1. M

    Naval Campaigns during French Revolution/Napoleonic Wars except Trafalgar

    I shall start reading a book written by Gareth Glover "Forgotten War Against Napoleon" soon. He focuses Mediterranean Theater of French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. That makes me wonder which naval theater of these wars had most strategic importance ? Indian Ocean ? (basically trade...
  2. Incendio

    Naval Warfare tactics in times of Ironclads (19th century)?

    Someone is familiar with ironclads naval warfare tactics in 19th century? I am curious to know how the naval warfare tactics evolved since Trafalgar battle to the end of 19th century. As I have seen in some paintings, steamed frigates still had their cannons in the broadsides so I am thinking...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    Germany Focuses Fleet Production on Submarines

    If Germany had focused the majority of its naval production before and during WW2 on submarine production, would it have made a difference?
  4. Y

    Did Antonio Valdés y Bazán design Spanish naval flag?

    This is an insignificant matter. I wish I could just contact the authors of the Wikipedia pages but I can't figure out how. "among 12 flags that he [Antonio Valdés y Fernández Bazán] drew"...
  5. H

    Who made the First Naval Truck Carriage?

    I was browsing through greatmingmilitary blog about asian ships compared to western ships. Interesting comparison between different warships of the Far East in the sixteenth and seventeenth century | Great Ming Military Regarding the Korean Turtle ship (Geobukseon), I noticed it noted it had...
  6. E

    20th century naval arms race

    Been doing research on the naval arms race and just wanted to post the balance of naval power at different times throughout history(I took this data from Wikipedia though I complied it into a list on my own). Hope this can spark discussion. I will post the number of (dreadnought and onwards)...
  7. E

    Greatest ships/ship classes throughout history

    After starting the "Greatest power throughout history" thread, I've decided to make a sequel," Greatest ships throughout history". Unlike with the most powerful empires, I haven't really seen a a thread similar to this one, maybe because it's a more complicated question? Separate lists for...
  8. PoeticHoplite

    Naval Infantry: An Outdated Idea?

    A recent interest of mine has been researching naval uniforms, and the history of naval infantry involved in conflict on land between 1914 and 1945. This, however, raises the question of the effectivness of these units, and their purpose and necessity in twentieth-century combat. In the case of...
  9. VonWallenstein

    Naval Mine Effectiveness

    I read a lot about these mines this week. But I wonder; naval mines do not make up a significantly large part of naval casualties in WW1 and WW2, but still the axis and allies had a huge amount of minesweepers. Were naval mines a way of making an enemy assign huge amounts of industry to...
  10. H

    Early-modern naval mercenaries in Southeast Asia?

    So I know there were plenty of land-based foreign mercenaries serving the different Southeast Asian states between the 16th-19th centuries, but I just came across an interesting claim on a Wikipedia article about the history of the Thai armed forces before 1852, under the 'Navy' heading: "By...
  11. M

    Records of graduated naval officers?

    I have been unable to find any official records of captains or other naval officers during the 18th century. I assume there must have been a formal education, wouldn't there then also be records of graduation? I am interested in British, French and other seafaring nations.
  12. KIVALO

    Naval build up upon the Great Lakes for the War of 1812

    I did a search and found two threads specifically concerning this but it wasn't quite what I was looking for (or maybe I just missed it). Can anyone point me towards some good resources concerning how many ships were built (and where) along the shores of the Great Lakes in the run up to the...
  13. Y

    Tang China vs. Danish Vikings (hypothetical naval)

    We know that Tang China had a naval battle in alliance with Silla against the Japan-Pakche alliance in 660; it follows then that China must have a navy in order to fight this war. Danish Vikings are also roughly in the same period. If the battle should take place in the Sea of Japan, which...
  14. Guevarist Mayan

    Asian Naval technology from the 16th to the 18th centuries

    How was Asian naval technology from the 16th to the 18th centuries, especially in comparison to Western Europe? By Asian, I mean everything spanning from the Ottoman Empire to Japan.
  15. Incendio

    Naval warfare in late 19th century?

    Hello everyone, This is my second post in the forum (the first one was my introduction) and this topic was the main reason I registered in Historum because despite I am really interested in naval warfare in late 19th century I realized how little I know about this topic. History is my hobby, I...
  16. W

    Question about Riverine Naval units around the Victorian era

    River gunboats were a fairly important tool of colonialism and imperial strategy during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They could police areas far inland and also provide transport in areas with poor roadways and artillery support for infantry units. I got to wondering, in any of the...
  17. grey fox

    Naval combined arms WW2

    All of us probably know at least a little bit about combined arms. Combined arms is the military doctrine about how two or more different types of military troops can do things together that neither could do on their own. For instance if the army needed to capture & keep a metropolis that was...
  18. W

    Crusader States naval forces?

    Can anyone give me some information about how the naval forces of the various Crusader states were organised? From what I've read it sounds like activities of Muslim corsairs were a problem for some of the Crusader states, particularly those in the Greek islands region. For example I've read...
  19. Kirialax

    Defensive naval formations

    In Anna Komnene's twelfth-century Alexiad, she describes a formation used by Bohemond's Normans during the crossing of the Adriatic when they invaded the Byzantine Balkans in 1107. She claims he had a core of twelve warships which were then surrounded by transport vessels for protection. This...
  20. Haardrada

    Naval landings from Biblical times to 1485 AD?

    Hi I am looking for evidence of battles initiated from naval landings from Biblical times to 1485 AD ? It can be the landing of an entire army or of the army supported by another flanking landing, any input will be appreciated. Regards Eddie