1. Theodoric

    Natural disasters strike Japan: 6.7 Earthquake & largest Typhoon in 25 years

    1dblGe2dosc SFwS1BovTPw 9 confirmed deaths and 40 more still missing due to the earthquake. The typhoon has killed an additional 11 people.
  2. F

    Does "natural" or "normal" growth mean anything?

    This is a question on the border between social science and history. And for me I tend to think the answer is probably "no". Normally "growth" is either used about populations or about production and economical activity. But is it not very questionable if there throughout history was any durable...
  3. tomar

    Debating tactics: natural or learned ?

    I've notice a frequent debating tactic which I will summarize below to the best of my limited ability. I was wondering if it was "natural" (i.e. the average human is wired to debate in that way) or learned in certain circles which shall remain nameless.. And if both, how to recognize those who...
  4. F

    Rome destroyed by natural disaster?

    Pompejii and Herculaneum was as is well known destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the year 79, and in general Italy is a very active geological zone. There are even dormant (?) volcanoes much closer to Rome itself. Has anyone seriously considered what could have been the wider consequences if...
  5. Z

    JFK wasn't killed in 1963, lived his natural life.

    Maybe there is another thread of this topic, if not, here are my questions... 1. JFK never went to Dallas and served out his term until January 20, 1965. No matter the outcome of the 1964 race, how long do you think he might have lived? My feeling is that he had a lot of health problems for a...
  6. civfanatic

    The Rise of Modern Science in the West: 400 Years from Petrarch to Joseph Black

    In his 1796 "Lectures on Chemistry," the British chemist-professor Joseph Black stated: "It is the desire of knowledge, of improvement, of obtaining new facts in any Subject which they take into consideration which distinguishes a Newton or a Boerhaave from the rest of their contemporaries. They...
  7. VHS

    Hurricane Matthew? Disasters that get into history books?

    I don't know if major storms are written into history that often..... The Americans remember Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Matthew wrecks havocs all over the Caribbean region. I remember the record for the Shaanxi Earthquake (or Jiajing earthquake of 1556) was the deadliest earthquake in...
  8. kdbooklover16

    Why were Burgundy and Flanders such natural English Allies?

    Why do you think Burgundy and Flanders were always looking to side with the English? Why do you think they were natural enemies of the French Crown? Was it just a list for power, strengthened by the proximity? Or something else?
  9. A

    Natural growth rates in pre-modern times

    How fast could a population grow in Europe in pre-modern times (Prehistory, Ancient Eras, Middle Ages)? Is it possible to calculate natural growth rates just from data on life expectancy and total fertility rates?
  10. G

    Why has Russia not been able to tap natural resources like US did in Alaska

    I mean it ceded Alaska and since then US found lots of resources in that wasteland. Why cant Russia do the same in its own Siberian regions and tap it better? Cold climate and hostile environment cant be an issue since the US also faced the same in Alaska
  11. Lowell2

    historical natural disasters

    Most everyone has heard or read about Pompeii, but clearly that isn't the only natural disaster that has occurred in recorded history. So I'd like to start a discussion on the documented historical natural disasters and what, if anything, those involved could have (or did do) to respond to it...
  12. Kahu

    Living with natural disasters

    Aotearoa-New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific in an area which is rent with active tectonic movement in the collision of the Pacific and Indo-Australian plates. This is not a simple straight head on collision but a tearing, wrenching from SW to NE and the rising of Southern Alps ...
  13. uppsa1

    Why were France and Prussia Natural Enemies?

    Before the three wars of German unification, Bismarck stated that Prussia had two natural enemies in Europe: Austria, because of their involvement in the German coalition, and France. But why was France a natural enemy of Prussia? Why was an alliance between the two nations not possible? After...
  14. Z

    Qin Shi Huang natural father

    Too bad the other thread got lock. I think I make a report very much earlier in the first few pages when the thread started getting off topic but the mod didn't do anything and by the time the mod take action,it's already too late. Qin Shihuang So Qin Shi Huang real father is not King Zhuang...
  15. S

    What mankind's natural sleeping position?

    Hey everyone, Quite a straight-forward question for you; How did primitive man sleep without anything to provide comfort and support?
  16. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is Romantic Kissing Natural?

    Is romantic kissing a natural reaction for humans or a social invention? Is it instinctive to kiss? In the past when people had rotten teeth and stinky breath would they really have been that bothered about kissing? If not then at what point did it become romantic and socially acceptable for...
  17. hughito

    Is nation natural or artificial?

    What do you think? Is nation (or nationalism) natural or artificial (social construct)? My opinion in short: nation is product of 18.century. Nationalism in some way replaced religion in secularized Europa. _ I´m sorry if there exist a similar topic, but I didn´t find them.
  18. Naomasa298

    What natural terrestrial event would you have liked to witness (at a safe distance)?

    What earthly natural event would you have liked to witness? There are a couple of candidates for me. Firstly, the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs. Secondly, the Zanclean flood, when the Strait of Gibraltar was breached and the Mediterranean basin flooded within a matter of months.
  19. P

    Impact of Shale Oil & natural gas

    This is to generate hopefully a discussion on the exploding shale oil industry. The Bakkan, N. Dakota area produces 7000,000 barrels per day 11% of total U.S. output. Dept of energy predicts a 10 million barrels per day by 2017. The Marcellus range mostly in Penn. And Ohio produces 10.4...
  20. Ichon

    Genoa and Venice; natural rivals or pawns?

    The Italian maritime Republics are very interesting history to me but the relationship between Genoa and Venice is particularly fascinating how alliances formed, shifted, and reformed. Genoa took over a century to surpass Pisa but with its domination of long distance trade in the Western...