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    Italian Navy

    Italian Navy
  2. Italian Navy

    Italian Navy

    Italian Navy
  3. T

    Spanish Navy Vs Oda Nobunaga's navy in AD 1578

    In AD 1578, the "pirate-daimyo" Kuki Yukitaka (九鬼嘉隆) was ordered by Oda Nobunaga to build six warships — they're probably the first "ironclads" in military history ! Kuki Yukitaka led them into blockade of Osaka Bay for stemming the sea-route supply into...
  4. jameen

    If 19th Century US and British navy fought?

    Who will win the the naval battle if 19th Century US and British navies fought? And also can anyone present and compare the ships of these two navies especially its firepower?
  5. jameen

    Beating the Roman army and navy as Han army

    1. Who will win if a naval war between Rome and Han happened? either it happened on both sea and river. What should the Han do in order to win the battle? both in sea and river warfare. 2. What should the Han army do in order to break the Roman shield formation? 3. Who are the Han...
  6. Hanslune

    Question: Royal Navy commander - India 1839?

    Does anyone know who was the senior Royal Navy officer (admiral?) in the Indian ocean in 1839? ...or where such a piece of information could be found? Thanks
  7. R

    Why did the Royal Navy persist with open bridges for so long?

    Why did the RN persist with open bridges for so long into WW2 while the USN and the IJN switched to closed bridges before WW2, how did they prevent the electronics on the bridge from short circuiting in the rain in an open bridge? Plus wouldn't being exposed to the elements and the cold degrade...
  8. H

    The turtle ship

    So there's debates over whether the turtle ship had iron plates or not, or what it looked like. I'm not aware of anyone in the English-speaking academia actually going into the information we have. If you look at the actual data you realize that it simply referred to two-decked warships built...
  9. W

    Could the Imperial Japanese Navy do an Operation Sea Lion and land troops on England?

    There is a cliche that Imperial Japan hands down was superior to the Kriegsmarine in technological, manpower (including number of ships) and war tactics and doctrine with the only thing the Germans being superior in was their U Boat (and even than Japanese subs were not too drastically inferior...
  10. Hanslune

    German navy tradition: The beer report

    I read in the book U-Boat 977 by Heinz Schaeffer about a tradition in the German navy that concerns a social/comedic action called the, 'Beer report'. Does anyone know what that is about and in particular when it started? Thanks
  11. M

    What made Royal Navy so efficient in Age of Sail between 17th-20th Centuries ?

    It is striking how Royal Navy became such an advanced fighting force that enabled British Empire to reflect power across the globe and defended Home Isles sucessfully till 20th Century. What made Royal Navy so efficient compared to French , Spanish , Porteguese , Dutch or other rival navies ...
  12. D

    US navy plan to rescue Dunkerque ?

    Hello.In june 1940,the british and french armies were bloked in Dunkerque.Did the US navy study a plan of intervention against the Kriegsmarine ? Thank you.
  13. N

    Movies about the merchant navy in WWII

    The allied merchant navies played an absolutely vital role in WWII and the people who sailed did a tough and very dangerous job. Yet I don't know of a single movie or TV-series on this topic. Do you know of any?
  14. Menshevik

    What if Napoleon joins the navy instead?

    The way I understand it is that early on in Napoleon's life/career he had the opportunity to enter the navy as on officer. Well, what if he had? Would his military genius, acumen and success have carried over into his naval career? Would he be as famous? Would he have achieved as much?
  15. B

    Worst Decisions of Navy Captains

    In 1842 Captain Mackenzie of the USS Somers had a midshipman and 2 sailors hanged for mutiny. The midshipman, Philip Spencer, was the son of the Secretary of War, and apparently a brat whose father had prevented him from being dismissed from the Navy. In 1861, Captain Wilkes of the USS San...
  16. Y

    Late Roman Navy

    I'm currently considering writing a novel set in an alternative history in which Carausius' isn't assassinated and his independent Romano-Britain survives. When researching it I've found it difficult to find much information of the Roman Navy in the 3rd century from which I will base the...
  17. Visigoth Panzer

    German Carrier Battle Group confronts Royal Navy

    For sake of argument if Germany had emphasized building carriers before WW2, organized them appropriately and used them to try and cripple the British Navy (before invading), how would they fare? This is presuming using existing designs such as the Graf Zeppelin and Bf109T's and Ju87's. How...
  18. P

    Japanese navy protects Hawaii in WW One

    This morning (SATURDAY 17 JUNE) I made a startling discovery while eating my breakfast porridge and reading my Scottish morning newspaper's section captioned '100 years ago today' There was a reference to 100 years ago this week-June 1917_ a Japanese destroyer being hit and damaged by a Central...
  19. H

    Books about the South Vietnamese Navy?

    I recently ordered "Counterpart: A South Vietnamese Naval Officers War", which as the title suggests is written by a former RVN naval officer. I'm interested in finding other sources on the South Vietnamese Navy, either personal accounts like the one I mentioned or descriptive histories. Can...
  20. Visigoth Panzer

    Was there a Turkic speaking state with a strong navy aside from the Ottomans?

    The only Turkic speaking state with a notable navy that I can think of was the Ottoman Empire, can anyone think of another one?