, if possible, and what do you think about NATO? If you have to go pre campaign, then ok. If you didn't have an opinion one way or another before, possibly tap...
  11. L

    Skolkan Region, or NATO creates their own Alternate History

    Something i found on the internet and which is kinda ALT History but also kinda not, was previous posted on my own forum, Alternate Timelines Forum Skolkan Region, or NATO creates their own Alternate History Map of the Skolkan Region Skolkan Empire Flag description: The ancient symbols of...
  12. Magnate

    A chopper carying nato personel shot down in ukraine According to The Sun pro russian forces shot down a chopper carying NATO personel, there are unknown casualties at the moment. Will this cause the...
  13. A

    Sweden and Finland signs security agreements with USA and NATO.

    Sweden did it a month back: Sweden Ratifies NATO Cooperation Agreement - WSJ And Finland did it day before yesterday:
  14. H

    exactly what kind of missiles NATO and US used against former Yugoslavia

    i recall one news this year. after the missile attack upon chinese embassy of former Yugoslavia, the radiation indicators are still higher than safety standard till this year. due to this reason the land now was transferred to Serbia gov (notice the fact the embassy acts under the same rights...
  15. J

    Was the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia justified

    Now that we look back at it after all this time.
  16. Valens

    Is NATO obsolete?

    This thread should discuss the same as this one here, which was closed, but Pedro said I could repost it.
  17. Valens

    Trump says NATO is obsolete

    Trump questions NATO, Asia nuclear weapons ahead of Washington summit | Reuters I hope this is not contemporary politics since it's not about US Presidential election. So we better discuss the context of Trump's statement, not his political campaign nor US politics. In case I'm wrong and this...
  18. L

    During the Cold War did NATO admit they would lose a conventional war Russians?

    Did they have a viable plan to defeat them? Or was the plan to simply big them down when they crossed the iron curtain? I recall hearing frim strategists how out numbered we were against them im men tanks aircraft etc. Was that scaremongering to increase spending? Just how good were the...
  19. F

    Should NATO care about citizens rights of memberstates

    This organisation that for some European states seems more relevant than for others. Like some member states has their reservations against the EU, some may have against the NATO. The East and West of Europe may have had enough of each other? If so, it seems not just to force members to remain...
  20. F

    No EU, no NATO?

    Since there are many doubts about the continued future of EU (perhaps only a very short one?), we may as well ask the same question about other "building blocks" of the international order of the later decades. So: is there a future for EU - or for NATO, that has a large overlap of the same...